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Are Moncler Jackets Waterproof? (Honest Opinion)

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Moncler is one of the very expensive and luxurious brands but do they make their jacket to be functional in rainy situations? can they even keep you dry? and what are some cheap alternatives to the Moncler that provide better waterproofing at a lesser price? Let’s find out all the answers to the questions starting from the very first para after this.

Here’s How Waterproof Are Moncler Jackets?

If you’re new to Moncler then most probably you won’t find any Moncler jacket to be waterproof, though it is not so. Because if you dig a deep into the Moncler website then you’ll find that majority of the Moncler Grenoble jacket ranges are waterproof. Grenoble is an easy bet but I’ve even found waterproof jackets in the general Moncler series which we are going to discuss now.

After researching a lot I can only recommend Moirans jacket for Men and Beauvray jacket for women when it comes best waterproof Moncler jacket. Yet, to be honest they are so expensive to what they are providing that I’d suggest a general user in my opinion should go for Columbia, Patagonia, Arc’teryx, Superdry, & Spyder jackets if you want to get the best rain protection infraction of a price to Moncler.

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On the same side if you’re thinking of going for the jackets listed in Moncler’s coats and trench coats you’ll not be surprised much because only some of these jackets can provide optimal protection from the rain and wind. Such jackets are Nembus & Languard Coat (fully waterproof), Gageac Reversible Coat (moderate protection), Teyssier Parka (some protection).

Now, let’s see some of the best water protection they provide in their Windbreakers & raincoats category. After going through all the windbreakers and raincoats of Moncler I observed that Grimpeurs Hooded Jacket (water repellent), Doumenc Jacket (sudden rain protection), and Reppe Rain Jacket (light rain) are good options.

But apart from this, even their special series like House of Genius failed to provide any rain protection.

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What Is Moncler Doing To Keep Their Jackets Water Resistant or Waterproof?

Moncler is a luxurious brand so it is supposed to outperform the affordable rain jacket brands but it is not so because if you look at the R&D of Moncler then they don’t have innovative waterproofing technology of their own that even some of the most affordable like Columbia have.

But if you ask me to provide you a checklist to find the best waterproof jacket in Moncler then here are some things that Moncler does to provide rain jackets in all categories and how can you choose the best of those.

Water resistance

If you want a Moncler jacket that can give you last-minute protection from rain then you don’t have to worry because the majority of them do this. However, instead of picking the cotton-exterior jacket, you should look for the composition of polyester, nylon, and polyamide.

If you find that a Moncler jacket has any of these materials in the exterior body then it is good to bet, though, pick the polyester one because the polyester fibers in their structure are more efficient to resist water than nylon. But make sure that there is no to very little cotton content.

Water Repellent

As far as I’ve researched some Moncler jackets are water-repellent and not waterproof but unfortunately, none of them mention the water repellency treatment they are using.

So to find a water-repellent jacket means you will remain safe in light rain for a longer period and to find one you need to skim through their product description to search the word water-repellent.


This is the most fascinating category. To make jackets fully waterproof Moncler does a variety of things from the fabric used to the design of the jacket.

Pick up any of their ski shells and it is guaranteed to be waterproof because the majority of them either use Gore-Tex Infinium or 2-3 layers of stretch or poplin nylon.

Even though, the waterproofing can vary significantly depending on how many layers of the membrane are used, how well the exterior fabric is constructed and is there any water-repellent treatment or not.

But whatever the case, I know Moncler is waterproof but their jackets are not the best value for money when it comes to the protection from the heaviest downpour. In that case, you can go for Superdry jackets or Columbia jackets because they are way cheaper and way better than Moncler as far as the waterproofing is considered.

For example, Moncler Periasc features stretch nylon poplin that is stitched with breathable, resistant, and a high water repellent technical membrane and to make the jacket more protective it has PrimaLoft Gold Insulation, highly water-repellent AquaGuard zipper by YKK, and drawcord hood.

Here is a table of all the Waterproof Moncler jackets that technically are made to protect you from moderate to somewhat heavy rain.

