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How To Make Tent Camping More Fun (Please Try)

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Thanks for being here. Do you really know what the word ‘FUN’ means? Let’s look at this with an example that may clear your beliefs about fun. What is fun for you it may be nonsense for another. Some may have fun watching birds while others may have fun hitting birds, some may have fun feeding fish while others may have fun eating fish.

Am I right? tell me in the comments. But my full form of FUN is different. In my dictionary FUN stands for doing something For Union with Nature. Generally what having fun or enjoyment means is – your willingness to do & live and your boredom means your unwillingness to do & live.

So that is my point of view. I am not telling you to believe something that I know. Just pay attention to what ‘fun’ or enjoyment really means to you.

Now back to our topic – how to make tent camping more fun? In this scenario, the definition goes the same. You may have or have no fun doing that which others enjoy doing.

In normal life or thrilled camping – doing very simple things can fill your heart with fun and will make you playfully if you’re really willing to be.

Let’s see some simple things which can become great fun and enjoyment for you only if you’re willing to be in fun or in a state of enjoyment.

Simple things which make your tent camping more fun

Making a to-do camping list

Whether you are just starting or very new to camping or even an expert, a to-do list will encourage you to complete all things which you set for your current camping day.

Take a paper and pen and write what you can do with your family. For e.g, you have children in your camp and you want them to leave their phone screen and get outside into the lapse of mother earth.

For them develop a worklist that has some learning with fun because children do not want to do things which a current 40-year-old man finds exciting. So think as you are 7 years old then see what you like to do as a kid, not as a teenager or adult.

Get out of your tent

Some people have a serious problem – they think tent camping means, you had set up a tent and that’s it, you either remain inside the tent all day long and if you’re a little bit energetic you do some activities outside the camp. Here’s what you should do.

Go for walk with your family, friends, or mate (or whoever you’re with) in the location where you’re camping. If you’re in the forest pick up a marker and some snacks and go and see the beauty of the forest. Mark the trees or rocks as checkpoints so that you don’t get lost. If possible have a walkie talkie for all camp members.

Trust me if you pay enough attention then the forest has a lot to teach you moreover your alertness will shine because you need to be aware enough to survive in zig-zag paths of mountains and puzzled forest.

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Chilling in Bonfires

If the area is not under a fire ban then this can become great fun. Collect some dry woods, arrange them in a clean place, and create a bonfire.

Have some juice with you and gather around with your family. Tell your beautiful experience to them and in return ask them to share their beautiful or any kind of experience with you. Believe me this will generate a kind of lovely bonding between you and your family.

You can also play a truth and dare game with your friends, partner, and family. Remember truth and dare is just a game so don’t take it seriously if you heard some bitter truth. Enjoy the game and it can easily generate trust, trustworthiness, and friendships between two or many.

Listening to true sounds under stars

Get off from your so-called robotic life and have some time with earth. It is exciting to listen to the sound of nature in reality instead of on TV.

It is good if you have a transparent roof tent with you which allows you to see the stars. Set up your tent in a place where you can easily listen to the sound of a flowing waterfall or river.

You’ll enjoy it more if you pay some attention because there are lots of pleasant noises going on far away from the city and traffic.


What I shared is my experience with nature. If you have an open mind you’ll find 100s of fun things to do while camping and hiking. You should change your definition of easy and tough. FUN is always easy because your enjoying activity and your work become boring and tough when you don’t know the art of enjoying.

I love to know the games you play and the things you do while camping. Experiences are the greatest teacher so kick your door, detach yourself from your city and relatives for some time and have some beautiful experiences with our mother earth.

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