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Do Zara Jeans Shrink? (Best Advice on Internet!)

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People love to buy from Zara because of many factors. Still, the most important thing responsible for their success is that Zara shows little to no delay in analyzing fashion trends and soon makes them available on their websites and outlets. If you also want to try Zara jeans, you must know whether they shrink before even making a buying decision. And if you love sustainability, many sustainable fashion brands stand for quality and ethics.

Do Zara Jeans Shrink?

Zara jeans will not shrink if you wash them below 30°C/86°F, not ironing above 150°C/302°F, and if not tumble drying jeans. Still, I can not argue enough as most of the Zara jeans are made of cotton, knowing that cotton shrinks when washed in hot water. Although Zara treats cotton effectively, shrinking their jeans in normal conditions is not possible. But definitely, there’s a way.

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How To Shrink Zara Jeans?

After researching, I found that almost all Zara jeans comprise over 60% cotton (in raw or recycled form). Another reason for shrinkage to occur is Zara continuously trying to reduce the water usage in the manufacturing of jeans and water is one of the main ingredients to preshrink the jeans. The process that I am sharing, following, will yield shrinkage. however, I can’t say on which level it’d be will it only shrink in width or length also?

This question will always remain because customers have experienced that following the shrinking process helps them reduce the waist size of Zara jeans, but it did not cut the length. I don’t recommend you shrink the jean because there is a better way to get proper fitting without wasting electricity and water. Above all, it could also deteriorate your jean quality and may cause color bleeding.


  • Have around 4-5 liters of water and start boiling it. Once the water is hot, put jeans in it and let it boil aggressively.
  • After a few minutes of aggressive boiling, let the water cool to where it is between very warm to hot.
  • Now take out the Zara jeans from the pot and, squeezing no water, put them in the tumble drier.
  • Dial the drier to the highest heat setting available for maximum cycle count.
  • Once the cycle count is over, please take out your Zara jeans that are now shrunk smaller than their previous length, width, or both.

Note: You must either do this with single jeans or multiple, but make sure they all have the same color to avoid color mix.

How To Stretch The Shrank Zara Jeans?

Your beloved Zara jean may have become smaller than needed and now you may wanna the cure. Even if you have not tried shrinking them, learning the trick would be helpful for future reference.

To stretch your Zara jean, wash them in normal water and line dry the jean, also consider hanging some weight on both of the jean’s legs using clippers and so. When you line dry, the jean with an added weight at the bottoms, the mass of the jean draw downwards and result in an extension of the length of the jeans.

Why Shrink Zara Jeans? We have a Better Option!

There are two kinds of people reading this article – either you want the Zara jeans to shrink or want to get assured you should buy Zara true to size. As for the second group, you can buy Zara jeans that fit you well without getting a size up because, if you follow the washing instructions printed on them, they will not shrink.

However, those who have already bought Zara jeans – by mistake or after thorough research somehow ended up with loose jeans and now want to shrink them. Trust me, there are only two best ways:

  • Make use of Zara’s return policy to replace those jeans with the right size. You should always buy 3 or more sizes of the same style- try them all. Grab the one that fits you well and return the other.
  • The second way comes into the picture when you are not eligible for a Zara return or you truly loved the color & aesthetics of the jeans. It is just not the right size. Then consider contacting the seamstress, and I am pretty sure any skilled tailor can cut down the size without you even worrying about the shrinking method.

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