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Do Patagonia Jackets Run Small? (Which Jackets Run Small?)

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Yes, Patagonia jackets run small, this is usually with the jackets that are not technical. If you have a small slim fit you can notice the sleeves being small and the body length too.

However, there is a possibility that this might not be the case with you because Patagonia has lots of factories for different products which may result in size being small for one model and being perfect for another.

That’s our direct answer but as you know the company does not make a jacket for individuals but the entire market thus the individual’s weight, height, and body.

So keep reading the article if you want a more specific answer for different types of bodies.

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How Do Patagonia Jackets Fit?

Here we will go a little broad to see an overall picture of what you can expect with Patagonia in terms of jacket fit.

No matter which type of jacket you’re buying Patagonia generalizes them in four ways: slim fit, regular fit, and relaxed fit.

Let’s discuss each category one by one with my opinion of which a certain type of individual should opt and which you should avoid.

using patagonia size guide to explain the patagonia jackets fitting
From Patagonia (Formfitting is not for Jackets)

Slim Fit:

This is more closer-fit to the body usually chosen by those who want to highlight their body.

It can be a good option for Patagonia jackets if you are very clear that you won’t need any layering underneath however you can comfortably wear a loose fit top layer.

You can easily find other guys who have bought a small or medium slim fit Patagonia jacket that runs small in sleeves, the bust, or any other area like those used M or S size Houdini recommended to size up your jacket to get a comfortable fit that does not run small or tight in the forearm, however, they also said that an L size can also make the sleeves little bigger than hands.

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Regular Fit:

This fit is what I recommend to those who want to add a light sweater or flannel without being uncomfortable and blocking the movements. Most folks will be comfortable with the relaxed fit if they choose the size wisely according to their height and width.

For example, if you’re around 5’10 in height and around 190 lbs in weight bigger chests and shoulder then a Large size Patagonia jacket may run small in sleeves and body length so you may go for XL and in that case, the sleeves are now fit but the overall jacket can be too big.

This is the case with Patagonia standard fit jackets that can go here and there in non-standardized body but this is very rare in technical jackets because most Patagonia regular Nano Puff users claim it to be true to size.

Relaxed Fit:

Going for Patagonia relaxed fit jackets is a good option for those who want a loose and roomy jacket that feels light and can add jackets like nano puff or flannels underneath it without any comfort problem.

It is very hard to find people with Patagonia relaxed fit who complain about the jacket being small instead most of the buyers said that it is kinda large and loose.

Do not worry most relaxed fit medium or small size Patagonia jackets will fit perfectly for anyone who is around 5’7-6 and weighs around 190 lbs.

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Patagonia Men’s Jacket’s Size Chart (Table)

Measurements provided are in inches.


Patagonia Women’s Jacket’s Size Chart (Table)

Measurements are in inches.


Can you replace or return the unfit Patagonia Jacket?

Yes, that’s what I love about Patagonia. You are completely free to replace the jacket for a larger size or can return it to get a refund if your desired jacket runs small or does not satisfy you.

Scroll down for a complete chat transcript

You can file the return or replacement any time because Patagonia does not have any set time limit like 30 days, however, it is better to return it soon.

If you return your jacket under a year, you’ll get a refund by the original method of purchase but if it is over a year from the date of shipment then you may get the merchandise credit for your next purchase.

And Make sure the Jacket is in the same condition as it is when you first hold it in your hands and the tags on your receipt are in place.

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Here is my transcript for the chat with Patagonia Customer Care about returning or replacing a Jacket that runs smaller:

Cayla: Hello Michael! My name is Cayla. How may I help you today?
Michael: Hello Cayla 🙂
Michael: I am looking at Men’s Houdini Jacket Slim Fit
Michael: I wanna know If the jacket will run smaller on the first try can I return It replace it with a longer size or smaller one.
Cayla: Hi there – it only comes in the Slim fit – XS, S, M, L, XL. But you are more than welcome to return or exchange it for a different size if it does not fit.
Cayla: Sorry I left out XXL and 3XL size as well.
Michael: In how many days can I claim the return for an L size because currently I am thinking to go with M but there is a certain doubt about the final fit.
Cayla: We don’t have a set 30-day policy on returns – just as long as you keep new tags on with your receipt and try to return it as soon as you can. If it has been over a year we would have to issue you a merchandise credit and not a refund.
Michael: It means if under a year I return the jacket back to Patagonia, I will get paid in cash but if it’s over a year then Merchandise credit as a discount for future purchase of the jacket
Michael: Can I use merchandise credit only for jackets or for any item?
Cayla: Not exactly – online returns under a year and still new condition means we will refund your original method of purchase. If it is over a year – we will email you a gift card for it instead. You can use that gift card on anything on our website.
Michael: Can you please send me a link to the page where I can send the order details?
Michael: In case I need that in future
Cayla: I am sorry I am not sure what you mean by order details, did you want a link on our return policy?
Michael: Yes, any form which I can fill for return or replacement of a product
Cayla: Oh gotcha – I’ll send you a link to our return page – are you in the US or Canada?
Michael: US
Cayla: Sweet, just want to make sure I send you the right website:
Cayla: You can also find this link by typing in “returns” in the search bar on our website.
Cayla: If you have any questions on returns or exchanges, there is a link that says “have questions” on that site as well.
Michael: Thanks for clearing my doubt
Cayla: You bet! Can I help with anything else?
Michael: No
Michael: Have a lovely life.
Cayla: Thanks for the chat and hope you have an awesome day! If you have a minute, I have a short 4 question survey that would mean a lot to me if you could fill it out
Michael: No problem
Cayla: Thank you, Michael! I appreciate it! Take care 🙂


Let’s sum it up in few lines.

Do Patagonia Jackets Run Small? Yes, Patagonia jackets do run small and tight especially the slim fit. That’s why it is recommended to size up the jacket from small to medium or large.

However, I would recommend you to go for a relaxed fit because as far as I know no one complaints about Patagonia relaxed fit jackets running small or tight even after adding some layers.

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