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Are Hollister Jackets Warm? (Solved)

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Yes, all Hollister jackets are warm enough for cold spring to fall days and early winter days because the majority of Hollister jackets have polyester lining and their medium and extra warmth jackets are filled with 100% polyester fibers which make them warm.

Go for jackets with faux fur lining if you want to squeeze the best warmth from the Hollister brand.

Remember, the thicker the Hollister jacket will be, the more warmth it will provide. But bulkiness or weight will be added as a side effect of getting the warmest Hollister jacket.

However, one thing is pretty clear because the fabric they use is not technical thus currently no Hollister jacket is warm enough to withstand anything below 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Though, you can layer Hollister with your more technical winter coats or jackets like the North Face, Patagonia, Columbia, Arc’teryx for added warmth.

The only similarity that you’ll see in all Hollister jackets is polyester. After going through several jackets from this brand Polyester is something that this brand is using rigorously.

Polyester is used as lining in sleeves and body, as filling in sleeves, collar, body, and structural component filling.

The warmest Hollister style in my opinion is Bomber, Puffer, and Parkas.

Denim is good for the fall and early casual winter meet-up.

Hollister windbreakers are for the fall season or as a layer in the winter season where the wind chill makes up most of the cold.

Are Hollister Jackets Worth The Money (Warmth Wise)

Yes, Hollister jackets are worth the money if you’re looking for a good-looking jacket that can keep you warm in the fall and early winter days.

But, if you want something functional when it comes mid-winter or extreme cold then move straight to The North Face, Patagonia, Columbia, or the Marmot.

Because all these brands are more geared toward keeping you warm when demanded though they are not as good-looking as Hollister.

The reason behind saying this: polyester is a man-made fiber that is waterproof and because of lots of air pockets it provides insulation that doesn’t let our body heat escape which makes Hollister a great and cheap option to keep us warm in winter days.

But, because Hollister does not use technical fabrics or membranes like CoreLoft and PrimaLoft that use polyester fibers but the whole fabric is constructed in a way that these fabrics end up being much better insulated than using ‘just polyester’.

So, I hope this short and sweet article has cleared your doubt whether the Hollister jacket’s warmth is made for you or not.

In my case, I would like to go with Hollister as casual wear in fall and early winter days but when the temperature drops, I’ll like to hold them in the closet and pick up my North Face or Patagonia Jackets to remain toasty warm.

Because in those temperatures functionality always tend to beat the style.

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