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How Do Lee Jeans Fit? (With Photos + Advice)

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Conclusion: Lee jeans run bigger, some run as big as +4 inches, and others run big, that could be justified with a belt. A few run true to size, but those run big too if paid close attention. So, ya, getting a size down for people with normal height and weight will be worth every penny. However, extra muscular and or bulky men/women should always consider getting true to size or one size bigger (in rare case!).

I have bought lee jeans first time in my life and I have to say that in terms of fitting and how varied their sizes are; I am pretty disappointed. In terms of quality, they are great but fitting – OMG! before making any final judgment I wanna confirm whether everyone has the same experience. Hence, I interviewed and spent an hour reviewing several forums and providing customer feedback on several online shops.

This includes and to finally sum it up and give you any sizing tips and recommendations to keep in mind before buying any Lee pair. Along with what to do if you get it wrong. Don’t forget to read the final verdict (worth every second!).

My Experience With Lee Jeans Fitting:

I bought these jeans for my younger brother as he liked the color and texture, so I took his measurements and ordered the pair guided by the official size chart. He has a 36-inch waist, thus I went for the same thinking that Lee is a well-known American brand and must have been true to size, however; I was already mentally prepared to get slightly bigger jeans because as experienced, many jeans come 2-3 inches bigger than said.

Finally, the jeans arrived, and when I asked my brother to try them; I was truly shocked because they ran bigger than I expected. How big? As you can see in the following images that it has 36 Waist and 33 inches In-seam size printed.

Although, when he wore it, it was nowhere near 36 nor something he can walk around. Because after using our tailor tape, the In-seam was 33 inches (the same is printed) but the waist came out to be 40 inches (it was too big – see in images how bulky the jean looks). Though the inseam could be shortened, that’s not a problem as any tailor could easily chop the length.


Yes, we could contact the seamstress to cut down the waist fabric, but that will result in a loss of overall jean dynamics. That’s why we made use of Lee’s return policy. Now, that was my personal experience and on the basis of this proof, we can legally say that lee jeans run big. However, I am not that foolish to conclude such a complex thing only on the basis of my experience. That’s why I asked and reviewed hundreds of other lee users to ask about their opinion on lee sizing you will see in the following section and on that basis, I will clarify how most lee jeans run in the fitting.

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How Do Lee Jeans Fit? (Personal + Other Users Experience)

After reading hundreds of customer feedback on Lee jeans, I’ve noticed a very static trend that will help tremendously in choosing my next lee pair of ‘at least’ an impressive size. But, before moving to that, I would like you to read these reviews. From the plethora of feedback. These are very helpful indirectly to make you a splendid choice.

I intentionally bite down areas of the above reviews to highlight only a specific part. All these reviews might look in contrast to my experience, though they are not. As you can see, all those people have ordered multiple pairs to get the right fit and if they got it right, then they will order more pairs of the same sizes and return those that didn’t fit.

After ordering multiple times from Lee, everyone can get a hold of how they fit, which helps them make clever choices next time. However, the stance is true because no single “standard person” can deny that lee jeans run quite big from the waist area and are baggier in thighs; even their skinny fit (I could say this because my skinny fit lee jean wasn’t fit snug, as you can see in images shared with you) These reviews are witnesses of my words.

Image 1
Image 2

Both feedbacks mention that the waist size was bigger than they expected. Now you may ask that ‘those are just two reviews, they may have got their fit wrong but, I too have read many reviews and they majorly said to run true to size.’ Yes, they do, however you should look at it from their point of view. If you pay close attention to those reviews and the person that said. Then, you will find most of those people who said to get a perfect fit – either they’re saying because they have experience buying over 3-10 lee pairs already and noticed that getting a size small was the way to go for ‘great fitting’ or those men and women have a bulky or athletic profile.

Lee Jeans Run Big! Should I Size Down? (It Depends)

I am not saying this from my mere experience. After deeply observing the Lee customers, one common thing that I noticed is they made most lee jeans for tall or heavy people. And if you’re around 6 feet or above and have muscular thighs and hips, then you should go with a true-to-the-size chart. But as you see, I have received a 40 waist instead 36 or utmost 38, which could be adjustable. So when we don’t know a clear indication whether they are 2 inches bigger or will touch the 4-inch mark, in all those scenarios, the best bet is to order three kinds of sizes after taking your body measurements – exact, one size small, two sizes small.

