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How Do Vlone Hoodies Fit? (Video + Size Chart)

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Vlone hoodies are known among street lovers because they’re more comfortable to wear than a regular hoodie. And their official pullover hoodies have their place among the most popular hoodies because of the wide range of colors and their eye-catching logo.

But let’s find out how do Vlone hoodies fit so that you can get a good fit.

Here’s How Do Vlone Hoodies Fit?

The majority of Vlone Hoodies are oversized – some are a bit and some are too oversized that it would be best to say they run big to the point where getting a size down would be good.

But before making any decision it would be best for you to know that all Vlone hoodies do shrink when washing in warm water so getting a size down may not be ideal as they then run small.

However, there are Vlone hoodies that run true to size a few even run small so if you have any Vlone hoodies in your mind then keep reading because we’re going to see how some great-looking Vlone hoodies fit.

Vlone x Nav Doves Good Intentions Hoodie

As far as the fit is concerned the hoodie fits true to size the only problem is when it comes it run longer. Though after several washes it fits perfectly.

Why this happens, that after washing the sizing somehow got reduced. It’s simple because the materials it is made up of it will shrink when washing it in water.

Coming to style, the hoodie looks beautiful, the back and front both stand out but I don’t know if it is with me or you too, the back looks more attention-grabbing because of the shadow around the logo.

Vlone Nava Bad Habits Pullover Hoodie

It is an oversized hoodie, which means in our usual size it will be slightly longer and a bit baggier.

Also, in My Opinion, the sleeves felt snug so if you have bigger shoulders getting a size up will be a good choice, especially when adding layers.

I am not saying that it is not true to size, if you take your body measurement and then compare it to the size chart you’ll get a fitted look but if you want a bit more oversized look then definitely jump to the next size.

Don’t worry, I don’t feel like it runs big because the body width of the hoodie seems not to be too wide or too narrow.

Vlone Fragment Friend Staple Hoodie

The Fragment collab Vlone hoodie runs small but getting a size up is a personal flavor because this hoodie is intended to run short because of its cropped bottom.

Just look at the hoodie’s waist and you’ll notice that it is not a straight cut rather it’s cropped like a wave.

Thus as a friend, I’d say, go for your true to size if you want the cropped look, but get one size up, for example, if with Champion or another similar streetwear brand you wear M then go for L for an oversized look.

In terms of style, the friend’s logo in this hoodie looks outstanding and the back Vlone logo enclose in a circle and covering the Fragment logo in red color looks dangerously attractive.

Vlone Friends Unisex Hoodie

This Vlone hoodie does not deserve to say oversized because it runs big so whatever your measurements are get one size down for a more fitted look.

BTW, this hoodie is supposed to be a Unisex one so that may be the cause of running it small but if you’re not going to exchange it so ofter with your girlfriend/boyfriend then definitely get a size down.

Though this hoodie also shrinks so take that in mind as a caution before opting for a smaller size.

Likewise, it’s a very simple-looking hoodie which most people love but this time the front looks better than the back print.

Friends – Pin Up Hoodie

The hoodie based on FRIENDS fits boxy in style with no curves at all. Meaning once you wear it, will create a bit of bagginess around the stomach.

However, it is quite an oversized hoodie so definitely will feel roomier.

I would recommend that you don’t size it down because it is made up of 80% cotton and 20% polyester which will result in shrinkage after several washes.

However, you can consider getting one size up for a looser fit.

And because of having no waistband you can not stretch it to fit long to fold it fit short depending on one’s taste of style.

The hoodies on this series come in a regular fit with sleeves that are longer than the body length.

Vlone Staple Red Rhinestone Hoodie – Women’s

It runs small and will feel tighter on bigger busts so in that case getting one size up will be a more comfortable option to wear.

Also, as from the picture, it is visible that the hoodie is the medium-cropped version which means no matter how short your torso is, will highlight your belly bottom.

Juice Wrld x Vlone Butterfly Hoodie

It fits true to size, but definitely is baggier in feel and that’s not a problem overall.

But the hood of the item will feel a bit snug not because of the fault but because of its shark head design.

This hoodie is inspired by the Juice Wrld third studio album – ‘Legends Never Die’ on July 10, 2020, and released in honor of the late artist’s life.

In terms of look, I have to applaud Vlone for his marketing stylishly by embedding its Logo ‘V’ in the word ‘Never’ of the sentence ‘Legends Never Die.

But personally, more than the front of the hoodie, I loved its back with such a beautiful Logo Design

Vlone x Interscope Records F&f

I feel it runs small so getting a size up would be the best choice for a person like me who has an athletic build.

Just get a size up regardless of your body type because it tends to shrink which will further reduce the size so even if you’re going for an oversized look, over time it would feel and fits just fine.

However, keep in mind that the body length runs quite long, somewhere on the hips (long torso) and below the hips (shorter torso).

So getting a size up will also increase the length a bit more. But don’t worry as it has a waistband that will not only allows you to cut the length but also help to create the extra space around the tummy for a more comfy feel.

In terms of design, I would just say the back design looks more eye-catching than the front (personally), and ya, have the kangaroo pockets.

Vlone x Kodak Vlonekb Hoodie

It fit true to size and has enough space around the chest but it starts to feel a bit snug when moving downwards.

The reason is simple, the sides are coming close to each other which cuts the space.

But I don’t think there’s any need to go up or down in size. If you’re ordering after referring to the Vlone hoodies size chart mentioned at the bottom then you will most probably get a good fit.

Vlone Palm Angels Hoodie Fit

There are three variants of Vlone Palm Angels available – V print, NWT, and Red/ Black.

And, all the palm angles x Vlone hoodies are oversized and fit roomier & relaxed on the body.

In terms of design, frankly, I think their collabs are famous because of how they emerge two brands into one logo. And the same goes for this. Both the back and front look lovely.

And what makes the hoodie feel more attractive are the flames on both of the sleeves.

Are All Vlone Hoodies Cropped?

No, not all Vlone hoodies are cropped because there are lots of hoodies from this brand with long body lengths like Vlone x Nav and Vlone Friends Unisex hoodies.

Vlone Hoodie Size Chart

I am going to source two size charts officially provided by the Vlone to get a correct fit hoodie and a bit easiness for those who want to get a size down or up depending on the hoodie (running big or small) or just the flavor of having an oversized or fitted hoodie.

Credit: (Taken from Vlone x Palm Angels but all Vlone hoodies follow the same size chart)

Now here’s another accurate size chart for those who want the measurements in inches.

SizeChest (Inches)Sleeve (Inches)Length (Inches)
For Both Men And Women

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