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Do Carhartt Jackets Run Big? (Must Read)

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To be honest, there are many Carhartt that run big mainly their heavyweight jackets that tend to be bigger and roomier.

We all know Carhartt Jackets for their incredible durability and performance as workwear. As answered in the first line that they run big, but let’s see why do they run big?

Keep reading, because in this article you’ll get a detailed table for the Carhartt jackets that run big and also the jackets that are true to size.

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Which Carhartt Jackets Run Big & Why? (Table)

Yes, some Carhartt jackets run big, some are true to size and fit perfectly, and few even run shorter. But why even after following the same sizing chart, still Carhartt jackets run big for one style and at that same time fits perfectly for another?

Let’s see…

Carhartt makes jackets for different purposes to satisfy different customer needs that’s why they make the same jacket in a relaxed fit and the loose fit.

However relaxed or loosed fit only has to do with shaping and cutting which may make loose fit roomier than the relaxed fit and does not necessarily mean that they run big.

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For this reason, I’ve chatted with Carhartt and they say that “Their jackets are made with layering and hard work in mind, so this would lead them leaving a little extra room because no one wants to swing a hammer in something skin-tight and they also don’t want to be catching hypothermia while trying to make a living

And honestly speaking the reason they gave, just resonates with me and give a picture about the vision for their jackets.

You can read the complete transcript of chatting with little down of this post

So it’s good that their jackets run bigger but not necessarily needed for all the Carhartt jackets as there are expectations where it is better for you to size down that big jacket if you’re not a field worker.

For, this I’ve created a table based on what many long-time Carhartt jacket users think.

Use this table for:

  • To get an general idea about which jacket is tend to run big and if it is overall necessary to size down a particular jacket.
  • The table have almost all the Carhartt jackets for Men’s and Women’s with a brief of whether they run big, short, or are true to size.
  • To be noted that not all of the jackets are listed here becuase they are alike but if you want a advice for that jacket you are always free to post a comment.
  • The numbers like J162, 102208, etc are style number given by Carhartt to help you find the exact jacket.
Famous Carhartt Jackets Do They Run Big?
M’s Storm Defender®, J162Medium size runs big for men’s around 5’11, 175 lb. However go for normal sizing if you’re around 6’4, 220 lb.
M’s Rain Defender®, 102208True to Size but the front is shorter than the back by design than other Carhartt coats.
M’s Waterproof Coat, 103508Runs a little Big. Frankly, it’s good to go with your normal size to get some space for layering.
M’s Rain Defender® Softshell Jacket, 102199Large is True to size for a guy around 6’1, 210 lb but one with broad shoulders may find the shoulder area a little tight and the same with forearms.
M’s Firm Duck Blanket-Lined Chore Coat, 103825Runs Big so get a size down even if you’re a 6ft guy who weighs around 165 lbs and has broad shoulders. If you prefer a layer then go for your normal size.
M’s High-Visibility Class 3, 100499Runs a little Big. If you normally wear XL go for L for this jacket, don’t there still room for layerings.
M’s Washed Duck Sherpa-Lined Coat, 104293Runs Big so consider sizing down. However, a big guy or one who wear lot’s layers can go with the usual size.
M’s Firm Duck Insulated Flannel-Lined Active Jack, J140Runs big, so consider sizing down.
M’s Duck Blanket-Lined Detroit Jacket, 103828Runs big & puffy, if you normally wear XL consider going with L or M depending on the layer you wanna add or you
W’s Rugged Flex® Relaxed Fit Canvas Jacket, 102524Fit perfectly, go with small if you’re around 5’4, 190 lb, but go for large if you’ve got a long torso and large bust.
W’s Storm Defender® Heavyweight Jacket, 102382It runs a bit big so I’d say go with your usual size because that big is ok in case you need layering. However, if you’re around 5’1, 140 lb, consider getting small or extra small size.
W’s Rain Defender® Lightweight Coat, 104221Instead of running big, it runs small, so consider sizing up. Honestly, ladies with long arms will find that it is short on sleeves.
W’s Full Swing®Washed Duck Sherpa-Lined Jacket, 102248True to SIze and fits perfectly. Don’t worry order your usual size and you still be able to put layers such as sweatshirts underneath.
W’s Washed Duck Insulated Active Jac, 104053True to SIze and fits perfectly. No need to size up or down so, just go with your usual sizing. It is a bit roomy for layerings.
W’s Rain Defender® Lightweight Insulated Jacket, 104314True to Size and fits perfectly, though can consider sizing it up if want to add extra layers (for a sweatshirt no need to size up).
W’s Washed Duck Sherpa Lined Jacket, 104292Fits perfectly thus no need to size down your usual size.
W’s Rugged Flex® Denim Jacket, 102970It’s true to size and fits perfectly with mid-weight tops but you can size up a little, for example, if you wear small, you can for medium in case you want to add thick fleece or heavy sweater as layers.
Carhartt Jackets That Run Big

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Carhartt Jacket Fit for different styles:

Here you’ll know the brief description for the Carhartt jacket fit for different styles of jackets available for men and women.

