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Can Deer Eat Red Kidney Beans? (7 Questions Answered)

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Yes, deer can eat red kidney beans; however, that may not be the first food choice for the herbivorous animal. That said, the crimson legume plants are incredibly digestible and do not burden the internal bodily systems in deer. 

With that being said you need to know how to properly feed red kidney beans to deer so that their stomach doesn’t go bad just because you’re in hurry to feed them these beans.

How To Feed Red Kidney Beans To Deer?

Can Deer Eat Red Kidney Beans

When feeding red kidney beans to deer, one has to ensure that they offer certain bits of the plant first. In simple words, deer prefer specific parts of bean plants more than others, which is why it’s essential to offer those to the antlered species. 

Raw red kidney beans are the best-suited food choice for deer. However, even with that, deer find some sections more appealing such as the leaves.


Leaves are the top choice of feed among the whole of red kidney bean plants for deer. Being herbivorous, deer are understandably drawn more towards the leaves, but that doesn’t mean they would reject other food sections. 


After the greens, the part of red beans that deer prefer is the blooms. 

When young, red kidney bean flowers are pale greed pods but eventually grow into distinctive green blooms containing the crimson legumes. Naturally, deer enjoy red kidney blooms in their mature form. Therefore, it’s better to let the seedlings grow before serving them to deer.

Stems or stalks

Stems are the next in line when it comes to feeding red kidney beans to deer.

Can You Give Deer Cooked Red Beans?

Deer like raw food; therefore, giving them cooked beans will not be good for them for a variety of reasons. 

First of all, deer have a sensitive digestive system laced with specific microbes and bacteria, which are suited to digest fresh produce. This means if you give cooked red kidney beans to the hoofed mammal, their digestive mechanism may collapse or not break down the food particles properly, resulting in many gut issues.

Secondly, processed food contains additives (condiments and other ingredients) that may not be suited for a deer’s digestive system and lead to many medical conditions. 

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Lastly, as mentioned earlier, deer prefer certain bits of red beans to others, which get lost when cooked. Consequently, the hoofed ruminant mammal will not appreciate cooked beans. 

Common Tummy Issues Deer Can Develop From Improperly Served Red Beans

  • Acidosis is a common health issue among deer that results from the wrong feed. It is characterized by a buildup of acid in the digestive tract. 
  • Diarrhea is also prevalent among the deer population as a stomach problem. 
  • If fed cooked red kidney beans, deer can get sick and possibly die if not taken care of. 

Are Red Kidney Beans Good For Deer?

While red kidney beans are acceptable food items among the deer community, the crop’s nutritional value may not be the most beneficial for deer.

Although kidney beans are packed with protein, ranging from 20-25% of the total nutritional content, they may not provide sufficient fat to deer, which is vital for the said animal family.

Deer need to store fat to get through the winter season. This means they need to consume fat-containing crops more. In that regard, corns make a better food option for deer. However, if your main goal is to provide a generous quantity of protein to deer, red kidney beans are more suitable.

That said, protein is good for the younger population as it’s undergoing growth; therefore, red beans offer sufficient protein content to young deer. On top of that, the essential nutrition helps roe to recuperate after going through pregnancy and childbirth. So, if feeding a new mom, red kidney beans will add more value to the deer’s well-being. 

Here is a detailed look into the nutritional details in one cup of red kidney beans:

Nutrients Amount 
Potassium 717mg
Calories 225
Cholesterol 0mg
Carbohydrates 40g
Sugar 0.6g
Protein 15g
Vitamin A0
Vitamin C3.5%
Calcium 4.8%
Iron 22%

What Can You Serve With Red Kidney Beans?

There is a wide variety of staples that you can give a deer along with red kidney beans, including corn. 

Aside from that, cereal grains such as oats make a healthy feed choice for deer.

What not to serve deer with red kidney beans

Deer may not necessarily have the best gut response to fruits and vegetables, especially when served with beans or other grains, as those food items add little value to a deer diet. As surprising as it may be, fruits and veggies are not healthy for deer and should only be given once a while as a treat. 

Ending Note:

Deer can eat red kidney beans, but those are more beneficial for the weak, young, and new mother deer. That said, combining the said crop with corn or some other high-in-fat staple when preparing deer feed is advisable.

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