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Kizik Shoes: Where Are They Made? (Countries Revealed!)

Where are kizik shoes made

I have not come across such an innovative shoe like Kiziks; maybe I don’t have enough experience with shoes, but without any hiccups, I can say that these hands-free shoes have stolen my heart. That’s why I want to know where they are made with some other quests which I think you would enjoy reading.

Who Owns Kizik?

The Kizik brand was born in late 2018 by the founder of Ogio, Michael Pratt, after selling Ogio International for $75.5 Million to Callaway Golf. After seeing the opportunities lying ahead, he patents the technologies of Kizik by starting HandsFree Labs to further license them to other footwear companies. Like in 2019, Nike invests in HandsFree labs‘ easy on and off technology to create sports shoes that demand no time in tying, yet give desired functionality.

It is thanks to Mike Pratt’s vision to create a solution for putting on and removing shoes without the use of hands. Efforts are helping many groups – shoe lovers, senior citizens, disabled men/women, and many more. The company will continue to improve Kizik shoes with technologies like ‘Cage, Arc, and Squeeze it. Thus, HandsFree labs take all the decisions about where their shoes are made. Let’s check out.

Kizik Shoes Manufacturing Countries

I never want to make my articles based on speculation as they are not as strong as facts. So in my quest to find proof of where kiziks are made. I contacted the brand itself and they were very generous, which I admire. According to Clarke Anderson (Kizik Staff), Kizik shoes are made in Vietnam and China, but kizik uses the materials for the shoes that are made in the US as well as in Vietnam and China.

Seeing the potential that Kizik shoes hold, with the growth in its customer base, we will see more countries coming to the list of manufacturing the brand shoes. We all hope to see some pairs truly made in the US too. But even if not, there ain’t much problem because even after being made in China and Vietnam, the company’s managing staff seem to have a pretty good hold on those factories to control quality and craftsmanship.

Why Are Kizik Shoes Made In China?

Because Noodles are born there! Ha ha, jokes aside; They made Kizik shoes in china because china offers varied opportunities for the shoe industry, which include – low labor costs, different quality standards by cost, a potentially larger workforce, great infrastructures, and much more. China takes about 50% of total footwear manufacturing worldwide.

We can elaborate on dozen things but the only reason kizik along with other brands like HOKA and Brooks have some manufacturing in China is their ability to produce high-quality shoes while keeping the cost low despite having shipping charges, import duties, and quality control.

Why Are Kizik Shoes Made In Vietnam?

I think that there are more kizik shoes made in Vietnam than in China (I could be wrong). Kizik is an intelligent brand. I don’t think they believe in the squandering of opportunities that lie in Vietnam. The country is one of the largest footwear manufacturers in the world. Not only that, it accounts for over 10% of total footwear export worldwide. And, it is just a start, due to the availability of good quality raw materials, convenient shipping logistics, value towards sustainability and craftsmanship, and above all these there are little to no duty restrictions when exporting from Vietnam.

You can mimic the idea of the rise of Vietnamese shoes by the fact that it is the third largest footwear manufacturer, producing an average of 920 million pairs, 800 million on average get exported to other countries. Thus, there should be no doubt why kizik shoes are made in Vietnam.

Where Kizik Sells Their Shoes?

At this time (2022), kizik shoes are only sold in the United States and Canada. In my interview with kizik, they say that ‘At this time we are not offering International Shipping outside the US & Canada. If you are needing to ship outside the US, we are happy to put you on a mailing list. If shortly we open shipping up to additional countries, we can contact you with that update and offer.’

I’ll update you once Kizik shoes are available in other countries.

What Is Unique About Kizik Shoes?

The ONE thing that sets apart Kizik from its competition is creating shoes that can be put in and out without bending down or need of laces. To achieve this endeavor, Kizik’s parent company developed F.A.S.T (Foot Activated Shoe Technology) which uses a Deformable Element called F1 Titanium Arc. Where titanium structure sits on the ankle and rebounds when you try to put on the shoe and thus you get to wear a hands-free shoe.

“HandsFree Labs’ technologies are redefining the way people wear their shoes,” said Scott Frazier, Managing Partner of the Frazier Group.

Are Kizik Shoes Durable?

When you get to hear that your shoe is made in China or Vietnam, a common question always arises in my mind: whether this freaking shoe will last long or not. Trust me, I have worn many Asian-made shoes – some stands great in quality, many poor. It could be due to the type of sports and outdoor activities I do that the outsole of my shoes gets paper thin in a matter of 2-3 months.

But, I don’t think this is the case with Kiziks because I’ve read many reviews and all said shoes are very durable for casual wear and normal hike. However, I don’t think they made these shoes for thru-hiking on rough trails, but ya for occasional hikes, playing cricket, running, walking (casual-type sports), and, as office wear, you can’t go wrong with these shoes. And there are many reasons to say this.

One main reason is the use of custom polymers and aerospace-grade titanium connected with scrupulous manufacturing processes makes the shoe hard-wearing for years to come.

Kizik claims to test (100,000 cycle tests & counting) all of its technology rigorously to meet the highest quality standards so that we consumers have the peace of mind that the easy on and off feature of the shoe stays working throughout its life count.