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Can You Swim in the Dead Sea In 2023? (15 Things to Know)

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The Dead Sea is one of the best health resorts worldwide, located in southwestern Asia near the border between Jordan and Israel. Thousands of people come to swim in the waters of the Dead Sea every year and enjoy the different health benefits it has to offer.

In this article, you will learn everything about the dead sea, including all the pros and the cons of swimming in its waters and how to avoid any accidents every time you enter the sea.

Can you swim in the Dead Sea? (Exactly How?)

Can you swim in the Dead Sea

Yes, you can, however, the only way to do it is by floating on the water with your back against the sea and using your hands to move around. To prevent any accidents, you need to avoid swimming upside down in these waters since it can lead you to choke on saltwater and put your health at risk.

While swimming in the Dead Sea, you will have multiple lifeguards close by to help you in any situation and give you advice about swimming in these waters.

In all sense, every outdoor lover must try to experience swimming in the dead sea and in beautiful natural hot springs if you want to enrich your life experience.

Why Is it called the Dead Sea?

The name of the dead sea was first discovered in the book of genesis, where the people describe it as a place where no plants, fish, or animals can exist due to its water being extremely hypersaline or salty.

Because of its characteristics, the Dead Sea also known as the Salt Sea is recognized as one of the saltiest lakes worldwide and has salinity levels near 35%.

Tips & rules for swimming in the Dead Sea?

There are a few rules & tips you need to follow when swimming in the Dead Sea if you want to have fun during your trip and avoid getting into trouble while you are there. Here are some of the most important things you need to pay attention to.

  • Keep your head above the water level at all times.
  • Do not dive into the sea.
  • Enter until you can squat, then lie down gently.
  • Do not rub salt water in your eyes.
  • Avoid entering the water after shaving.
  • Do not splash water around yourself.
  • Do not drink the water from the Dead Sea.

Besides swimming, you can do other activities in the dead sea and practice different water sports like kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, and others.

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Can you drown in the Dead Sea?

Yes, you can drown in the dead sea despite the fact you can naturally float over its surface when you enter the water. This can happen when you accidentally swallow water from the dead sea by trying to swim upside down or submerging your face in the dead sea.

Over the last few years, there have been several cases of people drowning in the dead sea, however, the majority of these cases are related to older people or individuals with some type of incapacity that prevents them from swimming properly.

That is why people with disabilities or from the third age need to be very careful when swimming in the dead sea and have someone nearby that can help them if they have an accident.

By taking the necessary precautions when swimming in the Dead Sea, you won’t have to worry about this problem or any other issue.

Can you dive to the bottom of the Dead Sea?

Yes, despite not being able to swim like on the beach or the pool, you can dive into the bottom of the Dead Sea by using the correct equipment and having the help of a professional scuba diver at the time.

In this case, you will need to carry extra weight with you to dive more easily and have a full-face mask to protect yourself from the saltwater. You also need to check your regulator and your mask beforehand to avoid getting salt water into your eyes and having any accidents while scuba diving.

You can acquire all of this equipment by talking with the scuba diving instructors at the Dead Sea and getting complimentary lessons before jumping into the water.

Is it free to swim in the Dead Sea?

You can choose between a free and a paid alternative to swimming in the Dead Sea, both have their advantages and disadvantages but in this case, we will show you how to swim in the Dead Sea for free.

To accomplish this, you need to travel to the Jordan side of the Dead Sea and use a rental car to drive north of the entrance of the canyon Wadi Mujib where you will see a police checkpoint right next to a small parking lot.

Here you can park your car for free and head towards the other side of the road where you can find a small trail into the shoreline. You can also turn right at the end of the trail and continue 100 meters to reach a natural pool of fresh water.

Now you can swim in the Dead Sea for free and take a therapeutic mud bath in the natural water pool that is near the shoreline. Just remember to wash off the salt from your body once you are done.

Benefits of swimming in the Dead Sea

Swimming in the dead sea has many benefits for your body and your skin, thanks to the natural mineral-rich water and therapeutic salts it is made of. 

Anyone who suffers from joint pain, skin disorders, and rheumatologic conditions can come to the Dead Sea to treat their illness and enjoy an incredible experience at the same time.

