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Where Is Mantaray Clothing Made? (Countries Revealed)

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Honestly, I heard about the Mantaray brand just recently so I don’t think it is super famous. I could be wrong so please correct me. However, when I checked some of the apparel offered by this brand, a common question that arose in my mind was what countries manufacture Mantaray or put simply where is Mantaray clothing made?

So in this article, I’ll just focus on that and factually answer the question with images. Let’s check it out.

Who Owns Mantaray Brand?

As per my research, Mantaray Brand is owned and launched by Debenhams Retail Limited to sell swim/beach wear (so yes it provides clothing for outdoor lovers), and everyday wears like tops, dresses, shirts, and shorts. However, Debenhams is not the prime controller of the brand because Boohoo Group owns Debenhams itself.

So if we look at it like a tree, then Mantaray is the subsidiary of Debenhams which is the subsidiary of the Boohoo group. Apart from Mantaray, Debenhams owns many other brands, And Boohoo Group owns 13 brands, including Debenhams. So yes, it is a very intricate business strategy of creating and marketing brands under brands.

Debenhams branding on all Mantaray products

What Countries Manufactures Mantaray Clothing

I did my basic research and can say that the majority of Mantaray products are made in China including bags. Although, I can’t just sit and accept the answer simply so I went a few miles more to really dive deep into where Mantaray products are coming from.

If you ever happen to come across lots of Mantaray products (Apparel & Accessories like bags) you’ll see that the majority of them are either made/manufactured in China or Bangladesh while others are made in India, Bangladesh, Turkey, and Vietnam.

As you can see in the given image I found Mantaray clothing made in different countries which clearly justifies my research on Mantaray clothing manufacturing countries.

Pics of Mantaray clothes that says they are made in China, Bangladesh, Turkey, and India

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Can You Still Buy Mantaray Clothes?

Yes, Mantaray clothes are being sold on the official Debenhams Retail Limited website. There are also third-party websites like eBay where many used and new-like conditions clothes are being sold. However, on such sites, you need to make sure that they are not the first copy of Mantaray. Unfortunately, at this moment no Mantaray original products are listed on and


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