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Where Is Barbour Made? (Apparel & Jackets)

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I am writing this article after getting the official data from J. Barbour & Sons Ltd about where their apparel is manufactured which includes all of their jackets and coats. Also gone through several forums to make sure the data that Barbour shared can be trusted.

So here I present to you the shocking findings of an England-based luxury & lifestyle brand.

Let’s See Where Barbour Apparel/Jackets Made?

As of the December 2021 official report given by J. Barbour and Sons Ltd, The majority of Barbour Apparel are made in Turkey, China, Vietnam, Portugal, Bulgaria, India, Mauritius, Indonesia, Moldova, UK, Italy, and Myanmar. Where Turkey takes the lead with 13 Tier one factories and the last is Myanmar with only one tier 1 factory that manufactures Barbour apparel including jackets and other outerwear.

The chart shows the countries where Barbour clothing is manufactured and how much percent a particular country accounts for it depending on the number of factories.
You can use this chart anywhere by giving credit to this page

Barbour’s classic Beaufort, Beadnell, Classic Bedale, and Border jackets are guaranteed by the Barbour to be Made in England. Though, the Ashby jacket is made in Moldova, as claimed by many consumers.

No matter if Barbour is originally located in South Shields, United Kingdom today it accounts for only 3% of its apparel being manufactured in England, and the rest is well diversified to 11 other countries as stated.

One point you should note that I found people saying that if the Barbour jacket doesn’t have a ‘Made In England’ label inside or outside of pockets or the center back of the coat then it is most probably is not Made in England but instead made in countries mentioned before.

Where are Barbour Jackets Made?
Source: Barbour

I’ve personally come across many Barbour jackets during my research process that don’t have a clear ‘Made In *’ tag and sometimes no tag at all on original Barbour jackets purchased from the Barbour store, so there’s no point of being it fake.

A guy in one of the forums shared a pic of two same Barbour jacket models but in different colors, he said ‘the one that has ‘Made In England’ tag is double stitched while that which is not is singly stitched’ (he could be wrong but I thought it is worth sharing). It tells us that different colors of the same Barbour jacket can be made in two different countries.

Also, Reddit user Konvas, said in r/Barbour that ‘he bought a 38 size Barbour jacket and luckily it is made in England, but the size 36 of the same style, he thinks is made in ‘Moldova or Romania. He further said that he thinks, that where Barbour jackets are made is not dependent on the models but the batch of the shop. Though as far as he knows Bedale & Beadnell is made in England.

Pro tip: In, there’s a guy ‘Mercurio’ said that ”You should look in the packaging box for text saying something like ‘country of origin’ or ‘País de Origen’ and that will give you a clearer picture of where your ordered Barbour jacket is made in”

Though Barbour claims to pay sufficient attention to the quality coming from these outlying factories and they say Barbour treats other factories as their own and thus sends everything needed including raw materials, technical details, and even cutting patterns and also they claim to send their technical & quality team to overseas factories frequently.

Who Manufactures Barbour?

Barbour is manufactured by J. Barbour & Sons Ltd. It is a British luxury and outerwear brand that is founded by John Barbour in 1894 and ever since its heritage been running the company successfully having over 30 retail stores all over the world.

Is Barbour Clothing Made In China?

Yes, Barbour has 12 tier 1 factory in china that manufactures apparel for harbor which could be anything in tops and bottoms. However, I am not damn sure that they also manufacture their wax jackets as they are an expensive range of products but definitely, 12 factories in china must accounts for the budget apparel as china is cheaper to produce the quality products compared to UK and Italy.

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Number Of Factories That Barbour Has In Overseas For Apparel Manufacturing – (Country Wise Data)

Please note the numbers that you’re going to read here only account for Barbour clothing/apparel manufacturing and not for their footwear and accessories.

In total Barbour has 67 factories worldwide to manufacture their clothing. I have created a simple table to show you the factory’s numbers by country. Hope it helps you clear about Barbour manufacturing locations.

CountryNo. Of Factories

Which Barbour Jackets Are Made In England?

I can confirm that the Barbour Beadnell, Beaufort and Border are manufactured here in the South Shields Factory which will contain the British flag inside. However, we can not always produce the quantity of Jackets that are ordered, resulting in manufactures overseas in Europe helping to manufacture these jackets. This is when the Jacket will not contain the British flag.