‘The information I am going to share now is taken from the Carhartt men’s size guide and women’s size guide‘.

Coats & Parkas:

  • For Men: The back length of coats and parks is 30.5-36″. They also tend to be longer in length to hit the below hip for more coverage.
  • For Women: They are sized to the large part of your (women’s) body, lenght sits at hip or below the hip, and the back length will be 33-36 inches. You can try sizing down the coat or parka if you prefer a slimmer fit.

Classic Jackets:

  • For Men: Back length will be 26-30″ and built to worn over layers that’s why if you prefer a closer fit, you can try sizing down or can move to Carhartt performance jackets.
  • For Women: The center back length will be 25.5-29 inches. Such jacket lengths will sit at hip or below hip. It’s adveised that if you prefer a slimmer fit or are betwen the sizes, you can try sizing down.

Performance Jackets:

  • For Men: Back length is 27-30″ and the length will sit slightly above hip to at hip, depending on the style.
  • For Women: Jacket center length is 25.5-29 icnes and the length will sit slightly above or at the hip, depending on the syle.

Vest Jackets:

  • For Men: The Back length for Carhartt Men’s Vest Jackets is 26-29″ which is manufactured to worn over layer and designed to fall higher on the hip than a jacket.
  • For Women: The center back length for Women’s Vest Jacket is 24-26.5 inches whose length sits slightly above hip. And, if you prefer a slimmer fit or are between the sizes you can try sizing down.

Is It Possible To Return The Unfit Carhartt Jacket? (Procedure)

If you’re thinking of giving Carhartt jackets a try then please go ahead because if it does not fit you well or fulfilling your needs and expectation then you can just return the jacket with the first 6 months to get a full refund on your method of purchase.

Keep in mind that the jacket must be in ‘New Like condition’ and have all the tags on it.

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To get even more insights about Carhartt jacket fitting I have contacted their customer support and ask them to give me a transcript so that you can read the important discussion that was held between me and Carhartt.

The transcript is ready for you to read after this image.

My chat with Carhartt and they’re really helpful

My Chat With Carhartt Customer Care (Very Informative)

Celeste: Michael, thanks for contacting Carhartt. My name is Celeste. I’ll be happy to help you today.
Celeste: Hi Michael, how can I help you?
Michael: Hello Celeste 🙂
Michael: I want to buy and test M’s Storm Defender®, J162, but due to some reviews that say it runs a little big can I return it just in case it does not fit well?
Celeste: We do have a nice return policy where if the item is in resellable condition (Read: Like New) with the tags still on it the item can be returned within the first six months for a full refund with free shipping both ways
Michael: Ok and the same for replacement
Michael: In which way will get the refund for the jacket returned
Celeste: It’s a lot faster just to do a return and rebuy the item in whatever size you think would fit better and within those first 6 months the refund goes back to the original payment method
Michael: Thanks, a general question
Celeste: Okay, go-ahead
Michael: Why do many of your jackets are tend to go big and roomier while others just with awesome? Is it because of the workmanship, freedom of layering, material, or the Carhartt want to make a jacket that can fit all types of the body from fat to lean?
Michael: Thanks if you answer it. I am very curious to know this.
Celeste: Our jackets are made with layering and hard work in mind, so this would lead to us leaving a little extra room because no one wants to swing a hammer in something skin-tight and they also don’t want to be catching hypothermia while trying to make a living
Michael: That’s the answer, you really put a full stop to my question
Michael: Thanks for your help
Michael: It matters a lot to me

Carhartt Jackets Sizing Chart:

Men’s Jacket Sizing Chart

The values given in the table are provided by the Carhartt which is an approximation to general men’s body type.

Measurements are in inches.

SizeChestWaistHip (Seat)
Carhartt Men’s Jacket Sizing Chart

Women’s Jacket Sizing Chart

The values given in the table are provided by the Carhartt which is an approximation to general women’s body type.

Measurements are in inches.

SizeBustWaistHip (Seat)
X-Small (0-2)332736
Small (4-6)352938
1X Plus44-4638¾ – 40¾46½ – 48½
2X Plus48-5042¾ – 44¾50½ – 52½
3X Plus52-5446¾ – 48¾54½ – 56½
Carhartt Women’s Jacket Sizing Chart

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