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Where Are Atlas Tires Made? (5 Things To Know)

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Atlas Tires are predominantly made in Thailand, where their manufacturing bases are located. Their entire production base is in the same country, which they have recently increased in scale and size to cater to the growing demand for their tires all over the world. These tires are manufactured and then exported all over Europe and America.

Where Are Atlas Tires Made
Credit: Atlas

Atlas tires are now made by world-renowned manufacturers Shandong Linglong, based in China. They are one of the biggest tire manufacturers globally and have nearly a decade long experience.

They bought Atlas Tires and have been manufacturing their tires since 2009. These manufacturers are based half in China and half in Thailand. Due to this, the cost of Atlas tires is also quite affordable.

Keep reading this article as we highlight more facts and provide you with more information on where and how Atlas tires are made.

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Where Atlas Tires Are Made?

Though Atlas Tires has its headquarters in the USA, its manufacturing company is from China. Up until recent years, they have diversified their production and manufacturing processes and opened their factories in Thailand. Now, they are produced in Thailand, with half of their sources and raw materials from this country and the other half from China.

Where Atlas Tires Are Distributed?

Atlas Tires are predominantly distributed in the United States, where they originated from. For decades, this is where Atlas Tires had been the leading tire distributor. However, now that it has teamed up with Chinese manufacturers in recent years, the tires from this renowned company are also being distributed in various parts of Asia and Europe.

However, for the most part, their main consumers and target market continue to be the United States, which can be noted from their heavily American branding. 

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List of Atlas Tire Made in Thailand:

Atlas Tires have an extensive range of tires for all kinds of cars, light trucks, and truck segments. They have their manufacturing plant in Thailand, which means all of their tires are made overseas in this country, but distributed across the world. 

Here are all some of the tires manufactured in Thailand and sold by Atlas Tires in America and parts of Europe and Asia:


  • Force HP
  • Force UHP
  • Paraller 4X4 HP
  • Paraller AT
  • Paraller HT
  • Paraller MT

Atlas TBR

  • AP-100E+
  • STR-29e+
  • STRD-09(LLF16)
  • STRD-09E+ II
  • STRD-09E+
  • AP-09 I
  • DRV-09
  • DRV-09E+
  • DRV-29e+
  • DRV-OS
  • DRV-950
  • DRV-960
  • AW-09
  • AT08CC
  • AT08CCe+
  • DRV-M IV
  • DRV-OS V
  • TR-09
  • TR-09E+
  • AP-100
  • AP-100 II
  • AP-100X
  • AP-100E+
  • APW092
  • APW093
  • APW095

Is Atlas Tires Warranty Affected By Overseas Manufacturing?

Atlas Tires are produced and manufactured by the Shandong Linglong company and are sold by various distributors worldwide. It is estimated that there are about forty distributors of Atlas Tires in America alone. However, whichever distributor you get these tires from, you will likely be provided with a warranty.

For example, the Priva AT and Priva HT come with specific warranties depending on the size and type of tire you get. Some of the Atlas Tires come with a 50,000 miles guarantee, and others come with lower ones, such as a 40,000 miles guarantee. You will need to discuss with the distributor the warranty since it differs according to the model and size of the tire.

Atlas Tire Pricing

Because Chinese manufacturers make Atlas Tires and their raw materials come mainly from China and Thailand, their pricing is also relatively more affordable. Most of their tires start at $50 and go up to $70.

It is surprising how durable and functional these tires are for the cost. Perhaps this is why they are so popular; they offer durability and affordability in one.

Atlas Tire Main Features

Atlas Tires has been around since the 1930s, which goes to show that this company has been carrying forward top-quality and consistency with it. The company has manufactured and released various types and categories of tires built for different kinds of vehicles and terrain. 

While some of these tires are heavy-duty and others light, almost all of them are affordably priced. Their cost-effectiveness is perhaps one of the most prominent features of Atlas Tires. Moreover, their traction is excellent and is effective nearly all the time unless they become too old and overused. You can certainly rely on these tires during rainy or snowy weather.

Another defying feature of the Atlas Tires is their softness. Whether you drive a truck or a small car, these tires will make the vehicle much more lightweight and quieter. 

Lastly, Atlas Tires’ products are known for their longevity since they can be used for years. They can last around 60,000-70,000 miles, which is something that even expensive and premium tire brands cannot offer.

Final Words

Atlas Tires is well on its way to dominating the global tire manufacturing and distribution industry with its top-quality and affordable tires. Hence, they are an excellent choice for those looking for simple, effective, functional, and cost-effective tires.

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