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How Do Gildan Hoodies Fit? (With Pics & Size Charts)

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Gildan hoodies are known for their soft and warm feeling at a budget price.

But, let’s find out how well do Gildan hoodies fit?

Here’s How Do Gildan Hoodies Fit?

For the most part, Gildan hoodies fit true to size in terms of width and spaciousness, but the sleeve and body length of hoodies run a tad short compared to other similar hoodies brands.

But keep in mind that all Hoodies offered by the Gildan are blended with 50% or more cotton, so there can be some shrinkage after several washes in warm/hot water and tumble drying.

So you can consider getting a full size so that no matter how much you wash it, it won’t run small because they tend to shrink about one size.

Also, as mentioned in this video, the hoodie’s hood fits tighter when enveloping around the head, though it’s a personal taste whether you love a tight or loose hood.

That’s our one-way answer, but if you have a Gildan hoodie to buy in your mind, then scroll a bit and read the sizing review of that particular hoodie model to get a more accurate idea of how the fitting run so that you can choose the best fit for your body type and the overall feel you want (athletic, standard, or baggier).

Gildan 18500 Men’s Fleece hoodie

Gildan 18500 just fit right. Let me explain why I haven’t said it is perfect.

If you go for your usual size for this model, you’ll get enough space around the body and can layer it with a thin sweatshirt.

But, it runs shorter on body and sleeve lengths, so you might want to get a size up.

Another excellent reason for getting a size up is it is preshrunk. Still, if you wash it in hot water, it will definitely shrink a bit and will clearly feel even smaller in length, and if you’re going for your regular sizing, it may also feel a bit snug after several washes.

So, the verdict is to get one/two sizes up if you want a baggier look or if you are going to wash it several times in hot water.

The sizes available for G18500 are S, M, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, and 3X-Large.

Here’s a pic that you can scan and see. It just fits right but runs shorter.

Gildan G185 Heavy Blend Hood

Not exaggerating, but this hoodie will run shorter in a long torso body frame.

Though fitting, as you can see in the picture, this fits fine without being baggy.

However, you must go for one size up if you have a broad chest and shoulders, want to baggier feel, or want it to still be roomier even after layering.

Gildan 12500 Adult Hooded Sweatshirt

Gildan 12500 is the model in their catalog that you can go with your usual size even if you’re looking for a perfect fitted hoodie that stands out in length and space.

However, the shoulders are a bit closer than needed, feeling snug around that area. Besides that, everything is spaced correctly to the point where if you go with your standard size after following the Gildan’s Hoodie Size Chart mentioned in this post.

And, you’ll get a proper fit with a t-shirt underneath.

Though, get a size up if you want it to remain cozy while wearing heavy winter layers.

Gildan HF500 Adult Hooded Sweatshirt

This hooded sweatshirt by Gildan runs shorter in length and is not that roomier.

So does it run small? It depends; if you love to wear fitted hoodies that are not tight, then this hoodie is for you in the usual size.

But you should get one size up if you like to wear even sweatshirts underneath this. The sweatshirt will fit, but if you’re going to the point with measurements, then even with a light mid or base layer, you won’t feel the need for roominess that a hoodie must-have.

It is not a slim fit but seeing the curves around the chest and waist is not a relaxed or loose fit.

Gildan 12600 DryBlend Hooded Full-Zip Sweatshirt

It fits comfortably. But it lacks in some areas when discussing technical measurements and practical fit.

First, it runs shorter in body length but is perfect in sleeves.

The overall fit is bigger because it has plenty of space in sleeves and around the tummy which a broad shoulder one or those with a giant belly will love as it does not feel tight.

However, if you’re a pretty slim guy like me, it will feel a tad bigger; go with your usual size as you can quickly wear a thick sweater underneath it.

If you love an oversized fit, please get a size one up but not two or three if you don’t want to look highly baggy.

Here’s the pic that says this fits fine and is comfortable, although getting a size up is not the ideal choice for everyone.

Gildan G18500B Youth Hooded Sweatshirt

This Gildan hoodie will fit perfectly, and it is true to size if we consider the youth’s body measurements.

No, you need to get a size up unless you wear thick layers in winter.

Overall, it’s a good fit for fall to early winter layers. Don’t worry. Your child will love the fit. Follow the size chart I will provide here for this model of Gildan hoodie.

Heavy Blend Youth Hooded Sweatshirt G185B

You can call it the successor of the previous hoodie because this one is heavy blended.

Though, because this article is about Gildan hoodie sizing, leaving other aspects of this hoodie, let’s talk about its fitting.

The users that have bought this for their kids, like ‘Amy T, ‘are whining about it running too small, so they must get a size up.

IMO, they are correct; getting a size up is only the best bet with this hoodie but also with the previous one because the kids are in a growth state where their body measurements and height change at a reasonable rate.

So getting one or two sizes up will be the best for the bucks and your kid’s comfort.

Gildan G186B Youth Heavy Blend Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

The Gildan 186B fit just fine on the kid’s body. But X-small, Medium, Large, and X-large sizes are available.

In real life, customers like HG are delighted with it. As he said, on his son, ‘the medium fits like big, but this one fits just right even though it is not the perfect fit because according to Robin winder, his son is an average nine-year-old and the medium, which is labeled as 8/10 fits pretty big on him.

So considering these reviews, you should go with your usual size because getting a size down is not always the best bet for kids as their heigh increases over time.

I would not recommend getting a size down with this hoodie.

How Big Is A Medium Gildan Hoodie?

Honestly, it varies; for example, the medium in Gildan 18500 hoodie feels precisely like a medium. The Gildan 12500 feels medium-large when going for just medium.

On the contrary, the Gildan 186B youth hoodie feels like L-XL on an average nine-year-old boy.

And, oppositely, the medium in Gildan 185B heavy blend youth hoodie feels small. Check out washing instructions for Gildan heavy blend sweatshirts to reduce shrinkage and pilling.

Please read the sizing reviews of all Gildan Hoodies mentioned slightly above in this same post so that you can get a good fit.

Gildan Hoodie Sizing Chart

Gildan Heavy Blend & DryBlend Hoodies Size Chart (G18500, G18600, and G12500)

The size chart below applies to all heavy blend and DryBlend hoodies offered by the Gildan.

The size chart for 18600 and 12500 is the same.

PS: Gildan 18600 and 12600 have some slightly different measurements in width. For example, 20 in Gildan 18500 is 19.25 in Gildan 18600 &12600. So if you buy the 18600 or 12600, subtract the width by .75 to get accurate measurements, excluding the 5XL width because it is 32.25 in 18600 & 12600.

All measurements are in inches.

SizeWidthLengthSleeve Center Back

Gildan HammerTM Hoodies Size Chart

The sizing chart mentioned below applies to all Hammer Hoodies offered by the Gildan.

All measurements are in inches.

SizeWidthLengthSleeve Center Back

Gildan Youth Hoodie Size Chart

Please note that this size chart is for the youths, so if the Adult wants to buy the youth version of the Gildan hoodie, then manage your size and fitting accordingly.

The Adult one will not feel the youth hoodies fit perfectly in their body.

However, your kids will love the fit if you adjust the sizing per the size chart provided below and the fitting review provided previously in the article.

All measurements are in inches.

SizeChest (Inches)Weight (lbs)
S (6-8)22-2638-58
M (10-12) 26-3058-86
L (14-16)30-3486-114
XL (18-20) 34-36115-138

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