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Where Are Clarks Shoes Made in 2023? (Here’s Proof)

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Where clarks shoes are made

Throw long intros in the dustbin! You know about Clarks shoes if you’re reading this, so I won’t babble about it. Our motive here is to uncover where Clarks’ shoes are made because it is essential to know about their quality assurance, ethical consideration, economic impact, and safety concerns.

Where Are Clarks Footwear Manufactured?

Most of Clarks’ production occurs in Asia, with only a tiny percentage in Europe and Central America. In fact, for Spring and Summer 2022, approximately 80% of their footwear products were sourced from directly managed suppliers, with the remainder sourced through specialist agents. And in most of these factories, the facilities are shared with production for other brands and customers.

where are clarks shoes manufactured

So, which countries specifically are responsible for making your favorite Clarks shoes? Let’s break it down by percentage. In Spring Summer 2022, 26.7% of Clark’s shoe production came from China, 23.0% from Cambodia, 17.8% from India, 14.6% from Vietnam, 6.3% from Mexico, 4.7% from Bangladesh, 2.9% from Indonesia, 2.2% from Albania, and 1.7% from Portugal. And rounding out the list is Romania, bringing up the rear with a whopping 0.1%. China is not only go to manufacturing country for Clarks but also Ryka, Nobull, and hiking shoes, Saucony.

Now, you might be wondering why Clarks chooses to manufacture their shoes in these particular countries. One reason is that these countries have lower labor costs than many Western countries, which allows Clarks to keep their prices affordable for consumers. Many of these countries have well-established footwear manufacturing industries, meaning they have the expertise and infrastructure to produce high-quality shoes at scale.

Short History Of Clarks:

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, two lads named Cyrus and James Clark decided to take some sheepskin off-cuts and make a slipper. Little did they know that their invention would begin a shoe empire spanning almost two centuries.

From the get-go, the Clarks clan has always been a little different. They’re the kind of people who think outside the shoebox and do things their way. They created the world’s first foot-shaped shoe, a kids’ range with full sizes, half sizes, widths, and even an iPad foot gauge. They’re pioneers, innovators, and shoe experts all rolled into one.

And it’s not just their ideas that make them stand out. Clarks has studied the human foot from cradle to old age, scrutinized its biomechanics, and delved into what it takes to keep those tootsies healthy and happy. All that research goes into making the perfect pair of shoes for you.

But it’s not just all science and seriousness over at Clarks. They’ve got a pretty impressive shoe archive that has defined generations, sparked revolutions, and captured imaginations. Might you have heard of the iconic Clarks Desert Boot? It was designed by Nathan Clark in 1950 and is still cool today.

So there you have it, folks. The story of Clarks’ footwear. From sheepskin slippers to biomechanics, from foot-shaped shoes to Desert Boots, Clarks has been at the forefront of shoe innovation for almost two centuries.

This article only covers where Clark’s shoes are made and not about their sustainable and ethical approach. Manufacturing is just an aspect of knowing the brand’s sustainability; other vital factors are environmental impact, materials used, and working conditions. So I will create a separate article where we will direct the sustainability of Clarks. In the meantime, you can see the 69 most sustainable fashion brands from the USA if that’s what you want.

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