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Do Deer Eat Cabbage? (7 Things To Know)

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Deer are quite fond of vegetables since they live in nature around plants. Most of them are herbivores, and their diet consists of fruits and vegetables. All of this shows that these animals eat cabbage and are quite fond of it.

If you are growing cabbage in your garden, then there’s a good chance that they can become a deer’s target. They are one of the first things that a deer would reach for. At the same time, cabbage contains a high amount of nutrients and vitamins, so feeding them cabbage is a great idea.

Do Deer Eat Cabbage

Keep reading this article to learn more about feeding cabbage to deer and how you can protect your cabbage plants from them.

Can Deer Eat Cabbage?

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Yes, deer can eat cabbage. It is one of their favorite vegetables and food items to have. They eat the whole cabbage and cabbage plants, which is why they can easily ruin all the cabbage plants.

If you have deer on your farm or nearby, it is important to feed them cabbage yourself. You should also protect cabbage plants from them as they can wreak havoc and overconsume. By feeding them cabbage yourself, you will ensure that they get the vegetable in moderation and simultaneously protect your cabbage plants. 

If you don’t have cabbages on your farm but grow a hell of a lot of Pumpkins or it’s Halloween then instead of throwing them pumpkins can also be a great replacement for cabbages for deer.

Can Deer Smell Cabbage?

Deer have considerably longer noses than humans and other animals. Not to mention the fact that they are also intuitive animals who heavily rely on their senses. All of this contributes to their excellent sense of smell. Hence, these animals can easily sniff out cabbage plants from afar. 

The sense of smell in deer is undoubtedly the most powerful in them. Even research shows that a deer’s sense of smell can be 500-1,000 times more accurate than a human’s. This shows that even deer far away can detect cabbage.

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Can Deer Eat Cabbage Recipes? 

Deer love cabbage and can eat up to ten pounds of it daily, but this applies only to raw cabbage and cabbage plants. They will likely avert from cooked cabbage or other cabbage recipes. You should also avoid feeding cooked cabbage to deer because it can harm their digestive system and overall health. 

Moreover, cooked cabbage reduces its nutritional value, so it is not used to feed it to them. They like to eat raw and natural greens available in the forest, which is what their bodies are naturally accustomed to. 

How To Feed Cabbage To Deer?

As mentioned earlier, the best type of cabbage to give deer is in its raw form. Moreover, avoid giving deer ornamental cabbage because they don’t like it. 

The best way to feed cabbage is by trimming it and giving them cabbage trimmings. Here are some other things to keep in mind when feeding cabbage to deer:

  • The best way to feed cabbage is by trimming it and giving them cabbage trimmings. Scatter the cabbage around in different areas and locations
  • If the deer have cabbage for the first time, introduce it to their diet gradually through small quantities
  • Set up feeders or keep the cabbage above the ground on shrubs or on the table to avoid pest and insect infestation

How Healthy Is a Cabbage For Deer? (Nutritional Facts)

Cabbage is packed with nutrients and vitamins, which is why it is not only recommended for consumption by humans but also by animals. Cabbage is extremely healthy for deer. 

It contains micronutrients like Vitamin A and iron. But moreover, it is chock full of vitamin B6, which significantly aids in proper body functioning, digestion, and the nervous system.

Additionally, cabbage is high in vitamin C, which is a potent antioxidant that can improve memory and enhance the overall immune system. It can also protect the deer from any digestive problems or colds. 

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Here are all the nutritional details of one cup of cabbage:

Calories 23
Vitamin A4.45mcg
Vitamin B10.054mg
Vitamin B20.036mg
Vitamin B30.208mg
Vitamin B60.110mg
Vitamin B938.27mcg
Vitamin C32.6mg
Vitamin K67.6mcg
Carbohydrates 5.16g
Fiber 2.23g
Protein 1.14g
Calcium 35.6mg
Sodium 16.02mg
Magnesium, Mg10.68mg

What Else Can I Feed Deer Along With Cabbage?

Since deer live in the wild, they are fond of a range of vegetables and fruits. Besides cabbage, here are some of the food items you can give a deer:

How To Protect Cabbage In Your Garden From Deer?

Cabbages are one of the deer’s favorite vegetables, which is why if you grow them on your farm or garden, they will become a deer’s target. The deer will eat all of the cabbage and destroy the plants and surrounding vegetation.

A deer will often get hungry at night and come to your garden to feed on cabbage. Here is what you can do to protect your crop, especially your cabbage plants:

  1. Place Deer Deterrents in the Garden

There are various deer deterrents you can place in the garden to keep deer away from the cabbage plants. Some of these include hanging or placing soap bars, scattering human hair, and odor repellents. All of these will alert the deer, and they will not come near the plants anymore.

  1. Grow Deer-Resistant Plants

Some plants, such as those with sharp odors, will cover the scent of the cabbage plant. Moreover, they will also be too strong, and the deer will not want to come near them. Some examples of deer-resistant plants include onions herb plants like mint, tarragon, oregano, and cucumber plants. 

  1. Implement Fences

High and sturdy fences can be an excellent way to keep deer away from cabbage plants since they will not be able to reach for them. However, deer can jump very high, so you must install tall fences or get electrical ones. 

  1. Grow the Crops near Your House

The closer the cabbage crops are to your house, the less likely are deer to come near it. Deer don’t like to come close to humans because they are scared of them. This is why if you plant cabbage near the house, they will not try to come near it, at least during the day when people are around.

  1. Keep a Dog

A barking dog behind the fence in your garden is also an excellent way to keep deer away from your cabbage plant. The dog will seem like a predator to them, and they will likely run away from it.

Final Words

Cabbage is one of the deer’s favorite vegetables, which is why they can wreak havoc in your garden if they come across them. You must take the aforementioned necessary steps to protect your crops from deer. The best way to keep them away from your plants is to use a combination of deer deterrents. 

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