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9 Tips On How To Stay Warm While Camping In The Winter

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1. Check climate and weather condition

Becoming a little cautious before leaving your home is of no bad consequences and it is the golden rule for all outdoor activities. So it is always good to research the place where you’re going to set up your tent.

Use the internet and see the past month, current month, and coming 15 days weather trends for your planned area. If you have planned to camp in chilled snow then it is a must to see the probability of a hailstorm coming.

You can contact a nearby ranger station to stay updated about the situation.

2. Don’t forget to pack made for winter things

what to pack for winter camping to stay warm

As you’re here to know how to stay warm in winter camping so let’s see very essential items you might regret forgetting at home

3. Wear clothes in layers

If you already have some experience camping in winter then I believe you know what I am talking about. Let me explain to newbies.

You are going to dress in 3 layers: base, mid, and top. Dressing in layers gives you great control in regulating your body temperature whenever it is needed. How does it help to regulate? 

Please imagine a scene with me – You’re enjoying camping in winter and doing some work so as the day moves your body starts producing some sweat and as you know it is winter the sweat will cool down fastly, now you’re feeling like your expensive winter clothes are of no value.

How did it feel imagining this scene? Very chilled huh. That’s why to wear clothes in layers so that you can add or subtract layers according to your current body temperature to prevent sweating as much as possible. 

4. Get out sweaty clothes

In case you aren’t camping in freezing temperatures then if your clothes somehow get sweaty then it is always a better idea to change your clothes as soon as possible.

It’s become more important if you’re very sensitive to cold so if you don’t want to get ill please always change your clothes from sweaty one to clean, dry, and warm one.

5. Don’t wear cotton clothes when camping in winter

According to experts, cotton is not an ideal fabric to wear in winter. But why? Because cotton doesn’t wick the moisture which results in a drop in your body temperature and may provide a clear pathway to bacterias.

Materials that work in winter camping are polypropylene, polyester, and merino wool because they draw perspiration away from the skin. Thus opt for synthetic fabric instead of silk and cellulose fibers.

6. Pack insulated water bottles for camping

The two most important things we need to consider are the weight you’re wearing and carrying.

Now it’s winter, maybe the temperature is too low that you have to wear more clothing than normal and need to carry a little more stuff than normal which for sure adds some extra weight.

So, an insulated water bottle can help you reduce some weight of gas you’re carrying to boil water because what an insulated water bottle will do is it will make sure that the hot water remains hot and cold remains cold for a long period of time.

And we need warm water because it will not only boost your health but also it strengthens the immune system winter diseases such as influenza, cleans your throat, and will raise your body temperature which will make you feel less cold in feet freezing temperature.

7. Stay hydrated

In winter when the white beauty hides the path you need to work more to walk in the snow and when there is enormous work going inside your body, it is your fundamental duty to fuel the body sufficiently by staying hydrated.

By hydration, I don’t mean that you take a small amount of water every 30 minutes. It is not good, drinking 2-3 glasses of water every 3-4 hours is enough to stay hydrated in winter.

8. Disposable heat packs

It is another great hack to stay warm during winter camping. Buying good disposable heat packs is absolutely worth your money.

These heat packs are also known as disposable hand warmers. You can find some best disposable heat packs on amazon.

9. Gloves and socks

I know you’re already familiar with this so it is just a reminder so that you don’t forget to pack made for winter gloves and socks. You can also go for heated gloves and socks if you like your hands and feet to stay warmer all the time.

Next step: How to stay warm inside the tent while winter camping

Related questions

What temperature is too cold for camping?

It truly depends upon your body. If you come under that category of humans who do not feel cold in freezing temperatures then there is no temperature that can beat you. But if you’re a normal person then any temperature below 30 degrees F consider being cold which should be treated like you’re camping in winter. In such a cold temperature, it is your duty to bring everything that is rated for cold temperatures so that you can remain warm like superhumans but with clothes.

How do you keep a tent warm in the winter?

This a broad topic that deserves to cover separately that is why I’ve already covered all possible and safe ways to remain warm inside the tent and that is too without electricity. You can check that article here.

Is it colder to sleep in a car or a tent?

Whether you sleep in the car or in a tent you need to insulate your sleeping place. It is true that the car will protect you from the snow and winds but still, cold winds will succeed to come inside the car through the sides. I want to sleep in a car then a sleeping bag that is rated for cold temperatures can make a huge difference.

How can I increase the warmth of my sleeping bag?

Sleeping bag liners can increase the warmth of sleeping bags from 5 degrees to 15 degrees. If you don’t purchase liners then you can bring some blankets from your home to works as a liner for your sleeping bag.

What should I wear outside in 40 degree weather?

You can wearLong-Sleeved Tees.

Is it warmer in a sleeping bag with less clothes on?

No. Because sleeping bags are designed to trap the heat that your body produces from escaping. Wearing clothes in a sleeping bag will increase the amount of insulation between your skin and the cold air outside.

What happens if you sleep outside in the cold?

When the body temperature goes below 95 degrees F can also cause Hypothermia. The person can go through uncontrollable shivering, incoherence, slurred speech, drowsiness, disorientation, memory loss, and obvious exhaustion can have according to NWS.

Do tight clothes keep you warmer?

No tight clothes won’t keep you warm and it is not recommended to wear tight clothes as it can restrict the blood flow circulation and your body’s ability to keep itself warm. Instead, wear clothes in layers.

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