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Do Yurts Have Bathrooms, Toilets, and Kitchen?

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Two yurts in the wild want bathrooms kitchen and the toilets

Difference between a bathroom and a toilet

Yes, I mentioned the words bathroom and toilet separately in the title of this article because they are different. After all, the bathroom is the room where everything is present to have a good bath.

On the other hand, the toilet does not have to be in the bathroom as the word itself conveys that there is a place where you can poop and flush.

However, the vocab and the understanding can vary from society to society where some people call bathroom and toilet as bathroom only but to make the understanding better in this article I will describe them separately.

Do Yurts Have Bathrooms?

Yes, the yurts have bathrooms but they don’t come attached in the frame of the yurt, you need to build it inside the yurt if you wish to by designating a proper space for it.

Yurts Bathrooms Vs Your House Bathroom


You need to understand that yurt is not something that has come from some other planet.

They are structures in which you can live like you are living in your own home.

And, if you like you can also build the bathroom in the yurt which gives the same comfortable experience as the home bathroom would give.

But this does not mean that you can go for the ultra-large bathtubs because when building a yurt you want to go as light as you can so that when you transport your yurt you can do it without any extra workout.


To make the yurt bathroom experience more beautiful go for the material or items that resonate with you.

Have some soft light in the bathroom or it would be much better if the sun’s own light can touch you.

To do this you can create a small wall window in the bathroom which can allow the light to come, not only the light will come but also it will vent the room.

A window is a must if you really like to make your yurt energy efficient.


When people move to yurt, they tend to full the bathroom with all kind of fancy items or they won’t assign enough space to bathroom.

I always like to have a yurt which is to live and not to store things.

However, I don’t think you’re living off the grid yurt to come under the standards of societies and to impress someone with how much luxury, decoration, and expensive your yurt is.

To enjoy the yurt life fully go with natural standards of life rather than your own idea of life.

The same goes true for bathroom yurts but here you can have some extra things and more luxury.

How much it cost to build a bathroom in the yurt?

In a complete contract, the bathroom is something that is often come with that plan. Even, when it is not so you can still have the bathroom inside the yurt which can cost between $2,000 to $8,000 depending upon how you want your bathroom to look and feel.

Can I have a bathroom outside the yurt?

Why not, when you have sufficient property in your name you can build a natural bathroom outside the yurt.

In cities, you may need the permission of government authorities but it is completely fine in remote areas or the areas which are far enough from the city to call it remote like your farm surrounded by trees.

Even if you do not want to do it you can at least take dips in the river daily if you live near one or can buy portable shove or foldable bathtubs,

Do Yurts Have Toilets?

Yurt doesn’t have a toilet unless you build one. The toilet need not be different than the typical house toilet. But during choosing one make sure that it is comfortable enough to sit.

You can go for any loo like a flushing toilet, one-piece toilet, flush toilet, or square toilet. However, you can go for a wall-mounted toilet if the yurt has wall-like homes if not, nearly any type of toilet you can go for.

For more details, you can contact the toilet seller because in this case, they are more expert than me.

Can I have a toilet in my shower room?

Yes, you can have a toilet inside your shower room or to be precise your bathroom.

Many people are doing it in cities and it is completely fine to do it in yurts yet, I don’t like it as I’ve never done and there is some weird feeling in me which don’t want to take bath in where we poop.

It is my feeling which does not need to be your so you can go for it and it will save some space too and money too because you don’t need separation walls.

Can I poop outside the yurt in the wild?

Yes, it is completely legal and humane to poop in the wild if you do it right using the leave no trace method.

In Mongolia and many other regions where primitive build yurts they prefer to poop in the wild than making a separate structure for it.

Do you have a yurt in the wild? If yes, you do not need to build a toilet as nature will take care of it. But still, you need toilet paper, water, or at least soft leaves that are not poisonous.

Make sure that you never throw toilet paper in the wild because there are many other animals whom it can harm. Better put it in a garbage bag and throw it where the garbage needs to go,

I don’t want to go about everything you need to know to poop in the wild or camping as I have already written a blog post on it. You can check it out by clicking here.

Can I build a toilet outside the yurt?

This is the case when people don’t want to build the toilet inside the yurt for a variety of reasons and don’t even want to poop in the wild.

To solve this, you can build a toilet outside the yurt unless you’re not crossing the boundaries of your property.

You can build as luxurious and as big a toilet you want outside the yurt.

Do yurts have kitchens?

Yes, yurts do have a kitchen and it is part of the plan of building modern yurts. However, most areas are allowed to build addons in a yurt with limited inspection but you should always review the local rules and regulations for plumbing and electricity and the building code.