Men’s Moncler Waterproof JacketsTechnical Fabric/Membrane Used
Moirans jacket3-layer Gore-Tex PRO
Authion short down jacketGore-Tex Infinium
Vallonet jacket2-layer ripstop nylon
Lagorai short down jacket2 layer stretch nylon
Marnaz jacket3-layer nylon fabric
Montmiral jacketGore-Tex Infinium 2-layer fabric
Boden hooded jacketWater repellent 2-layer stretch nylon
Planaval short down jacketWater repellent 2-layer nylon leger
Montgirod jacket2 layer Gore-Tex Infinium
Morvan hooded jacket3-layer 4 way stretch nylon
Women’s Moncler Waterproof JacketTechnical Fabric/Membrane Used
Beauvray jacketGore-Tex Paclite
Lamoura short down jacket2-layer nylon stretch
Armonique short down jacket2-layer nylon leger
Laplance short down jacketGore-Tex Infinium

Can You Wear Moncler In The rain?

After seeing all the technical details of the Moncler jacket if you go for the highest-end jacket that features either Gore-Tex PRO or Gore-Tex Paclite only then you should assume that you’re going to remain dry in heavy rain (in low pressure) for quite a few hours – if everything else is properly taken care like seams, zips, exterior-interior fabric, and detail to design.

If you go for any other Moncler piece that claims to be waterproof but is made of 2-3 layers of stretch, poplin, or leger nylon then it can protect you in light to moderate rain for 1/2 hour to a few hours depending on the technique by which the jacket and waterproof membrane are constructed.

Finally, if you go for any other Moncler jacket that is not made of cotton will give you immediate protection for brief rain but the water will gradually seep in so in other words pick up any Moncler jacket that is made up of polyester, nylon, or polyamide and it will resist water to some extent but will eventually fail.

Can You Wash Moncler Jackets?

Yes, you can wash Moncler jackets even those that are made to be waterproof. Moncler has some instructions for proper cleaning and caring of jackets that are listed below.

  • Wash in maximum of 30 degree celcius – mild process
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not bleach
  • Wash separately
  • Ironing maximum temperature is 110 degree celcius
  • Do not iron decorations
  • Professional wet cleaning – mild process
  • Flat dry in shade
  • Do not soak
  • It is advisable that wash and iron the jacket in reverse

These washing directions can be different depending on styles so it is better that before washing a jacket, must check the caring section mentioned in for each jacket as shown in the image given below.

Is Moncler Maya Waterproof?

Moncler Maya has its unique signatures but in terms of functionality, Maya lacks in waterproofing, though it is somewhat water repellent because of Polyamide and Nylon blend it is not 100% waterproof.

But please don’t buy the Moncler Maya Corduroy Jacket if you want water resistance because it is going to disappoint you because of using a high percentage of cotton in the exterior.

So, it is better that you don’t wear this jacket in rain also because it is filled with goose down which loses its insulation when gets wet, for that sake, it is good to wear it inside a shell.

Is Moncler Bady Waterproof?

No Moncler Bady is not waterproof but it is water-resistant and as you know both of these terms don’t convey the same thing. The only reason why Moncler Bady is water-resistant is because of using Japanese Nylon and polyamide blend in the exterior body.

Is Moncler Grenoble Waterproof?

Yes, the Moncler Grenoble is 100% waterproof but can it protect you from heavy rain? Moncler hasn’t provided a waterproofing rating but because it is made by 2-3 layer nylon stretch and technical membrane like Gore-Tex in some styles along with waterproof zippers so we can assume that they will withstand light rain and moderate rain to some extent.

However, I can’t guarantee that this series will provide you protection from heavy rain in high pressure because Moncler itself says that the Grenoble jackets are made with highly water repellent Nylon fabric.

But, there are Moncler Grenoble Jackets like the Villair that provides more rain protection due to Gore-Tex Paclite and Pro

Is Moncler Montgenevre Waterproof?

No Moncler Montgenevre jacket is not waterproof but it is highly water-resistant because the exterior of this jacket is constructed using 100% virgin wool. Wool is a natural fiber but due to the nature of lanolin content in its fibers, it resists and repels water to some extent.

Is Moncler Cluny Waterproof?

Moncler Cluny’s long down jacket is unique because of the iconic quilting, elegance, and function but it can only withstand light showers for a shorter period. Meaning the Cluny is not waterproof at all but it is water-resistant.

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