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Best Ways To Get Power While Camping (6 Proven Methods)

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Okay, I know why you’re searching for the best way to get power while camping. Now, how do I know your situation without even listening to you?

Because it’s a simple hack – Either you want your homes like comfort when camping or you just want to charge batteries of phone, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch or your laptop you need electricity.

Now it’s time that you know the truth of comfort on camping. You will never enjoy any outdoor activity to the fullest if you’re a prisoner of high-rated comfort. If you’re here on this blog to find how to make outdoor fun comfortable like a hotel? Then please get your eyes off from this blog because I’m not gonna tell anything like that.

If you’re here to know how to make outdoor adventure more adventurous then you’re most welcome through my entire heart.

Now getting back to the point. As we’re living in a tech world, nearly all our work (Office work, homework, even my work as an outdoor blogger) is shifted dramatically on screens. So yes we need some sort of electrical power to make our work while traveling. Thanks to the internet, now we can enjoy traveling without losing our job or business out of our hands.

So let’s see all the ways of producing electricity when camping, The ways I am going to tell will allow you to make your experience a bit comfortable and your tech working without missing the fun of camping.

How to be safe from electric shock during camping

This is the most important section of our today’s topic. I don’t want to imagine you getting electric shock due to some silly things. So please follow all these tips to be safe from the shock.

  • Please do check all the wires for any cuts and also check for any damages in electrical instruments (talking about invertors, generators, etc.,) before buying and using them.
  • If you don’t know how to repair a cut electrical wire then say thanks to sears PARTSDIRECT for making an awesome tutorial for fixing damaged wires.
  • Do not touch any switch, wire, invertors, generators, bulbs, or anything that produces electricity and that which uses electricity for producing light, making dinner, etc, with wet hands. If you’re working with wires or cords then please wear your shoes or use electrical gloves which are certified and tested according to ASTM F496 safety standards.

If you follow all three tips that I mentioned above properly then you don’t have to look for any other tips for being safe from electric shock during any type of camping.

Let’s move to our main section.

How to get power while camping

Solar Energy

Producing electricity from the sun’s energy is becoming a new fashion for saving electricity bills. Yes, everyone knows the benefit of having solar panels so hey dude tells me ‘how to set up these on camping location’. I don’t want to take any exam of your patience so let’s make the long story short.

  • Please have a portable solar panel so that you can have a solar power supply for camping.
  • Watching tutorials are way better than reading tutorials so following this simple line I am sharing 2 videos with you from which you can learn how to set up a portable solar panel.

How to setup portable solar panels for camping to charge gadgets like smartphone, laptop, etc. (Video tutorial):

How to setup solar panel on rv, camper van & truck camper (Video tutorial):

Hope the above videos will help you to set up solar panels. Solar panels are a great natural way to generate electricity but the problem starts when the clouds hide our energy source (sun) and this makes me move to our next natural way to produce electricity on camping.

Wind/Water Turbine

A turbine comes to help you generate electricity because you’ll have trouble generating solar power in the forest, during rainy seasons, and at night.

The only work you have to do is find a good turbine that is capable of generating electricity from both wind and water.

If you’re currently using turbines then you might hear about WaterLily. For those who don’t know this company; they’ve invented a great turbine that can generate power from both water and wind.

Its maximum output is 15W and provides two 5V USB ports to charge your GPS, phones, cameras, and tablets.

What I like most is its dual functionality because when there is no river near my camp then I can hang this turbine to any tree for getting electricity from winds.

TEG: Thermoelectric Generator

The TEG generator is more expensive than a gasoline generator. But as we know gasoline generators emit fumes which can affect your camping experience. Even I do not suggest using gasoline generators that are these are on the last of my best ways.

A thermoelectric generator produces electricity by converting the temperature difference between two points. All you need is to burn some woods using little flammable stuff like kerosene.

You can find any number of TEG in the market but do proper research on the best thermoelectric generator before buying.

Some also come in a cookstove version which allows you to cook meals and produce electricity at the same time. A normal TEG can easily charge devices like smartphones, tabs, led lights, etc.

Pedal Generator

Another great way to produce enough electricity you may need for your camping purposes. The only thing is you have to put in some work to keep it running.

As it is a pedal generator that’s why you need to run it through your hands or legs like you’re cycling.

Remember if you need a continuous flow of electricity then someone needs to continuously paddle it to keep it running till you want it to be.

They will not only charge your small devices like GPS or tabs but also they can charge batteries of flashlight and even a 12V car battery (number can vary according to the generator you use.)

Car Battery as a Power Source

Using a car battery is an OK way to get electricity. Why it’s only OK? Because you can not use your car battery for a long time. If you do so the charge in the battery may not be enough to start your car.

But you can use this as an emergency need. You can use a cigarette lighter outlet to charge one or two smartphones.

If you want to go this way then I recommend you to have a power inverter which suits your car’s battery so that you’ll have regular electricity flowing with USB ports without damaging the car battery.

Power Banks

Power banks are one of the best ways to charge smartphones while hiking or camping because they’re very lightweight and can easily pack inside your backpack.

You can get a power bank according to the devices you’re going to charge on your camping timeframe.

A battery pack includes USB ports and standard 120V electrical outlets for charging with 27Ah. If you need more power then you can look for Goal Zero Sherpa 50 recharger with a 52Ah capacity.


So you have reached the end of the article Uh! Which method of producing electricity attracted you the most. There’s another way to produce electricity when camping which I haven’t mentioned in this post. This is the gasoline generator. I haven’t mentioned them because you’re camping to spend some time with nature and these generators emit fumes and produce machine noise which will bother you while camping.

Remember you’re in the woods so try to be as down to earth as possible to you. Take your eyes from your screen and look around the profoundness and magnificent beauty of the earth. Also not always remain inside the tent because when you’re inside a tent it doesn’t mean you’re outdoors (tent also have doors). Inspire your modern children to play on the ground, not on phone.

That’s it for now, I will meet you again in the next article. Don’t forget to comment on your thoughts on the ways I shared.

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