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Can You Swim In Destin In April? (What’s The Best Time?)

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Yes, you can swim in Destin in April. The weather at this time of year becomes warmer, and the days have a sense of being brighter and more prolonged. The average temperature in April ranges between the high 60s and mid 70s degrees Fahrenheit, providing excellent conditions for visiting the beach, soaking up the sun, and swimming for those that enjoy this form of exercise or recreation.

So much so that there are lifeguards busily patrolling the 7 miles of Destin beaches between March and October annually. There are safety conditions to consider when swimming in Destin. Rip currents can take swimmers out to sea, so adhere to the warnings and advice of the lifeguards. 

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Best Time To Go Swimming In Destin

The season for swimming in Destin starts in April and ends in December. However, the best time to go swimming in Destin is between mid-May and the middle of August, as the weather is warm and brimming with sunshine. It is noteworthy that this time of year is also the wet season in Florida, meaning that rainfall and storms are the expectations. Florida is the only state that experiences two seasons, wet and dry, while all others have four.

It also incorporates summer when there is excellent swimming weather. Activities and beaches are packed with dedicated family-oriented beaches.

However, if you do not want to meet the crowds, Fall is the ideal time to go swimming as crowds are fewer and temperatures are still relatively high. But, this period also lies at the back end of the wet or hurricane season. 

Beaches To Visit In Destin During April 

There will be fantastic beach days once the sun is out and beaming. The waves during this period are also gentle. 

Henderson Beach State Park is considered the most popular and one of the top beaches on Florida’s Gulf Coast. The water is clear and reflects emerald green in color. Picnicking is a preferred pastime with six huge pavilions offering shade from the sun, including barbeque grills, tables, water, and restrooms. 

Eglin Matterhorn Beach is for those that enjoy the seclusion and experiencing the beach in its natural state. There are no vendors, beach chairs, simply sand, and ocean. Facilities are unavailable at this beach, so walk with everything required for a fun, enjoyable day at the beach. The access is challenging to find, and there is a bit of a walk to reach the ocean, but it is all worth it once you get to the water.

Princess Beach is known as a local secret. It is unspoiled and offers no facilities. The locals visit this beach specifically for fishing and swimming and to enjoy the peace. The sand is soft from the access off the highway to the water’s edge, including the parking area.

Dune Allen Beach takes 30 minutes to get to from town, but the crystal-clear water makes the trip well worth it. The beach is known for swimming and spending the day soaking up the sun. It offers facilities such as showers, restrooms, parking, and restaurants. 

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