Doing this will remove any worry about which local government can remove you and their codes are something that is formed so that you can live happily and safely in any structure.

What else you need for a working kitchen is plumbing and electricity and both plumbing and electric lines can be set up underneath the yurt which can come to your kitchen and fit its design

Just make sure that the kitchen receives the necessary energy it is needed and it should have a vent fan or exhaust fan to let the moisture, heat, fat, and gast generated by the stove leave the yurt. Not doing this will lead to discomfort which no one wants.

Which provides the best cooking experience – Yurts or your home (Explained)?

Your yurt is 100% fine in providing the best cooking experience. Here are some easy tips that you can keep in mind when building a kitchen inside the yurt.

Work Triangle

To make the kitchen spacious without taking a lot of space you can follow what the architects and kitchen designers follow.

The work triangle is not a rule that everyone has to follow, to be accurate work triangle is made for the normal residential homes and not for yurts. However, I think that if a yurt is big enough then the kitchen work triangle can make the cooking workflow much easier.

For a small yurt, where space does matter and you can not waste an inch then you can go for a traditional yurt kitchen where storage to sink everything is in a single row.

They follow the 13 feet rule (work triangle), in this, the sum of all the three sides of the triangle in the kitchen should be between 13 feet and 26 feet where no leg of the triangle should be neither more than 9 feet nor less than 4 feet.

You need to have the stove, sink, and refrigerator, or any storage system where each one covers a leg of the triangle.

The work triangle will help in smooth workflow inside the yurt by having everything at a comfortable distance.

Storage capacity

There are two cases – go for few weeks of storage capacity for refrigerators for the foods that need a cold atmosphere, containers for dry storage, and a freezer for foods that require frozen food storage when your yurt is very close to the city.

Increase the number to few months for dry storage like spices, and anything excluding vegetables and fruits because when you live off the grid in your own property you can grow vegetables organically and they would be more healthy than packed or dehydrated foods.


Keep the atmosphere of the yurt’s kitchen very clean, calming, and refreshing.

To complete this task you can have some mini-plants in your kitchen, can have a nice big window to see the beautiful surroundings.

As science says that the places and surroundings can trigger certain emotions. However, you can inner engineer yourself in such a way that you will be blissful regardless of your surrounding.

You can experience this by yourself that if you cook something with a pleasant heart and eat with the utmost gratitude, the overall experience of eating will be a joyful process and food will behave differently in your body.

I recommend watching this video by Sadhguru if you want to know how to eat right. Watch the video and experiment with this by yourself.

Energy efficiency

Another factor that you should take care of when building the kitchen in a yurt is you’re not adding appliances that you don’t really need and even if you add them in your kitchen be very aware of how much electricity will they consume in yurt

It is better to increase your budget to buy energy-efficient appliances not only they will save dollars in the long run but also they will operate easily when you just use renewable power sources like solar and wind.

Having smaller appliances will keep the spatial integrity of the yurt in place. Don’t worry going for a small appliance won’t take away the opportunity of building your dream kitchen.

Which is better – cooking inside the yurt or outside the yurt?

Both have their own experiences which we can’t deny or even compare. And when we are living off the grid why should not we experience what open fire cooking feels like. If you don’t know which type of cookware is best for open fire cooking you can click here to know some of the best cookware for the open fire.

Trust me you’re missing one of the most wonderful experiences if you have never done it in your past life.

This is the best time to experience it before it’s too late because death is something that can knock you down at any moment. It is completely possible that this very day can be the last day for me and might even you.

So, you should not waste your life in any way and you should do everything to enjoy the time you have left the way you really want it so that you won’t regret this on your deathbed instead completely fine and relaxed when dying.


Do Yurts Have Bathrooms, Toilets, and Kitchen? In short, yurts do not directly come with bathrooms and toilets but you can create as many bathrooms as you want in your yurt. But still having the bathroom and toilet outside the yurt is the best decision to keep the spacious integrity of the yurt alive.

It is possible to create a bathroom and a toilet or a 2-in-1 room for bathing and pooping outside the yurt if you have some free space left on your property.

The same implies to the kitchen however kitchen and bathroom are something that most of the yurt constructors include in their plan.

Just give them the material for bathrooms, toilets, and kitchen and they will do it for you by taking the price for labor.

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Thursday 5th of May 2022

Can bring mi puppy dog?


Thursday 5th of May 2022

Yes, you can bring your puppy dog in the yurt, though please spent some time with them touring your new yurt to make them familiar so that they can identify the yurt with their home. You can also watch this video, that I found on youtube, you may find it helpful.

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