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Where Is Aritzia Clothing Made? (Countries Revealed) | With Proof

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All Aritzia products and Clothing that include Jackets, Coats, Dresses, Suits, Bags, Activewear, etc are primarily manufactured in Cambodia, China, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.

You can not find clothing that essentially labels Aritzia as a brand because Aritzia is a company that has created and owns 13 exclusive in-house brands that offer a unique style of products in different niches. Like Super Bowl sells winter jackets while Babatan sells modern luxe uniforms. Unfortunately, Aritzia is a women-specific brand that offers some men’s products – mainly jackets. So as I am a male, I can only buy jackets from Aritzia if I want.

But that’s for another topic, today I am going to dissect where Aritzia clothing is made (both women & men). Have a cup of coffee because this article is the only thing you need to read to know about Aritzia’s manufacturing approach.

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Where Are Aritzia Clothes Made? Jackets, Coats, Etc (Countries Revealed)

As you now know that Aritzia mainly focuses on creating and promoting their in-house brands, so If I say that their Brand A is made in China while B is in Vietnam this does not mean that only that particular brand is made there. Depending on demand and supply, Aritzia can choose to make a majority of its brand in one main country or diversify them to all its selected suppliers.

Although, as of the 2022 annual report, all Aritzia products and Clothing that include Jackets, Coats, Dresses, Suits, Bags, Activewear, etc are primarily made or finished in Cambodia, China, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.

When it comes to sourcing raw materials comes directly from mills, trim suppliers, and manufacturers located majorly in China, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. And when it comes to advance gear like The Super Puff jackets, they are engineered in the Aritzia Climate lab in Canada before they end up in the production phase.

I have looked at the tags of some clothes offered by Aritzia under their several exclusive brands… let’s see what I’ve found.

Aritzia brands Clothing are Made in China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia

Let’s take a thorough look at all countries and what they provide to Aritzia.

Finished Goods Factories Only

These factories only assemble everything into a final piece of clothing or accessories. Canada, Colombia, Romania, Cambodia, and Vietnam are such countries where Aritzia contracted factories only for finished goods.

Finished Goods Factories & Fabric Suppliers

I would say these are more powerful and valuable countries for Aritzia in terms of cost per product as they’re being able to get quality fabric and manufacturing from the same country, which automatically reduces the transporting cost.

USA, Peru, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, India, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Phillippines, and Japan are such countries where Aritzia has both manufacturing facilities and fabric suppliers in hand.

Fabric Suppliers Only

Thailand is the only country that Aritzia has contracted to get the needed quality of fabrics, however, no Aritzia brand products are made in Thailand.

Who Owns Aritzia Clothing + Short History?

Brian Hill founded Aritzia LP in 1984 in Vancouver, Canada that focuses on selling various lifestyle apparel through the first standalone Aritzia Boutique in Oakridge Center. After a few decades, the main vision of the company has not changed while seeing the growth it is a Public company since 2016 and has over 100 stores across North America and the global e-commerce platform

Jennifer Wong is the current CEO of Aritzia since May 2022.

Is Aritzia Clothing Made In China?

Yes, Aritzia clothes are made in China as you can see in the above images that their exclusive brands like the Sunday Best, Babaton, TNA, Wilfred, and Wilfred free are all made in China.

However, not all mentioned brands are made in there – these are the ones that I have found and at the same time I have seen Aritzia brand clothes made in other countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka.

Market Served By Aritzia: Distribution Centers

Aritzia currently has 3 distribution centers: two in Canada and one in the United States that are equipped enough to properly serve both their boutiques and eCommerce businesses. How, they only operate the distribution center located in New Westminster, British Columbia while the other two are operated by third-party logistics and are located in Mississauga, Ontario, and Columbus, Ohio.

The company is working on replacing its third-party distribution center in Ontario with its distribution center located in Vaughan, Ontario which will be operational by Fiscal Year 2024.

When it comes to buying Aritzia products there are only two modes retail/boutiques and eCommerce (, now at the time of writing this article the buy-from-store option is only available to Canadians and North Americans as the stores are centered in these two countries. However, recently Aritzia launched their Internation shopping at

Aritzia offers to ship in all countries excluding Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, Ukraine, and Belarus (maybe in the future they start shipping in some or all of these countries; I am not sure at this moment). Also, when you opt for International shipping, the price shown may not include tax and duties that you will need to pay to receive your product. One very Interesting thing is that they offer free shipping on orders above $100 and free express shipping on orders above $250, but it is limited to some countries you can check here.


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