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Best Compact Mummy Sleeping Bag In 2023 [Buying guide & Review]

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The sleeping bag has the first place on the menu of outdoor gears. So having a quality sleeping bag is very important for having quality sleep after a full day of adventure. There are many styles and shapes of sleeping bags available in the market but today we are going to see the reviews of some best compact mummy sleeping bags and some tips on choosing a good mummy sleeping bag.

If you’re in a hurry then these are the sleeping bags which I recommend and will review in this article:

Things to consider while choosing a mummy sleeping bag

  • Durability. When you really want a good quality sleeping bag then you should not think too much in terms of price. So when you’re buying an expensive high-quality sleeping you want it to last for a long time. generally, an expensive bag is made with high-quality materials but if you are leaning toward an affordable or cheap option then you should which materials they use and also read some reviews to get a clear cut idea of its durability.
  • Mummy Style. Several mummy styles are a) wide bottom, b) narrow bottom, c) wide or quilt top, d) narrow or compressible head top to pack your face and head as you like, e) narrow bottom and narrow top but wide from the center.
  • Comfort. Remember your most comfortable sleep positions. If you are a side sleeper then a narrow mummy sleeping bag is not a good option at all as narrow work best for those who sleep straight. Side sleepers should consider a wide quilt or wide top and not wide but ok to turn foot space at the bottom.
  • Temperature rating is not a hard and fast rule for choosing a sleeping bag but choosing a sleeping bag in which temperature rating given by EN standard is more trustworthy than individual ratings given by any company.
  • Insulation. There are two types of insulation currently coming with sleeping bags. The synthetic and Down insulation. One major difference between synthetic and down insulation is this synthetic insulation is cheaper than down insulation where down insulation is comfier and warmer than synthetically insulated sleeping bags.

Best Ultralight Compact Mummy Sleeping Bags

Thermarest Hyperion 20 – Best Overall

Certified by RDS

Thermarest pays proper attention to manufacturing gears which are high in quality and durability. This Hyperion 20 of Thermarest is known as one of the best cold weather sleeping bags.

It has a SynergyLink connection to integrate sleeping mattresses for having more comfort when sleeping on hard ground. A brilliant 900 fill Nikwax Hydrophobic Down stays drier and maintains that loft remains 60 times longer than non-treated down.

Hyperion uses mess walls as box baffled construction to minimize cold areas in the loft. Longer zipper and Ergonomic shape give better human fit than other ultralight sleeping bags.

One more reason which allows Thermarest Hyperion 20 to have a desired place in this list is it is giving you a 3-month money-back guarantee. Means if you’re not completely satisfied with this bag then you can give this bag back to Thermarest with the original receipt of purchase and you’ll get a full refund.

Read Washing and care Instructions Of this sleeping bag here.

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Sea to Summit Flame – Made for Women

Certified by RDS

A good ultralight compact sleeping bag for women. This bag is specially designed for women so this is not a good fit for the men’s body shape.

The flame is filled with ultra-dry down 850+ certified by Responsible Down Standard (RDS). It is made by ultralight 100 Nylon shell for making it very ultralight to carry comfortably on your backpack.

If you’re going to spend some nights at -20 degrees celsius temp then it is advisable to use a Flame 15F bag with Flame 55F, 48F, or 35F sleeping bag as a liner in case you want enough warmth to touch your body.

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Big Agnes Hitchens UL 20 – Runner Up

Certified by RDS

Big Agnes Hitchens use 850 water repellant down insulation. It is made for cold weathers available in a different range of cold climate temperatures.

The shape of this bag provides increased thermal value yet ensuring the bag remains lightweight, easy to pack, and easy to care.

One thing I like that it is minimal in zippers which naturally cuts the overall weight of this sleeping bag and reduces the cold spots. It has body-mapped baffle construction which optimizes its thermal efficiency.

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Big Agnes V Notch UL 40 – Runner Up

Certified by RDS

Another great sleeping bag from the Big Agnes. The kitchen you show above is focused to provide warmth in cold weather where the V Notch is here to maintain a healthy temperature at an average temperature of 40F. V notch is insulated with 70% recycled PrimaLoft Hi-Loft ultra silver.

I always keep in my mind that I don’t invest my money in something which is not much needed and with this point of view where I want to save money I will go for a liner sleeping bag of higher temperature rating to make my sleeping bag performed, even more, better in much cold weather e.g -15 degree Celcius.

The design of this bag is very simple which helps us to pack it more quickly and easily than highly designed bags.

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Hyke & Byke Shavano 32F – Budget Option

If you’re looking for the best affordable option among compact ultralight sleeping bags then the Shavano from the Hyke & Byke is a good option for you.

Hyke & Byke’s products are tested by 3rd party testers and certified by the IDFL so you are going to get what you paid for. You will not get all the features that above mentioned sleeping bags are providing.

With 650 fill power shavano is one of the best affordable lightweight mummy sleeping bags.

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Choosing the best sleeping bag is only possible when you have a clear picture of your sleeping needs on your mind. Here is a tip take a pen and paper and write what you need most in a sleeping bag when you’re going to sleep in hot weather and when you sleep in cold weather. Now look for a sleeping bag which fits most of your needs.

All bags I mentioned in this article is based on the principle of what the average men or women want in his sleeping bag. Check if the above-mentioned bags are at least mostly if not completely satisfying your needs. if it nearly has all your needs then that sleeping bag is the best sleeping available for you.

I hope I helped you to choose the sleeping bag for you. Comment me which sleeping bag do you currently have and if you have no sleeping then which one you’re going to buy and if you already a sleeping bag then why you want a new one?

I will meet you in the next article.