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How To Identify Real Wrangler Jeans? (5 Steps With Photos)

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I have real wrangler jeans bought from the official online store of the brand here in India. And today I am going to make a vivid comparison of some fake wrangler jeans selling online with the authentic ones that I have so that you can buy them anywhere; offline & online while resting assured that it is a real.

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Steps To Check Real Wrangler Jeans:

Check Packaging

You can reject the fake piece with a single glance at the packaging. All wrangler jeans (don’t know about other products) are delivered in paper bags with a barcode that can be scanned using any scanner app you could also contact the support team to ask for the legitimacy of the barcode or QRcode. Furthermore, in the packaging, there are official handles mentioned and the easy check is to compare it with your local wrangler jeans’ official handles and see if that match that which on the packaging.

Other details on actual wrangler packaging include a horse-like symbol, the We Care logo, Recycle icon, and the official website. You can check this image which will give you the visual details to help you compare it with your received packaging. And don’t worry, even though I purchased the jeans from an Indian store and not from the U.S won’t differ much because the brand is consistent about its sustainable packaging approach.

Check the Jean labels:

There are two main labels that you should check before stripping them into the dustbin. These are the exact labels as shown in the given image. However, depending upon your country the color plate of the labels could change. Still, words like ‘Originals’ and ‘Jeans made per American standards for comfort and durability” speaks for wrangler authenticity. The second label is the most important in my opinion because it has all the crucial information needed to check whether the pair you’ve received is real. This label contains data like Manufacturing location, packaging date, and price, but most importantly it has a style code with a style name.

Go to the official wrangler website for your country and type the style code on the search bar, if it is showing then congrats your money goes to your right hand and if it is not then there are two reasons: 1) the jeans are fake and 2) the style is discontinued. Now to know the case you should contact customer support using the options available on their contact us page and provide them with your style code to confirm whether it is made by wrangler.

Check Out The Back Pockets

You could say this is the most crucial aspect in identifying an imitation of wrangler jeans vs the real one. Because the details that go here are not something easy to copy inch by inch while inheriting all its characteristics. So what is it? As you can see in the image the ‘W’ on each back pocket is precisely cut and the wrangler tag on the right back pocket has a unique design.

Though not all jeans provide the same design that’s why apart from my images I am compiling here a few different sets of official wrangler back designs so that you can check it with whichever style you have.

Let me explain each image and how to use it for your purpose:

  1. The first image is a wrangler logo stitching on thick leather-like material. See how the word “Wrangler” is crafted on it with dot styles and not written in plain font. Though the color of the stitching is shown as black in this image it could also be dark & light brown as shown in 3rd image.
  2. In 3rd image you’re also seeing a wrangler yellow-black tag just above the pockets, it is cool but as not all jeans have this feature I am not counting it as a necessary measure to check the authenticity of wrangler jeans.
  3. The 2nd image is also worth noticing. Every wrangler jeans apart from their vintage jeans have the signature “W” stitching. Remember it is double stitched in all their official jeans so any single stitched ‘W’ is considered to be fake.
  4. As you can see in the 4th image that the label is not the same as the 1st because this is their 5-star premium series so if your jean have this label instead of 1 or vice versa then also your jean is a real one and not to be worried about.
  5. If you saw up to 4 images then you’ll regard the 5th one as fake ones because the pockets do not have ‘W’ embroidery and the leather label on the waistband. This is all thanks to wrangler vintage jeans. To differentiate instead ‘W’ on pockets it is a dual-sided ‘V’ and embroidery on the waist label is having the ‘V’ characteristics. The point is it is genuine jeans officially made by the wrangler itself.

Match all these images with your respective jean and find out if it has any given signature, if not then you need to think about their authenticity,

Zips & Buttons: Don’t Miss Them!

In original wrangler jeans, there are carvings on the closure button and the zipper. As you can see in the following image that button is carved with the wrangler logo surrounded by the words ‘GUARANTEED TRADEMARK’ and ‘Best Material’. It could just be a sign of craft but on my button, there’s a bird-like icon near the ‘quality material’ label on the button.

Please, I am telling you again that check your button with that in the image because the rest of the things could be nearly imitated but the kind of craftsmanship done on closure isn’t easily copyable. After this check out the zipper because wrangler jeans use renowned brands like YKK for all of its zip jeans.

An Important Label Under Waistband

Flip your pant from inside-out and you’ll see there are many labels and all are there for purposes like washing instructions and a style/size label but we will talk about it in the later article when we will discuss some particular queries about wrangler jeans. But for today must look for a label inside your jean with United States Flag.

original wrangler jeans have a USA flag under waistband.

Now you could ask why my country wrangler jeans have the U.S flag and not my country’s flag. This is the reason why I bought the wrangler jean from the official stores of India and the U.S. Just to check how many details are there. Surprisingly true, but even Indian versions of wrangler jeans have the Americas flag so I assume so be with your local wrangler jeans should have it either because the company is originally founded and located in the United States even though they manufacture majorly overseas.


If you genuinely follow all the steps mentioned in this post then I guarantee that you’ll have a most authentic pair of wrangler jeans always and no one online could mislead you by claiming that he/she is selling an original pair though it does not check all the boxes which official wrangler online and offline store does well every time you bought from the original local/national store.

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