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Can You Swim In Orlando In December?

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Straight off the bat, you can swim in Orlando in December. Florida enjoys some of the most suitable water temperatures in the continental United States. Decades of observation have shown that water temperatures in Florida have been more than 68 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter season. These temperatures are adequate for swimming.

In Orlando, the water temperature in December averages 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Over the past few years, the warmest beach measured 76.1 degrees Fahrenheit and the coldest at 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although in the colder months, the farther south you travel, the warmer the water would be for swimming, the beaches in Orlando are still inviting. There are also many springs, such as Wekiwa Springs, averaging a temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, and Three Sisters Springs, a paradise for swimmers. 

In Florida: Best time to swim in Destin?

Best Time To Swim In Orlando

Florida, unlike most states in America, experiences sub-tropical weather. The climate is more closely related to the islands of the Caribbean. 

This type of climate means that the state experiences two weather seasons instead of four. There is no summer, spring, autumn, or winter. There are only wet and dry seasons. 

Between April and October are the most suitable months for swimming, as this period of the year the weather is the mildest. The wet season also falls into this period. 

Orlando lies on the eastern coast, meaning that it receives wind directly off the Atlantic, which translates to cooler air than the cities on the western coast. However, by most standards, the weather in Orlando is by no means cold.

During March, swimming starts to rise because this is just before the peak season. The water temperatures are warmer, and the weather is lovely.

Best Beaches For Swimming In Orlando

Cocoa Beach is the closest beach to Orlando. It is roughly one hour’s drive east. Surfers love this location for the massive waves it produces. It is also great for boogie boarding and building sandcastles so the entire family can enjoy this beach. There is also plenty of music, shops, and restaurants. 

Daytona Beach is fun and lively, not suitable for those seeking tranquility and seclusion. There are twenty-three miles of luxuriant sand bordered by turquoise water. The boardwalk entertains children with amusements and an arcade. 

New Smyrna Beach is a favorite for locals and visitors alike. Another popular spot for surfers due to the epic waves. Those that appreciate walking along the sand enjoy the 13 miles it offers.

Ormond Beach is just 60 miles to the northeast of Orlando and is one of the best beaches for families that seek tranquility. This beach has a more rustic and natural feel than most other beaches but is still excellent for relaxing and swimming.



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