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How To Camp With A Crawling Baby (Best Advice)

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Camping with babies can keep you in two ways: Either you can be happily busy with them or you can feel like hell (as they poop and piss anywhere and anytime). There’s no mistake in the baby because you’re also a small baby who has pissed without informing parents.

So if you’re feeling like hell with them then you should look back on your childhood where your parents take care of your poop. Hence Maintainance of the baby is your duty even in camping because you’re the one who is responsible for giving birth to a new, beautiful and joyful life.

If you can happily take care of your child then half problem has come to end now because it’s no more a burden now instead it is fun work.

So how can we take care of a crawling baby while camping? Read this article completely to understand how you can camp with your baby next time without any problem.

Ready to camp with the crawling baby
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How to camp with a crawling baby

Pack the right things for your baby


Clothes according to the weather and climate of the campsite. Before packing any clothes check the site weather and climatic condition and according to that pack suitable pair of socks, shirts, pants or babies. Like in summer you need to keep things minimal so that your baby can feel relaxed in clothes. In winter you need to pack some insulated but breathable clothes so that he/she will be warm enough but not too hot.


Bring convenient food

Look for healthy options only and pack food that doesn’t require an extra level of storage and protection. It is good to pack the food that you gave to your child at the home. As he/she is already started crawling so they may have developed some teeth. If yes then you can pack some dried fruits if you’re gonna camping for a long duration. For short time you can also pack fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, etc.

Keep it clean

If your baby prefers to drink milk through nipple bottles then make sure they’re very clean from the inside out. And also keep your place clean from garbage so that the little one doesn’t get sick.


Toys are not that necessary because for a child everything is like a toy outdoors. Even you can get inspiration from a child on how he\she is so much involved with nature. But it is good to pack toys like a soft animal toy and a coloring book.

A large tent

You’ll thank me if you bring a large tent with you camping. How large? Large enough so that your baby can crawl freely inside the tent. One thing that I learned from my own experience is that a child or a crawling baby never wants to stay quiet in a closed space like a small tent so to not make them cry it is good to bring a family-size tent for camping.

Plan your trip

Limit your ride

Some babies can’t stay long inside a car or a bus because of the smell and other factors. So if you’re camping with your baby for the very first time then find a campsite that is close to your home. Drive to that place and see if the child is performing well inside the car or not. If yes then next time you can increase the distance your driving. Just remember to stop immediately and get outside of your car for some time if your baby feels like vomiting or ill inside that moving box (car).

Some distance from other campsites

If you’re reserving your campsite in any national park then try to look for a campsite that has a free distance from other campsites. This will help you and your baby to enjoy camping because we camp so that we can have some time away from the noise of people, traffic, and work but if you can listen to your neighbor campsite from your tent then you may have a hard time to involve and enjoy camping the way it is.

Baby’s safety first

  • Protect them from bugs. When bugs like mosquitoes don’t spare adults who have strong hands to beat them how they can spare a small baby who can’t figure what these bugs want. So look for ways to keep bugs away from your campsite. I have already written a post on some working ways to keep mosquitoes away from the campsite and a guide to buying DEET-free mosquito repellers. I suggest you read and follow them to be safe from bugs and mosquitoes.
  • Keep your eyes on the baby because it can crawl and can get lost in the jungle.
  • Seek shade. It is only necessary in two cases: hot burning day and rain. In summer you can pack some goods hats made for babies and in rain, you can use an umbrella or a waterproof tent as a shade.

Don’t ruin the surrounding

Couples camping with a little cute baby please ensure that this little one can’t see the negative side of you. By negative side, I mean the side where you get angry at your partner with little mistakes he/she makes. Life is short why waste it fighting or getting angry. This tip is not only for your camping trips as you should follow this at least till your child has crossed 18 years of age if you want your children to take inspiration from you on how to be happy and face situations with a clear and joyful mind.

How to dress your baby for camping

  • Dress your baby in layers like you wear clothes when you get outside. Figure how you can dress your baby in such a way that he is ready to adapt to weather change. The layering can go like a base layer that is next to skin, the second layer for warmth, and the third layer as protection from rain and winds.
  • Don’t overdress. Try to be as minimal in clothes as possible at night when it’s time for sleep. For warmth, you can use a sleep sack or wearable blanket. If it is gold you can add one more layer of clothing and by your own experience, you’ll know how many layers of clothes the baby is comfortable with.
  • Breathable clothes are very necessary for you and your baby both. Whether it’s winter or summer, only buy breathable clothes. Avoid nylon clothes because they’re not breathable.

A perfect sleep

  • I already told you to bring a large tent because it is spacious and does not feel like suffocation to your child as it feels when this little one got caught inside a small tent.
  • Use a portable play yard. If your child likes to sleep in a portable play yard then you should bring this with you which can easily fit inside your family tent. Because a play yard will help the baby’s body to calm down and to stick on a nighttime routine.
  • Your way of sleeping with a baby. You should be flexible with this one because you have spent a lot of time with your baby and know when he sleeps and wakes up. You need to take a break from sleep training techniques that you’re applying to your baby at home. As you’re camping the chances are the baby and you both may face some problem of change in sleep routine. Like now you have to allow him to wake up later than normal or you might have to nurse the baby in the middle of the night for comfort.

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