Bathing in the waters of the Dead Sea can also be beneficial for your circulation system, nervous system and can reduce the number of wrinkles in your body from skin aging.

This is why the Dead Sea is one of the best places for people to practice balneotherapy and improve their health in general.

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What If I drink from the Dead Sea while swimming?

Drinking salt water can damage your heart and kidneys, especially in the dead sea, since it has a high concentration of salt and other minerals unsuitable for human consumption.

If you drink the water of the Dead Sea, you will develop electrolyte imbalance in your body, followed by other health problems, including weakness, lethargy, and confusion.

However, suppose you drink vast amounts of saltwater on purpose or by accident. In that case, you need to detoxify your system immediately to prevent severe consequences like a spike in blood pressure, seizures, and eventually a coma.

How long can you stay in the Dead Sea?

You can swim in the dead sea for no more than 10 to 15 minutes to avoid dehydration and other problems in the water. The longer you stay swimming after this period, the more your body can be susceptible to outside influences like heat, sharp rocks in the sea, saltwater, and more.

After swimming in the Dead Sea, you must shower immediately with clean water to remove the salt water from your body.

Why can’t you put your face in the Dead Sea?

Putting your face under the dead sea is not recommended since it can irritate your eyes and your throat once the water enters your eyes or your Mouth.

This can cause severe damage to these areas of your body and make you feel pain if you are not careful enough. That’s why you must always avoid any contact from the water of the Dead Sea with your face, whether by accident or by coincidence.

Are there sharks, fish, etc., in the Dead Sea?

No sharks, fish, or other living organisms exist in the Dead Sea. However, some microorganisms and bacteria adapt to this harsh environment and live inside this water.

You can find these life forms in the Dead Sea and nearby areas like freshwater springs. Among the microorganisms living in the Dead Sea, we have cyanobacteria, green sulfur bacteria, single-celled algae, and around 80 species of fungi up to date.

Can children swim in the Dead Sea?

Yes, children can swim in the Dead Sea as long as someone is looking out for them when they get into the water, especially if they are less than 10 years old.

You also need to pay attention if they have any cuts or bruises before jumping into the water and apply vaseline over the wound to prevent any pain when swimming in the dead sea.

How clean is the Water of the Dead Sea?

Due to the industrial activities around the Dead Sea in both Jordan and Israel, the water from the nearby rivers was contaminated by sewage at some point affecting the natural state of the Dead sea.

However, the governments of both countries have taken measures to this situation and are trying to prevent the contamination of the water with initiatives like the Red Sea Development Project.

Right now, you can still bathe in the Dead Sea and enjoy yourself, just keep in mind that this can change over the next few years if both countries don’t make any progress.

Is the Dead Sea shrinking & evaporating?

Yes, the dead sea has been evaporating over the last few decades at a fast pace, causing it to shrink one meter every year and continuing this trend in the future. 

This phenomenon is caused by several factors, including the high temperature of this region, the overexploitation of its natural resources, and the increase of agricultural activities that affect the region’s ecosystem.

Because of this, the government has been looking for new ways to rescue the Dead Sea and replenish it before it’s too late. However, the action plan for this project is still on hold until Jordan and Israel manage to form an agreement to solve this crisis together.

Best places to stay near the Dead Sea?

There are many different hotels and guest houses you can choose to stay in when visiting the Dead Sea and depending on your preferences on price or luxury, you will need to pick one over the other.

For the people who love luxury and want to get the best of the best during their stay in the Dead Sea, we recommend the five-star hotels that are close by to this place.

  • Kibbutz Ein Gedi Hotel
  • Leonardo Club Hotel
  • Isrotel Ganim Hotel
  • Herods Dead Sea Hotel
  • Oasis Dead Sea Hotel

For the people who want to get the best prices in the Dead Sea, we recommend the guesthouses available to the public in general.

  • Biankini Resort
  • Metzoke Dragot Hostel
  • Kalia Guest House
  • Almog Holiday Village
  • Kfar Hanokdim Bedouin Camp

In Conclusion

Swimming in the Dead Sea can be an amazing experience for everyone and allow them to improve their health in general, as long as they follow the advice in this article. If you find this content useful, share it with your family and friends right now that would like to travel to the Dead Sea in the future.

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