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How Do Stussy Hoodies Fit? (Exactly!)

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Stussy is an adorable brand among skaters, artists, musicians, and all that in streetwear.

But to be stunned out in Stussy we need to know how it fits so that you can go for your taste – baggier, slim, usual.

Let’s see how the Stussy hoodies fit.

Here’s How Do Stussy Hoodies Fit?

For the most part, Stussy gives sufficient attention to their hoodie sizing that it fits exactly like you want it to be.

That’s why I would say nearly all Stussy hoodies fit true to size so go for your usual size if you like it to be just fitted, get a size up if you are buying one for your house to get a nice and roomier feel, or even planning to wear a sweatshirt underneath.

If you’re in the borderline between stussy sizes, get a size up because they tend to shrink after washing.

Going a size down is not needed in Stussy because they don’t run too big to suffer but still if you like a form-fitting then getting a size down could be a good deal.

Though, you need to remember that getting a size down will cut needed space so there won’t be such comfort when adding layers to it in mid-fall to winter.

And Stussy hoodies are going to shrink quite a bit after one-two wash in warm water which will result in a reduction of size so going a size down is not the best bet but getting a size up will reduce the chances of it running small even after several washes in warm water.

Because even after a bit of shrinkage, it won’t run that small to feel like a trap when getting a size up.

Types Of Fit Stussy Hoodies Have (With Examples)

As far as I saw, Stussy hoodies give a relaxed fit feel (not the loose) meaning they don’t feel snug and not overly loose.

If you go for your usual size you’ll get enough space for a thin shirt/t-shirt and still feel comfortable.

However, as the majority of their hoodies come with waistband and hand cuffs so your might feel a big snug around the waist if you have a bigger waist than what an average man/woman has.

After going through some Stussy hoodies, one thing that I notice is not all styles fit the same. However, the sizing runs the same exactly following the size chart that I’ve mentioned in the article.

For example, that I came across are the Basic Stussy Hoodie and Psychedelic Hoodie.

The basic one fits relaxed to the body while the Psychedelic Hoodie seems to fit a bit snug.

But that’s so minute that you won’t feel it unless you tried both styles one after another.

Similarly, on the women’s side, Melo Raw Edge Fleece Hoodie is roomier and loose as compared to Agness Boxy Crop Hood which looks more form-fitted.

Can You Return Unfit Stussy Hoodies?

Yes, you can return unfit Stussy hoodies by mail within 14 days from the date of receiving the shipment. However, you can return the special collab hoodies or those marked as final sale.

Other rules are:

  • Hoodies must be in a new and unused condition will all the original tags attached.
  • Your refund will be processed in 3-5 buisness days after you hoodies are inspected at their warehouse.

Must Note: Items that are purchased from are eligible for returns.

Stussy Hoodie Size Chart:


In the men’s section, there are lots of hoodies styles from basics to Embroidered. Psychedelic to Stock Logo Hood and Runs Hoodie to Fresh Gear.

But they all follow the same measurements, thence if you like any of the men’s Stussy hoodies get your exact size from this table and then go for an upsize, downsize, or true to size depending on how you want to wear it.

All measurements are in inches.



In the women section, the Stussy offers two types of hoodies – one that is cropped meaning it will have a smaller body length as compared to sleeve length.

And the other is just normal where you can those with no waistband which made them look a bit oversized but those are the ones that feel most roomier and comfortable for women even with a thick sweatshirt.

So, let’s see how the measurements run in both of the styles.

Cropped Hoodie Size Chart

All measurements are in inches.


Standard Hoodie Size Chart:

All measurements are in inches.



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