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What Countries Manufactures Bzees Shoes?

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Bzees shoes are known to provide lightweight shoes that provide liberating comfort and the freedom to throw them in your washing machine and then simply air dry to get the new and refreshing feeling once again. So, it is a good brand but we are all curious to know in which countries they are made. let’s find out.

What Did I Find About Bzees Shoe Manufacturing?

To know where Bzees’ shoes are coming from, we need to know who overlooks the manufacturing of Bzees. A company named Naturalizer started in 2013 to provide a collection of shoes that weighs less than 6 pounds. Though, both Naturalizer and Bzees are owned by Brown Shoe Company, Inc which now know as Caleres. We need to contact them to know where are Bzees shoes manufactured. Let’s do that.

According to Caleres, all their 15+ brands come from the same pool of sustainable suppliers and manufactures, and Bzees is no exception. As per Caleres 2021 and ESG partners report, all Bzees shoes, along with its other brands, are primarily made in China, then India, Vietnam, Italy, and the Dominican Republic. The company also manufactures in the United States, but that is not for Bzees its more premium brands like Allen Edmonds.

If we see the previous year data than in 2021, then majority all Clares brands (including Bzees) footwear are manufactured by approximately 66 manufacturers operating about 120 facilities..

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What about retail operations of the company? Unfortuanately bzees shoes sells only in United States via retail and e-commerce medium. However sites like offers international shipping for many Bzees styles which you could use, though first ensure that you that there’s some kind of support offered by brand in your country otherwise you may need to face some difficulty in case you want to return the product.

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