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Do Thrasher Hoodies Run Big or Small?

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Most of the time, I found that Thrasher hoodies run a bit smaller than expected. Trust me getting a size up in thrasher will be a good investment both in terms of reselling and using it on a daily or weekly basis because all thrasher hoodies tend to shrink when washing.

Sometimes they run bigger too but no matter which thrasher hoodie you pick you’ll always find the length of the sleeve is smaller than the body and the body length also somewhat smaller than other similar brands.

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For example, the Thrasher Flame Logo hoodie always runs a bit on the smaller and snugger side. I am saying this because I have a friend and she ordered the men’s medium but it seems to fit like Small which is not something she’d expected.

However, there are even complaints that the thrasher hoodie’s head hole is kinda small which makes the wearing experience tighter. He further said that “My usual size is XL in thrasher, though it feels a little large if I went for L then my head won’t fit as I want it to be”

Though, there are a few exceptions like look at the Skategoat hood which has quite a room in shoulders and around the body to an extent where going for true to size would not be a dealbreaker.

If you go for TTS in Thrasher Hoodies you’ll always have resonable space around shoulders and waist as it is needed in a skating hoodie to accomadate ease of movement.

Credit: Thrasher Magazine Shop

What Is Thrasher Sizing Like?

After looking at several thrasher hoodies I can say that they offer a slim fit and regular fit. There are no hoodies for a relaxed fit but if you get a size up in regular fit then most probably you’ll end up with a looser fit because the regular ones don’t have and curves or width crops.

The slimmest option available on thrasher magazine shop is the Magazine Logo zip hoodie.

Thrasher Hoodie Size Chart

Pullover Hoodies

All measurements are in inches.

Thrasher Pullover Hoodies Size Chart

Zip-Up Hoodies

Thrasher Zip-Up Hoodies Size Chart

Are Thrasher Hoodies Gildan?

I don’t know if it is really true or even consistent but according to MikeFBaby from Reddit, he had come across thrasher tees in Supreme store that has a tag of Gildan on it.

I truly don’t know if it is the case with thrasher hoodies too but if you’re asking this question from a sizing perspective then Gildan have their hoodies and they don’t run as thrasher in sizing.

You can check out the Gildan hoodies fitting (how do they run?) here.

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