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Is the Fitbit Versa Lite Waterproof? (Let’s Check!)

The Fitbit Versa Lite is a nice, fitness, a wearable smartwatch that is the natural Apple SE to the standard Fitbit Versa. If you know anything about the regular Fitbit Versa, you will know that it is a waterproof, fitness smartwatch, however, does the Fitbit Versa Lite have the same capability? 

Is Fitbit Versa Lite Waterproof
Source: Fitbit

Fortunately, the Fitbit Versa Lite is waterproof to up fifty meters. So you can go swimming in it, shower, spend some time in the hot tub, go to the beach, or just about anything outside of deepwater diving without worrying about water penetration. 

There are several differences between the Lite and Standard Versa 2 are subtle and certainly not deal killers. However, the main feature that would make a difference to the customer—in terms of water—is the fact that the Versa Lite does not allow you to do anything with it while it is underwater. 

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How Waterproof is the Versa Lite?

While there is no official weatherproof rating, from the IP system, the Versa Lite is rated to be water-resistant up to 50 meters deep. It’s probably not the best idea in the world to take it that deep and test the resistance factor, but these things are generally pretty reliable. 

According to the Fitbit website, you can take the Versa Lite on just bout any kind of water excursion, just don’t expect to be able to use it while it is wet, as it cuts you off from usage. It is not quite on the same page as the standard Versa, in terms of waterproofing, however, 50 meters is more than the average person will experience. 

If you happen to be a deep-sea diver, then you may want to upgrade to the Fitbit Versa, which has a better waterproof value and can be used while underwater—to a degree, anyway.

What Does the Fitbit Lite Do While Swimming?

Just because your Versa Lite doesn’t allow you to control it while underwater, doesn’t mean that it’s not doing anything. It is doing a whole lot of some things, depending on what you want from it and what you have it set for. 

If you’re swimming laps, the Fitbit Versa Lite will keep track of that, along with all of the associated health and vital statistics. Laps, the duration of your swim, calories burned, and heart rate is some of the stats you can pull from the Fitbit Versa Lite.

Another helpful feature is its brightness can peak up to 1000 nits and have corning gorilla glass which will save eye strain on activities like kayaking under the hot sun. Also, it does not provide a water lock feature that another Fitbit like Inspire 2 does.

Unfortunately, if you want some more in-depth measures, you’ll have to upgrade to the Fitbit Versa. However, even without a standard Versa 2, you’ll still get plenty of information from the Fitbit Versa Lite. If all you need to know are your vital statistics and a database to keep track of your workouts and swim routines with, you’ll find all of that here. 

How Long Can You Swim Underwater With The Versa Lite?

Though it does not come with any certified labeled in my current experience the Fitbit versa lite is water-resistant so yes you can take it to 50 meters deep but I would recommend not to stay there more than a few minutes because swimming or snorkeling demands body movement and as the hands are in constant movement the pressure applied on the watch will not be static.

So that you know, rating to any watch given in a lab like conditions and not in real life situations so for that reason I think your Fitbit Versa Lite will be swimproof if you swim for around 30-40 minutes in 1-20 meters deep.

And as the depth increase, the time decreases because the overall water pressure increases, and thus more tension is applied on the waterproofing membrane of versa lite so if swim or are involved in high-velocity water for an extended period then your watch is at risk.

Final Thoughts (Must Read)

Just because it’s the Lite version doesn’t mean that it lacks in capability. Fitbit calls the Versa Lite “Swimproof,” but that’s just a fun code for waterproof. Unless you’re going to dive pretty deep, well beyond 50 meters, the Versa Lite will hang with you all the way. 

According to Fitbit, if you swim with the Fitbit versa lite then it is best to completely dry the band as it is good for your wrist and also you should remove your band now and then (an hour or so after extended wear like during showering, eating, etc.) because our skin is sensitive and wearing a wet band or wearing it all day long during the hike and other outdoor activities your sweat and react with the band and may cause rashes or skin irritations. This is more prone to happen if you have eczema, allergies, asthma, or another type of skin sensitivities.

There are many more points that you can read on the official Fitbit website if you’re going to buy any Fitbit band.