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Do Yurts Have Air Conditioning? (Direct Answer)

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It is not the duty of the manufacturer to give the yurts with all air conditioning facilities but as yurts can be recreated in a way you want it so it is very much possible to air-condition the yurt using an air conditioner.

But, before taking a further step it is good to asks the government officials because if we do it without permission we can invite some unwanted government guests.

Yes, you can have an air conditioner in the yurt but there are many types of ACs available and each one is different from the previous so it is better to look at them and then set up air conditioning that can work amazingly in yurts.

In this article, that’s what I am going to share about, the things you need to know about air conditioning and yurts.

Types of air conditioning

If we just try to categorize all the ACs available then there only two categories in which nearly all Air Conditioning can fall.

These 2 categories are:

  1. Stand-alone ac units that only require 1 device, and
  2. Split-system ac units that required at least 2 devices (numbers can grow according to the power you need)

So, the above categories are very broad and don’t give us an acute picture.

To make it easier any AC unit can be further classified into 6 subcategories.

These are:

  • Ductless, Mini-split air conditioner
  • Central Air Conditioners
  • Window units
  • Hybrid ACs
  • Portable AC
  • Geothermal cooling and heating

Not all the above types are good work yurts, they can be used but neither they are needed nor they are efficient and cost effective as far as yurts are concerned.

I am not saying they are bad for your concrete home, it is just they are not ideal for yurts.

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Which type of air conditioning is best for yurts?

First of all, what I am going to say is just the opinion that works for me and I am completely fine with you for disagreeing with the opinion.

Standalone ACs will work best for yurts. They are noisier but cheaper in price and can be transported or replace without any need for experts.

For standalone ACs you will always need a vent to let the hot air escape.

Another one that attracts me is Geothermal Heating and Cooling which are best in sustainability and energy efficiency and have a longer lifespan than any other air conditioning system.

The only problem with such a system is the cost, on average they can cost between $12,000 to $30,000 for complete installation.

Many of us don’t want to go for this price because in approx $12,000 you can have yurt standing including the price of labor.

As nothing is impossible for a creative person and if you’re of that kind who has creativity and money you can consult a local installer for further details.

The problem I think he will address too is the walls because yurt doesn’t have the walls like typical homes as this system cools down the home by extracting heat from your home and will distribute it into the ground.

In my case, I am fine with Standalone Air Conditioning due to their cheap price and portability which is really needed because we don’t know when it is time to move the yurt to another location.

How many BTUs of AC you need for Yurt

The number of BTUs (British Thermal Units) you need to cool down the complete yurt depends upon the size of a yurt.

You can calculate this by yourself – Multiply ’20’ with the size of the yurt (in square feet) to figure out the BTUs you need for the yurt.

Let’s say you have a 30 feet (9.1 meters) yurt in diameter which yields to 730 square feet. So when you ‘multiply 20 with 730’ you’ll get 14,600 BTUs and this is what you needed if you want to cool down your entire 730 sq feet yurt.

Now, you don’t need to go for a single AC that has 14,600 BTUs. You can further divide it by the number of rooms (in sq feet) you have in the yurt. Multiply it with 20 again and go for the AC whose BTUs are near that number.

This helps you to make the ac more lightweight and smaller because for every room you have the AC. Also, it is completely moral to have AC for your bedroom or hall rather than for every room.

In case you have an open yurt which means the rooms are not separate with walls then you can go for two AC of 7,000 BTU each and set up them on alternate sides like one in the east and another in the west, north, or south.

Doing this will circulate cold air faster and thus cool the overall yurt faster.

Can I install AC by myself?

Yes, installing the Standalone AC in a yurt is a very simple process that does not need any assistance other than yourself.

The only thing you need is to create a hole in the wall of the yurt to the size which can fit the pipe coming out from portable AC. Portable ACs need an opening so that the hot air can leave the room.

If you don’t vent the AC then the AC will run without any problem but it won’t decrease the temperature of the yurt.

Is it good to run the AC all the time in yurts?

Yes, it won’t break the AC but living in the yurt is the way to invite energy efficiency, and running any appliance when it is not really needed which result in the unnecessary loss of energy and bad for health.

According to the study done by the International Journal of Epidemiology, when the occupants of the air-conditioned office are monitored closely it is reported that the ill health symptoms are higher in those who work in AC than in those who work in natural ventilation.

If you’re more curious to know about the effect of air conditioning on health you can check out the article by

Thus to remain on the healthy side don’t use the AC when you’re not in the yurt as it is not using the energy wisely and don’t also use it all day long when you’re inside the yurt.

There is no major health effect but it has symptoms which we don’t know what it can yield in the future.


Time to wrap up everything in short as possible. Do yurts have air conditioning? Yes, they do have air conditioning but they don’t come with the purchase if you want you can have one or a few air conditioners inside your yurt depending upon the size of the yurt.

When using ACs inside the yurt it is ideal not to use them all the time because according to the study done by the International Journal Of Epidemiology (IJE) persons who live in AC have more symptoms of illness than those who are living in natural ventilation.

I hope this post has cleared most of your doubts related to AC in Yurts.

The above all questions are that which comes to my mind first as a beginner in Yurt Life and the same questions may be in your mind but if you have a question that is not answered in this post then feel free to ask me in the comments related to this topic or anything about yurts.

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