You should also spend some time reading filtered ‘fit/size’ feedback on or Amazon (if you’re ordering one from here) and if you find that someone is saying to size up, then in that case you should order – exact, one size small, and one size big. Please note that all these sizes you order must be of the same color and style to avoid any inconsistency. Afterward, try them all; sit in, walk in, and stretch in them. Secure the jean that fits you right and return the other two to Lee.

Types Of Fit in Lee Jeans:

Lee jeans come in 4 types of fit: skinny, regular, relaxed, and slim. This section welcomes both men and women as the same kind of fit same with the same names are being produced by Lee. Let’s understand these fits in a bit more depth.


The skinny-fit lee jeans sit tight on the hip down to the ankle. A fit body (not athletic or slightly athletic) person should go for skinny in Lee’s skinny fit. You can size down in skinny fit to truly get a skinny fit and not a bagged-out look.


Regular-fit lee jeans are suitable for those who want a quiet silhouette look that is not too tight or baggy because this style is relaxed through the thighs and tapered from the knee. In practical use, those who have an athletic build but want slightly extra room should go with this fit.


Ok, as per Lee, a relaxed fit is for those who want a baggier look for utmost comfort but in my experience, only those who are bulky (big thighs, hips, and tummy) should opt for a relaxed fit. If you’re a very muscular person, then also you can think of this style, though keep in mind that it will be loose and may not make for the silhouette.


Slim fit fits like regular in the waist but slim from the thigh, which narrows down to the ankle. Whether you’re a man or a woman, athletes can buy this if they want jeans to fit like normal without being baggy or tight. Muscle men can have an eye on it if they want something to fit, like skinny. Bulky people can opt for a size up in slim fit if they want little snug jeans.

Don’t confuse these with jeans fits

There are three other styles that lee offers and those who are new to buying jeans confuse them with the fit. Those three are tapered, bootcut, and straight. They don’t account for how your jean fit but make a difference in how it looks as they are ‘so-called’ leg styles. Go for straight if you want a straight & narrow look, tapered for a tailored look as it narrows down gradually from waist to ankle, and bootcut if you want the classic look that widens from the knee down to the leg opening.

Don’t worry, all these leg styles come with different fittings as described in the previous section, so you could get a preferred look regardless of body type; just make sure the sizes are available for particular leg styles.

Size Chart For Lee Jeans

I can give you the size chart with exact measurements but I will not, because measurements are one thing the company could change with a new line of productions which will make all third-party size charts into a gimmick. That’s why if you truly want to follow my sizing advice with lee jeans to get a perfect fit, then you should do so with the size chart offered by Lee only as it could change the numbers over time.

You can see the available sizes for your body type on either on the product page itself or you can click here to see all size charts for Lee’s tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, and other dresses.

Final Verdict – How Do Lee Jeans Fit?

I am summing up everything in a few points:

  • For me, Lee’s jeans run bigger and baggier; I’ve ordered skinny which fit like regular ones.
  • Still, most often you’ll find that not all lee jeans run unimaginably bigger; many are almost adjustable with a belt.
  • After reading 100s of customer feedback, most people who claim that lee jeans run true to size are actually tall or muscular or bulky people.
  • Those who have athletic legs will not have any big issues because, as per my observation, lee jeans are made to have so much room in the thighs and hips.
  • However, short/medium-height men/women will find that lee jeans run bigger in the waist, inseam, and thighs.
  • In the majority of cases, you’ll find getting a size down in lee pairs is worth it.
  • I don’t recommend sizing down to Tall and bulky or heavily muscular people as there’s no need. Maybe the waist runs a bit bigger but you can manage it with a belt or by wearing a little low.

My best advice for you is to buy three types of sizes for any lee jeans you buy for the first 5-6 pairs till you get a hold of what sizes fit you best in Lee’s. These sizes should be – exact, one size down, two sizes down. For bulky people, instead of getting two sizes down, you can gram exact and one size down only. Please make sure that you buy these different sizes for the same style and color to get the absolute best fit. Afterward, try all the pairs – start with a size down and in my opinion, it will be the best, but still try the other two and see what makes your heart float in comfort.

Grab that pair and return others to lee before the return window expires when trying it on. Make sure the tags and slips are intact and the jean remains in unused type condition to get an immediate refund after it reaches back the Lee.

I can assure you that using your intuition after reading this article that contains my experience and observation will get you a perfect fit for Lee’s jeans. If you have any other questions regarding Lee jeans, please feel free to contact me. I will help you in all ways possible.

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