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Are Yurts Hot In Summer? (Real Answer)

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To be direct, yes, yurts get hot in summer but no as hot as traditional square homes get. The reason is the yurt’s dome which is of circular structure know for better air circulation than the square roof.

So yes they get hot but the airflow inside the yurt will not allow it to the peak.

That’s our direct answer but we have covered some related questions that might be in your mind.

You can navigate through the table of content to get the answer of your particular query about summer and yurts.

Let’s get into the depth!

Are Yurts Hot In Summer

Is summer good for enjoying yurt life?

See it depends on the taste of a particular individual. Some like summer and have no problem with hot days, in fact, they enjoy it and some who become prey to irritations and other mind made suffering when the summer hit their nose.

So what kind are you?

If you’re going to experience the Mongolian yurt life then in summer your sweat will just want to come out through your tiny pores as their way of living is very very simple.

They don’t have proper ventilation, refrigerators, fans, ca, or anything that we feel like heaven in summer.

They are simply there to enjoy whatever nature throws at them.

However, on the other side if you believe in a modern yurt style then in most cases summer haters also will enjoy the life of yurt because the comfort is at your fingertips.

There are many ways to cool the yurt with and without electricity and it is entirely possible to reduce the temperature of the yurt with no electricity.

If you want to know such ways then I’ve written an article on how to cool a tent with and without electricity?

Ya, the article is about tent and yurt is a kind of tent so I believe the most tips that I’ve shared there will be very effective here too.

How to cool the yurt on hot days?

Is it necessary to prepare in advance for hot yurt days?

It is not necessary but it is better to prepare in advance for hot yurt days.

The ‘planning’ word is better than preparation in this case. Here you have to go to step 1 when you’re at the stage of deciding the appropriate place for your permanent yurt.

Prepare in advance for summer by looking for a place that is full of tree shades and the tree lives fall to winter.

In such a place, you’re preparing yourself for summer and as well cold days because in summer what you seek is shade and in winter you crave the sunbeams.

And believe me trees shade are the best shade I’ve ever experience and it is the way to cool the surrounding significantly which I’ve also shared in this post

How do you vent a yurt for summer?

I don’t think venting needs any introduction so let’s directly jump into ‘how to do it?’.

  • Try to go for as many windows as possible. Neither much nor less. Ask the professionals how many you need for the size of your yurt.
  • But It is my advice that you should have a window on all 4 walls of the yurt to allow the proper airflow to happen
  • Open all your windows and put a net screen on them so that bugs don’t come in.
  • Do the same with windows at day have them open a pit and put the screen. If you’re worried about privacy then hand a good curtain on your doors but still keep the curtains a little off so that the air has the proper space to travel in
  • Don’t forget to vent the dome to allow the hot air to escape
  • You can create a circular hole on the floor of about 2-4 inches in diameter.
  • You can use the circular battery-powered hole saw for this purpose. Continue digging till you reach the bottom of the yurt and clearly seeing the ground.
  • The hole can assist the hot air generated under the floor to escape through the dome which reduces the temperature of the floor to some extent.

Tips to cool the yurt in summer

Here the tips you can follow to cool down the yurt. Again, it is impossible to tell everything in one article so read my other article to know all the possible tent cooling ways

  • Set up an exhaust fan which is also known as a vent inside the yurt which throws the heat and excess moisture outside the yurt or any room to keep the space cooler and more comfortable all year round.
  • iLIVING ILG8SF24V is one of the best wall mountable exhaust fans which has many positive reviews on Amazon.
  • Use ceiling fans or portable battery-powered fans
  • Neck fans are also a good option to keep your body cool
  • If you’re living off the grid you can buy solar panels to have a cooler or AC running

Can UV rays damage the yurt?

Yes, UV rays can damage your yurt and can reduce the life span by damaging the fabric of the yurt. So it is advisable to use long-lasting architectural fabric.

Pacific yurts are the ones who claim to manufacture the yurts which can stand all year round including hot sunny days.

You can contact them on Toll-Free number 1-800-944-0240 which open from Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM PST.

Honestly, I don’t know much about them but see somewhere on their website about claiming to make yurts with durable fabric so I think it is better to include their contact info in case you want to work with them or investigate their work.


If you’re here by skimming the article to know are yurts hot in summer?

So, the short answer is yes they get hot but due to their shape they don’t get as hot as square and rectangular homes do.

You can now scroll up as I’ve mentioned some ways to cool down the temperature of the yurt significantly.

Also, check out this article to know Are Yurts Cold In The Winter?

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