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Are Carhartt Jackets Warm? (A Helpful Guide)

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Ok, we all know how durable and tough Carhartt jackets are as workwear.

But are they really good enough to keep us warm in winter?

Let’s look at all the details feasibly like we did in our previous post when talking about Carhartt jackets sizing and fit.

Here’s The Answer Of How Warm The Carhartt Jackets Are?

Yes, Carhartt jackets are warm but the quality of warmth varies according to thickness, fabric, and insulation used.

When we look at the Carhartt as a workwear jacket then absolutely they will keep you warm either with heavy layering or in some style without bulking up with too many layers.

But, if you’re inclining toward jackets from this brand because you wanna get the warmth of Patagonia, The North Face, or Arcteryx then the Carhartt will regret you.

Because the focus of this brand is to provide warm enough jackets for the outside workers to provide enough room and ease of movement while working with construction tools in cold temperatures.

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Carhartt Jackets Technology Explained (Warmth-Wise)

To keep their workwear jackets warm Carhartt uses multiple ways or tech to provide warmth demanded in different situations.

Thus, you can not just pick any Carhartt jacket and expect it to perform best in every given situation.

So for this, here I am explaining the insulation that the brand use in their jackets so that you can pick what best suits your needs.

Let’s dive into it…

100g Polyester Insulation

In jackets of style such as 102208 and 104314, you can see that they feature 100g polyester insulation.

FYI, polyester insulation is made up of recycled plastic and contains PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) fiber which is commonly used in clothing or bedding because it consumes less energy and has reduced environmental impact, in a word it’s ‘somewhat sustainable’.

If you’re going for Carhartt jackets that are insulated with 100g polyester then it simply means, it will keep you warm in mildly cold temperatures.

3M Thinsulate

Seen in style no. 104050 and 104053.

There are many types of 3M Thinsulate but we’ll only talk about the Featherless because it is what the Carhartt uses in their insulated jackets.

3M Featherless can be understood as a synthetic alternative to the real feathers or down. However, it can not compete for the real down in terms of warmth but it’ll retain better warmth than the down jackets when both get wet.

Because as you know down loses the insulation capabilities when gets wet.

In this also, there are ranges in which Thinsulate insulation can come, and literally, the number of grams will determine how well the Thinsulate performs.

So, it is 80g of 3M Thinsulate Featherless that is used in certain Carhartt jackets where you can expect it to keep you warm in temperatures around 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thinsulate is better at trapping and retaining warmth only because of the quilted design.

Sherpa Lining

Let’s get a little background of sherpa lining.

It is a curly piled fabric structure made of synthetic yarns like acrylic or polyester[Source].

A very helpful fabric in jackets and winter wear to resemble wool or sheepskin on the pilled side.

Even though it is part of the fleece family, but due to some special characteristics, it may also be warmer and softer than a fleece blanket.

So if you see the term ‘sherpa lining’ in any Carhartt jacket then you can be assured that it will keep you warm in above mild cold temperatures.

Because, of the Carhartt sizing, you can even add your desired layers if the body demands a much warmer jacket.

Blanket Lining

Seen in styles such as 103825.

The styles with blanket lining are best to wear for active work in colder temperatures.

You need to understand what I just meant by the word ‘active work’.

It simply means that a blanket lining will keep you warm if you’re actively working in cold temperatures. If not, then such a Carhartt jacket is only good for the mild cold.

Though, the ability can be much enhanced when supporting it with layers.

Thermal Polyester Lining

Carhartt thermal lining uses 100% polyester weave and is as thick as a flannel shirt.

It will not be a mistake to say it is the ‘thinnest Carhartt insulation’.

This simply means that you can not just rely on it for the colder temperature to keep you warm.

Because it is intended to use as a 3-season jacket or as a mid-layer in winters.

That’s why don’t expect anything higher.

Arctic Insulation (Best Insulation By Carhartt)

Before describing this insulation, I would say most people don’t need to buy it if you normally work in temperatures that are not extremely cold because these jackets get warm.

FYI, arctic insulation is the warmest insulation the Carhartt provides.

Watch this video where a guy is wearing the Carhartt C03 arctic insulated jacket and feels like sweating at 30 degrees Fahrenheit

It’s a nylon taffeta lining quilted to heavy, high-lofted polyester insulation which makes it the Carhartt thickest lining that exists.

Either you can use the table mentioned in the next section to find the arctic insulated jackets or you can find it by looking into the jacket’s features.

If you’re someone who works in really freezing temperatures then just go for these heavyweight jackets and you’ll not regret it.

List Of Carhartt Jackets That Are Warm Enough:


Jacket Name & Style No.Insulation UsedHow Warm In Real Life?
Rain Defender 102208100g polyesterKeep you warm on cold nights
Sherpa-Lined 104392Sherpa lining and quilted nylonIt Will be warmer than your fleece blanket
Insulated Active Jac 10405080g 3M ThinsulateIt Will be warm around 20F
Blanket-Lined Chore Coat 103825Blanket liningMild warm
Washed Duck Insulated Collar Vest 104395The Arctic weight polyester It Will keep you warm in negative northern American temperature
Quilt-Lined Coat C003Arctic weight polyester Ultimate warmth that Carhartt offers.
Thermal-Lined Active Jac J131Thermal polyester liningNot much warm but warm enough for 3 season work


Jacket Name & Style No.Insulation typeHow warm is it?
Sherpa-Lined Jacket 104292Sherpa liningWarmer than a fleece blanket
Insulated Active Jac 10405380g 3M ThinsulateIt will be warm around 20F
Mock Neck Vest 104224Sherpa liningWarmer than a fleece blanket
Full Swing 102248Sherpa liningWarmer than a fleece blanket meaning it is mildly warm
Rain Defender 104314100g polyesterWarm enough for cold winter nights
Rain Defender Mock-Neck Vest 104315100g polyesterWarm enough for cold winter nights

Will Carhartt Remain Warm While Working In Cold?

We have to understand that jackets or any winter clothing are not solely responsible for keeping us warm. Because there are other factors involved such as the wind chill, the surrounding temperature, your core body temperature, and above all how you react to the cold.

Many folks have no issues getting cold while others fall prey to cold more quickly.

So which category do you fall into?

Though, in an overall sense, an average person will remain warm in Carhartt jackets while working because the body is continuously generating heat as a side effect of physical activity that serves as an add-on to the insulating power of the jacket.

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