In the United Kingdom, Barbour has 2 factories to manufacture their range of jackets including other apparel. One is its factory name after the company J. Barbour & Sons Ltd located in South Shields and the other is LS Manufacturing UK Ltd located in West Midlands. Both factories are in England.

If you want to know how much percentage of Barbour Jackets are being manufactured in these 2 factories in England then here are some names of jackets to give you a rough idea of the percentage.

Which barbour jackets are made in England.
Source: Barbour
United Kingdom (England)
Barbour Harlyn baffle quilted jacket
Barbour macdui wax jacket
Barbour arctic parka
Barbour baffle moe quilted jacket
Barbour Grampian wax jacket
Barbour scalpay hunting wax jacket
Barbour pabay wax jacket
Barbour alpha wax jacket
Rendle quilted jacket
Barbour telby quilted jacket
Barbour Kenton jacket
Barbour trentam wax jacket
Barbour Fitzroy wax jacket
Barbour west wax jacket
Barbour Climate jacket
Barbour Rigg wax jacket
Barbour shirt quilted jacket
Barbour field wax jacket
Barbour wool deck jacket
The list just goes on. I don’t feel like putting all of them on the list. So I hope it’s enough 🙂

How Can You Tell If Barbour Is Manufactured In The UK?

As said before, you have three places to look for Made In England Label in your Barbour jacket:

  • On the pockets (the label can be inside or outside).
  • On the label provided in the Center back of the Barbour jacket (though text can be hard to read sometimes).
  • And the best, if you’re purchasing from the official Barbour store then look at the packaging for a text that says either ‘country of origin’ or ‘Pais De Origen’.

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Where is The Barbour Ashby Made?

Some sources claim that the Barbour Modern Ashby jacket is made in Moldova. However, I am not that sure because there’s no label on the Ashby jacket that says this. Though I haven’t found a legit claiming ‘Made in England’ in big letters so who knows maybe the Ashby is manufactured in Moldova or another country.

Where Is The Barbour Bristol Made?

As Bristol jacket is no longer available on the official Barbour website claiming anything will be like throwing stones into the mud. But I think it is made in England because Bristol is one of the traditional Barbour jackets and according to Barbour all of their traditional and classic styles are and hopefully will be made in England.

Where Are Barbour Beadnell Jackets Made?

Because Beadnell is one of Barbour’s classic and traditional style jackets so Barbour itself guaranteed that Barbour Beadnell is designed and manufactured in their original factory located in South Shield in North East of England (UK).

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Celso Fraga

Wednesday 22nd of March 2023

Thank you for all the information. There should still be codes or clues on the labels that should lead to manufacturing locations. I bought a Corbridge and I can interpret the year of manufacture on the label: AW2022: Autum Winter 2022. Also, it has an "NTT" and another 8-digit number that can lead to the place of manufacture. They, of course, must be able to interpret it, unless a model is only ever manufactured in the same place.


Sunday 26th of March 2023

Yes, a great insight there. Definitely, they can interpret those codes, but I don't understand the reason of using codes, why they use codes, or they should educate customers on how to read those codes. As IMO, knowing where the product is manufactured is a right of a customer.


Wednesday 4th of January 2023

Very interesting and thank you! I only looked this up because I was quite disappointed with the quality of the last few items I purchased and did wonder if they were made abroad. No label to state in which country they were made so I guess abroad hence the lack of good quality


Monday 9th of January 2023

I am glad the information helped resolving your doubts :)


Monday 17th of October 2022

I have a Beadnell jacket. It does not say made in England. My brother has the Beaufort, made in England. My husband has a Border, no country mentioned. Go figure.


Thursday 20th of October 2022

I can confirm that the Barbour Beadnell, Beaufort, and Border are manufactured here in the South Shields Factory which will contain the British flag inside. However, we can not always produce the number of Jackets that are ordered, resulting in manufacturers overseas in Europe helping to manufacture these jackets. This is when the Jacket will not contain the British flag.


Tuesday 30th of August 2022

The Bristol doesn't have a made in England tag. Given it's similar to the Ashby I would assume they're manufactured in the same place


Wednesday 31st of August 2022

I've found more interesting data about Barbour factories and I am working on it so you'll be able to see the exact number of factories that Barbour has in different countries to manufacture their apparel. It would be done soon so bookmark the page for updates.

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