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Are Spyder Jackets Warm? (With Table)

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I can talk for hours discussing the technicality of spyder.

But, in today’s article, we’ll only go in-depth about how warm are spyder jackets?.

Also, check out the table provide before buying a spyder jacket to know how much warmth it can provide in real-life situations.

Here’s How warm are Spyder jackets & coats?

Spyder jackets are really warm because of using PrimaLoft insulation in nearly all their ski jackets and using down and synthetic insulation blend in their lifestyle jackets.

Though, not all spyder jackets can be equally warm because the insulation fill weight and thickness of fabric also play a major role in varying amounts of warmth.

However, one thing is quite clear that you will not regret the jackets of this brand, at least when it comes to the warmth provided in the price.

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Don’t get fooled by the word spyder coats, basically known as lifestyle jackets.

Understanding Insulation Used In Spyder Jackets:

No matter how hard you scroll on the spyder website, you’ll find either a down or Primaloft insulated jacket.

Among Primaloft, you can get confused by terms like “Black, Gold, Eco, and Silver Insulation”.

Just remember this – spyder jackets with:

  • Primaloft black provides thermal properties equal to 550 fill down and have the clo value of 0.65.
  • Primaloft gold is the only synthetic that provides the best warmth to weight ration and because of having clo value of 0.90 it is better than the silver and black version.
  • Primaloft silver will provide better warmth than the black but worse than gold because of having the clo value of 0.79.
  • Spyder jackets such as Lifestyle Metro and Transit provides primaloft down blend silver insulation that consist 50% down fibers and other half is synthetic fibers.
  • The brand also provides pure goose down insulation in skies and daily jackets, though I haven’t came accross a jacket more than 700 fill down. So please check for it’s thickness, go for thicker for better insulation.

Clo Value: It is the amount of insulation that allows a person at rest to maintain thermal equilibrium in an environment at 21 degrees Celsius or 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Taking all the accounts, spyder jackets with Primaloft gold insulation provides the best warmth for skiers.

In lifestyle, jackets go for Primaloft down blend silver insulation for the best warmth because the down blend will take longer to wet than the natural down.

How thick is it?

Two spyder jackets can have the same insulation used but one will provide better warmth than the other, since, one is thicker and have more insulation used than another.

If you’re purchasing online then compare two jacket’s thickness, if both has 700 fill, go for the thicker one because as the thickness of fabric, puffiness of fibers (either down or synthetic) increases the heat conductivity will decrease and thus provide better and sustained warmth.

In-store, you can use your own hands to feel the thickness and then choose accordingly.

Are Spyder jackets warm for kids?

Yes, spyder kids jackets are warm I’d say they are comparably warmer than the adult ones because in adult versions there’s only 60-100g of insulation used but the kid’s ones have 133g.

There are lots of styles available but in terms of warmth little one will love the Challenger and Leader based on other buyer’s opinions.

Are Spyder Jackets Warm For Skiing? (With Table)

Till now we’ve discussed the warmth considering the technical specs of it but you know, what matters the most is real-life experience.

So, here are some spyder ski jackets and the real buyer’s opinion about its warmth.

Spyder Ski Jackets (M’s/W’s)Insulation UsedHow Warm In Real Life? (Based on other opinions)
M’s LeaderPrimaLoft Silver Eco Insulation (100g)It keeps him very warm on the mountain
M’s CopperPrimaLoft Black Eco Insulation (100g)Extremely warm and comfortable, but not too bulky
M’s TitanPrimaLoft Silver Eco Insulation (80g) Warm, light, and comfortable
M’s ChambersPrimaLoft Black Eco Insulation (100g) Lightweight yet very warm
M’s Impulse700 fill goose downIn Northern Ontario, where most days are below 0 during the winter season I have ditched my everyday Canada Goose jacket for this jacket. Very comfortable and Incredibly warm.
W’s SchatziPrimaloft Silver Eco Insulation (80g)Very Warm. I just wear a base layer on warm days (over 20 F). On cold days, added a fleece underneath.
Though, it does not have any vents which is a problem when the temperature goes above 30 F.
W’s PoisePrimaloft Silver Eco Insulation (80g) I stayed dry and toasty inside my jacket
W’s CaptivatePrimaloft Black Eco Insulation (80g) Stylish, Warm, plenty of pockets and vents. It is perfect for all-weather that Michigan throws at it.
W’s Falline650 fill downIt’s soft and super warm
W’s HavenPrimaloft silver eco insulation Hi-Loft (200g)Incredibly warm
W’s PinnaclePrimaloft Gold Insulation (100g)This is the warmest most comfortable jacket that I have ever had.

Are Spyder Lifestyle Jackets Warm?

Here’s the list of men’s and women’s spyder lifestyle jackets and how warm are they.

Spyder Lifestyle JacketsInsulation UsedHow Warm Are They? (Based on other’s opinions )
M’s MetroPrimaloft down blend silver insulationGreat jacket for work and play. Super warm in colder months.
M’s TransitPrimaloft down blend silver insulation Keeps you warm but doesn’t weigh you down.
M’s Alpine Stretch700 fill goose downGood quality
M’s GlissadePrimaloft silver eco insulation (60g) Warm enough but baselayer and fleece are needed.
M’s Alps Full-Zip HoodieSherpa-Lined InteriorThis hoodie with sherpa interior makes it very cozy and read to wear around the city on all cold days. It is ski ready because of the features it equipped with
W’s Timeless700 fill downNice, uber light, and thin coat but super warm
W’s EncoreInsulated fleeceWill keep you warm in cooler night work.
W’s BellaSherpa fleeceBeautiful, well made, comfortable, and warm. Best for everyday use – works well as a mid-layer, lighter outer layer, and as apres ski in town.
W’s MetroPrimaloft down blend silver insulation (60/40)It’s light yet feels warm on very cold days.
Best bang for winter wear.

Are Spyder Jackets worth it for their warmth?

I know spyder jackets are expensive but the warmth they provide worth the price if you want both look, warmth, and functionality in one piece.

Depending on the thickness and amount of insulation used, spyder jackets can either be worn on normal winter days to sub-zero skiing as they not only keep you warm but their ski jackets provide all the important features that one wants in their jacket.

Though, you should read the product description well because a few jackets of this brand do not have heat vents that are needed when it comes to skiing.

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