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Are Patagonia Jackets Warm? (With Temperature Rating)

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Yes, Patagonia jackets are warm, and they made a variety of jackets for different weather types; say, you can get a coat for the common cold to the extreme cold but don’t consider them for severe weather where heavy storms are dominant.

Patagonia uses three insulation types in their synthetic insulated jackets – PrimaLoft Gold, Thermogreen®, and PlumaFill. You can easily see in the table provided below that many of their synthetic jackets use Thermogreen®, which is reasonable but not in any comparison better than PrimaLoft Gold or CoreLoft.

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Though, I like Patagonia because of using 80% to 100% recycled polyester and 100% goose down in some of its famous models.

However, don’t think of going with a just Patagonia jacket in negative temperatures because they are known for their work on the environment. Still, due to making it affordable for average customers, they cannot provide the highest quality of warmth in Severe Weather conditions, which a premium brand like Arcteryx is famous for.

Also, with most of their budget jackets, you can feel the loss of heat and insulation quality when the speed of chilled wind crosses a specific limit. Unless you’re sizing up a Patagonia jacket to wear other layers, it t make insulation stronger.

They use Gore-Tex in their expensive models but not as effectively and attentively to make their jackets solid and windproof.

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What is the warmest Patagonia jacket?

In terms of just warmth, I’d say you should consider the Down Sweater Jacket / Hoody because of 800 fill power goose down, and its warmth to weight ratio is just lovely and provide long-lasting insulation.

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If you want a jacket that is as warm to its weight as down jackets are, go with Macro puff because of using more grams of PlumaFill on the body than the sleeves and panels; the insulation is more effective and warmer to its weight.

For the synthetic jacket, you can consider Nano Puff® Jacket / Hoody. In their current catalog of jackets, only the Nano Puff series is the one that uses 60-g PrimaLoft Gold which means it is even better than some of Arc’teryx jackets in some terms due to its incredible ability to trap the heat faster.

For parka, the warmest Patagonia you can get is Grade VII Down Parka and City Storm Parka, which is one of the few Patagonia jackets that uses two layers of 100% Nylon shell of H2No® Performance Standard and combining it with 700 fill-power down, you can remain toasty warm as low as -15 degree Celcius with some layering.

All Patagonia Jackets With Temperature Rating (Table)

Patagonia itself clarify that they don’t give temperature rating because they are inaccurate as the amount of warmth a jacket gives depends on factors like weather, wind chill, humidity, and clouds affecting the feel of temperature and your body temperature.

Some people don’t have a problem with getting cold, some run cold faster, and some run hot faster. So it would help if you considered different variables uncertain about making a particular temperature rating.

Thus use this table to get an idea of what temperature a given Patagonia jacket can handle comfortably without losing warmth and insulation.

In table:

  • Temp range: It’s an assumed minimum and maximum temperature of degrees Celcius in which you can wear a jacket comfortably with warmth. Ratings are based on how thick a coat is, what insulation is used, and fabric construction.
  • If you run colder or hotter faster or slower than an average human, adjust the ratings accordingly.
IndexJackets (Men’s-Women’s)Temp Range (°C)InsulationFabric
1Nano Puff® Jacket / Hoody4 to 15Synthetic (60-g PrimaLoft Gold)Polyester ripstop (100% recycled)
2Grade VII Down Parka-20 to 0Down (800 Fill)15-denier Pertex® Quantum nylon ripstop (100% recycled)
3Down Sweater Jacket / Hoody-3 to 12Down (800 fill-power)Polyester ripstop (100% recycled)
4Patagonia Frozen Range Parka-18 to 0Down (700 fill power) 75-denier polyester plain-weave GORE-TEX fabric (100% recycled)
5Vosque 3-in-1 Parka-10 to 4Synthetic (100-g THERMOLITE® ECO92) H2No®, 65% recycled nylon/35% polyester cross-dyed plain weave 
6Nano-Air®0 to 12Synthetic (60-g FullRange®)100% polyester (87% recycled) plain weave
7Diamond Quilted Bomber Hoody4 to 15Synthetic (80-g Thermogreen®)Polyester taffeta (100% recycled)
8Patagonia DAS Parka-15 to 0Synthetic (133-g PrimaLoft® Gold)10-denier 100% nylon ripstop Pertex® Quantum Pro
9Baby Hi-Loft Down Sweater Hoody-8 to 5Down (700 fill power)Pertex® polyester (100% recycled)
10Macro Puff®-13 to 2Synthetic [135-g PlumaFill (body); 90-g PlumaFill (side panels and sleeves)]10-denier nylon ripstop (100% recycled)
11Nano Puff®-1 to 10Synthetic (60-g PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Eco)20-denier polyester ripstop (100% recycled)
12Boys’/Men’s Hi-Loft Down Hoody-5 to 9Down (600 fill-power )Polyester (100% recycled)
13Reversible Tribbles Hoody5 to 15Synthetic (100-g Thermogreen®)Polyester (92% Recycled)
14Reversible Down Sweater Hoody0 to 12Down (700 fill-power) (100% recycled)Polyester ripstop (100% Recycled)
15Girl’s Reversible Down Sweater Hoody 3 to 8Down (600 fill-power) (100% recycled) Polyester (100% recycled)
16Silent Down Jacket-3 to 10 Down (700 fill-power) (100% recycled)Polyester (70% recycled)
17Micro Puff® Hoody / Vest7 to 16Synthetic (65-g PlumaFill)Pertex® Quantum 100% nylon ripstop
18City Storm Parka-15 to 0Down (700 fill-power)H2No® Performance Standard 2-layer 100% nylon (35% recycled)
19Silent Down Shirt Jacket-1 to 12Down (700 fill-power) (100% recycled) 100% polyester taffeta (70% recycled)
20Insulated Fjord Flannel Jacket10 to 18Synthetic (60-g Thermogreen®)100% organic cotton yarn-dyed flannel
21All Seasons Hemp Canvas Vest4 to 12Synthetic (60-g Thermogreen®) 9.6-oz 55% industrial hemp/27% recycled polyester/18% organic cotton, with a 100% recycled polyester taffeta
22Jackson Glacier Parka / Jacket4 to 10Down (700 fill-power) (100% Recycled)2-layer, 3.6-oz 50-denier polyester (100% Recycled)
23Girls’ Snowbelle Jacket / Boys’ Snowshot Jacket-13 to 1Synthetic (150-g Thermogreen®)H2No®, 2-layer, 4.6-oz 75-denier polyester (100% recycled)
24Girl’s Down Parka3 to 10Down (600 fill-power)2.9-oz 100% polyester twill
25Insulated Prairie Dawn Parka4 to 10Synthetic (60-g Thermogreen®)8-oz 100% organic cotton canvas
26Tough Puff Hoody-6 to 12Synthetic (60-g FullRange® 100% polyester)100% polyester (46% recycled)
27Girls’ Tres 3-in-1 Parka7 to 15Down (600 fill-power) (100% recycled) 2-layer, 6-oz polyester (100% recycled)
28Men’s Topley Jacket5 to 17Down (700 fill) (100% recycled) 2-layer, 6-oz polyester (100% recycled)
29Boys’ Infurno Jacket4 to 9Synthetic (80-g Thermogreen®)4.4-oz nylon faille with a PU coating
(100% recycled nylon)

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