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How Do Stussy Tees Fit? (With Proof!)

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Stussy usually sells boxy and oversized tees that tend to shrink when washed.

Stussy is known for its range of streetwear, from tees, hoodies, shorts, and pants to headwear and eyewears. The styles are still in a manner for many street lovers.

Let’s not talk about Stussy and stick to how their tees fit from half sleeve to full sleeve t-shirts, including originals and collabs.

It is not only my perspective but the experience of everyone who has worn Stussy tees that they always are a bit oversized and boxier in small and medium. In contrast, the large and extra-large are considered by the majority to be true to size because the sleeves and body length are perfect with a tad bit baggier that tend to shrink in 2-3 washes unless it is 100% polyester. The sizing and fitting stand close to the statement for Stussy originals and collabs.

Credit: Frisboo

So if you wear large in other brands like Patagonia, Supreme, North Face, Nike, Adidas, Thrasher, Vlone, or another streetwear brand, then go with Large in Stussy also because it will be perfect length and room without being oversize or baggier for the size opted.

However, medium and small in some other brands will feel more oversized and boxier in Stussy tees, whereas the large in the half sleeve will be faithful to large and L in full sleeve t-shirts will be longer in sleeves whereas feel-like-large in body and not like an XL.

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My sizing recommendations…

If you’re a pure street lover, don’t get a size down, even knowing that it will run big because that’s where the Stussy style stands out; you may even love considering a size big.

Though, suppose you’re more on the form-fitting side. In that case, you should try some other brand because sizing down from your regular size means – shorter sleeves & body and closer to chests, which will be worse when you wash the Stussy tees in warm or hot water as they will show shrinkage depending on the material used in them.

So, either go for your standard size or get a one-size large with one thing clear in mind: regular will be oversized, and a size bigger will feel like you got a two size bigger tees. The point is, I’ve seen many models and fashion gurus, and nobody seems to advise getting a size down in Stussy t-shirts unless you want the snugger fit, as Stussy is a loose-fitting brand and not the slim or regular one.

Why are Stussy tees oversized and boxier?

From a western perspective, streetwear is supposed to be oversized, and not only that, most of the folks out here buy one size large, on many occasions, intentionally to get the baggier and oversized fit. Another reason is that they think it will shrink while washing and drying to make it fit better.

So IMHO, it is not the measurement bug from the Stussy side that clothes are oversized, but the brand mindfully distinguishes itself by boxier, big, and loose-fitting half & full sleeve t-shirts to justify the end-user ‘sense of style.’

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