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Where Are Atturo Tires Made? (3 Main Questions)

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If you are looking for high-performance light truck and SUV tires, Atturo might be exactly what you need. Not only are their tires high-quality, but they also come at affordable prices.

When it comes to Atturo Tires, a lot of people are wondering where exactly they are manufactured. Therefore, in this article, we are going to answer that and cover some of the most common questions about this brand.

Let’s See Where Exactly Atturo Tires Are Manufactured

Even though Atturo Tires is a US-based company, their tires are manufactured in Thailand and Taiwan. These factories produce high-quality tires that are certified for the global market.

They have over 80 years of tire manufacturing experience and thus, they are quite reliable. Not to forget that their products are tested by independent agencies, assuring consistent quality standards. 

Who Owns Atturo Tires & Where Are The Main Headquarters?

Atturo does an amazing job of making its products appear exclusive and stand out from the crowd. This company was founded in 2009.

Believe it or not, their products are not available in 30 different nations. The main headquarters of Atturo Tires is located at Waukegan, IL 60087, US. The president of Atturo Tires is Micheal Mathis.

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Where Does Atturo Sell And Distribute Tires?

Atturo Tires are becoming increasingly popular by the day. Their products are now available in 30 different nations all over the world.

Aside from the US, Atturo also sells and distributes tires in the UK, Canada, Netherlands, Chile, Brazil, Nigeria, Belgium, Finland, and many more.

What Types Of Tires Does Atturo Make?

Although Atturo was originally producing only performance tires, their catalog has expanded quite a lot. Nowadays, they offer quite a lot of different models, sorted into 4 main categories: 

  • All-Season Tires: All-season tires are probably the most common choice among buyers. Due to their design, these tires are suitable for all seasons and all types of weather conditions. 
  • Light Truck/SUV Tires: As their name suggests, these are the right choice if you have an SUV or a light truck. 
  • High Performance Tires: High performance tires are for people who want a bit more sporty feeling. They are specifically designed to make handling much easier, even at high speeds. 
  • Mud/All Terrain Tires: All terrain tires are probably the most durable ones on the list. With these tires you can easily drive in mud, rough terrains, off-road settings, and bad weather conditions. 

Are Atturo Tires Made In China Good Quality?

Although this company is US-based, its factories are located in Thailand and Taiwan. Therefore, a lot of people are concerned about whether they are high-quality and reliable or not.

Not a lot of people know that many popular tire brands manufacture their tires in China as well. If you think that Chinese manufacturers don’t have the newest technology, you are wrong. 

One of the main things that impact the price of tires is marketing. A lot of top tire brands get material from China or manufacture their tires in China.

However, their tires are often much more expensive due to marketing. All in all, Chinese tires are every bit as good as those manufactured anywhere else in the world. 

Do Atturo Tires Justify The Price?

When it comes to Atturo Tires, you can always expect a reasonable and fair pricing range. They offer pretty decent quality and durability at an affordable price.

Furthermore, Atturo has enhanced the quality of rubber quite a lot since 2016. Not to forget that all the tires from the Atturo catalog need to pass the quality check, ensuring the quality standards are consistent.

Therefore, not only do Atturo tires justify the price, but they might be the best tires in this pricing range. 

Why Do Tire Companies Manufacture Products Overseas?

You might be wondering why US-based tire companies, including this one, manufacture their products in overseas countries such as China, Japan, and Thailand.

The main reason for that is the lower manufacturing cost. With a lower production cost, you are more likely to have enough supply to maintain competitiveness. 

Our Bottom Line

Atturo Tires are the perfect choice if you don’t want to pay a high price for car tires, but still don’t want to buy a low-quality set just to save up some money.

Even though their tires are manufactured in Thailand and Taiwan, they are every bit as good as those manufactured in the US.

There is a pretty big variety of tires in the Atturo catalog that are available in about 30 nations all across the world. 

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