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Where Is Aderez Clothing Made? (It’s Not The USA!)

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Key Point: Aderez Clothes/products are made in China even though they claim to be made in South Carolina. Read the full article to know the complete story…

I don’t know what’s the deal with Aderez, on their website they say the Company is located in the USA and they mention that all their products are made and shipped from South Carolina. Here’s the snapshot from their about us page.

Aderez says their products are made in USA

But, after doing my research, I need to say that such companies should exist as they fulfill the meaning of ‘Fraudulent’, literally, every person who has bought from Aderez, thinks that it is a U.S based company and they’ll have products that either say ‘Made in the USA’ or ‘Made in South Carolina’. However, I can just imagine how hurtful they might have felt seeing that package was shipped from China. Sorry! not just shipped but it is indeed made in China.

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Now when people asked for a refund, it was even more of a horror story because even though the company says to adhere to 30 days return policy which honestly as per the experience of many they don’t honor it. Because as you can see in the snapshots shared that Aderez is only willing to offer a partial refund and says to keep the product.

Some customers got the literal bad quality and the only thing they care for return and full refund. Then, the company says, their warehouse and address are in Dubai so you need to pay the shipping cost to get a refund, Bullshitt! (sorry for cursing). Why does a company that claims to be based in the USA have a Dubai address and why the packaging says to be shipped from China when Aderez mention that they ship from South Carolina? Are customers a joke to them? Are we idiots, that we can’t see how a company is just using the name of USA to sell their products?

Customer found that the Aderez clothes are actually made in China.

Ok, maybe only a few customers got bad quality products, maybe they have 90% good quality; who cares about quality when there’s just so much fraud and hoodwinking going on?

I’d say not to buy from, because if there are only a handful of people saying bad about the company then it may be regarded as traducing, however, when dozens are saying the same thing it is better to take caution than the headache of buying so-called cheaply ‘made in USA’ clothes.

If you’ve bought from Aderez, what was your experience, please comment below as it will help other people not make the same mistake. And do you have any other company in mind that you want to know about where their products are made? let me know in the comments.

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