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Does Patagonia Shrink? (For Shirts, Sweater, Baggies, etc)

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Patagonia is a well-known outdoor clothing brand that prioritizes the environment over anything.

But do Patagonia products shrink? And should you try to shrink them or not?

Let’s find out the answer to these questions for the various types of clothing they provide.

Do Patagonia Shirts/T-Shirts Shrink?

Yes and No. Because Patagonia makes shirts using five fabrics – Nylon, Polyester, Organic Cotton, Merino wool, and Hemp. If your Patagonia shirt is made of 100% organic cotton or merino wool then it will definitely shrink a little when washing in warm water or tumble drying and if you do the same with Patagonia hemp shirts you’ll see the slight shrinkage.

However, if your Patagonia shirt is made up of Nylon or Polyester, artificial fibers will be hard to shrink because it is only on high heat; the contraction of the dimension of Nylon and polyester fabric can happen.

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Although, If you want to wash your shirt in warm water or tumble dry without seeing shrinkage, you should buy Nylon or Polyester Patagonia shirts, and shirts with Nylon or polyester blended with cotton will get some protection from shrinkage when washing in warm water.

I insist you please take the advice of a tailor to make your Patagonia shirt to fit your size instead of trying to shrink it by using warm water or hot tumble drying because shrinking shirts using heat will lose the colors and the size may not be even.

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This is the table for some famous Patagonia shirts which can be shrunk or not

Famous Patagonia ShirtsFabric UsedEasy to Shrink?
Vjosa River Pima Shirt100% organic Pima-cottonYes
Sun Stretch Shirt52% recycled nylon/48% T400 polyester blendNo
Farrier’s Work Shirt55% industrial hemp/45% recycled polyesterLittle Easy
Capilene Cool Shirt100% polyesterNo
Capilene Cool Merino65% merino wool/35% recycled polyesterSomewhat Easy
Sol Patrol Shirt100% polyester ripstopNo
A/C Buttondown Hot weather Shirt100% organic cotton yarn-dyed plain weaveYes
Henley Pocket Tee55% industrial hemp/45% organic cottonYes
Western Snap ShirtIndustrial hemp, polyester, organic cotton-spandex blendYes
Work Pocket Tee55% industrial hemp/45% organic cotton Yes

Do Patagonia Sweaters Shrink?

Yes, any Patagonia sweater can shrink; however, it depends on the fabric, how much it will shrink and how much heat and energy it will take.

The sweater comprises cotton, hemp, wool, cashmere, or any natural fabric. The shrinking can happen in hot water and tumble dry on high heat.

This happens because a natural fabric will lose its tension and return to its natural dimension when applied heat.

Suppose a Patagonia sweater consists of polyester in the majority. In that case, the shrinkage will be more difficult, thus taking more energy and very high heat (155-178°F), which is most likely impossible for a household dryer or iron to achieve due to safety measures. Thus you need to launder and wash polyester jackets many times in high heat to get them to shrink a little.

However, Suppose a Patagonia sweater uses Nylon in the majority. In that case, you can shrink it a little by laundering and ironing it multiple times in the highest heat setting because Nylon starts to turn yellow in the highest household heat setting and begin to lose its tension.

Here’s a table for you to look at as a reference to know which Patagonia sweater can shrink and which can not. Also, the table will give you an idea of how hard or easy it is to shrink any particular sweater. Because sure sweaters like Patagonia better sweater is very very hard to shrink, you should get the right size beforehand.

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Famous Patagonia SweatersFabric UsedDo this shrink?, How Hard is it to shrink?
Better Fleece Jacket (Men’s/Women’s)100% recycled polyester knit fleeceYes, Very Hard
Better Sweater Fleece Vest (Men’s/Women’s)100% recycled polyester knit fleece Yes, Very Hard
M’s Recycled Cashmere Crewneck Sweater/Hoody Pullover95% recycled cashmere/5% woolYes, Very Easily
M’s Better Sweater Rib Knit 1/4-Zip Fleece100% recycled polyester rib-knit fleeceYes, Very Hard
M’s Better Sweater Fleece Henley Pullover100% recycled polyester knit and rib-knit fleeceYes, Very Hard
M’s Recycled Wool Sweater70% recycled wool/26% recycled nylon/4% other fiberYes, Easy
W’s Recycled Cashmere V-Neck Sweater70% pre-consumer cashmere waste, blended with 30% virgin woolYes, Very Easily
W’s Better Sweater Fleece Hoody100% recycled polyester knit fleeceYes, Very Hard
Fog Cutter Workwear Sweater (Men’s/Women’s)Body: 40% recycled cotton/30% organic cotton/30% recycled hemp blend
Shoulder Enforcement: 100% recycled nylon
Yes, Not that Hard

Do Patagonia Baggies Shrink?

Yes, the Patagonia baggies made up of natural fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, or the blend of hemp and cotton will shrink very quickly when washed in hot water or tumble dry in high heat.

Though, it has some disadvantages because shrinking baggies in hot water may result in color leakage and uneven shrinking. After all, shrinking with this process can relax the fabric in unwanted places and thus cause uneven shrinking.

So, a better way to make your Patagonia baggies fit you is to contact a sewist who can do some tweaks here and there according to your waist, hips, and legs to give it an even and attractive fit.

Below is a table to help you choose Patagonia baggies according to your shrinking wish.

Go with hard-to-shrink baggies (usually synthetic fabrics) if you want to wash or swim in reasonably warm water.

The Patagonia baggies or shorts made up of Nylon generally come with quick-dry technology.

Famous Patagonia BaggiesFabric UsedEasy to Shrink?
Baggies Shorts100% recycled nylonNo
Island Hemp Baggies55% hemp/45% organic cottonYes
Barely Baggies100% recycled nylon No
M’s Baggies Lights Shorts100% recycled polyester ripstopNo
M’s Baggies Naturals Shorts55% hemp/45% organic cottonYes
M’s Baggies Jacket100% recycled nylonNo

Do Patagonia Synchilla Shrink?

No Patagonia Synchilla does not shrink because every synchilla pullover, vest, jacket, glove. booties, cagoule, and pants Patagonia make are either made of 100% Nylon or 100% polyester

Among nylon and polyester synchillas, polyester requires a very high temperature to relax to shrink. Because polyester is predried at a very high temperature which a household dryer or iron can not reach thus, it is a practical ‘no’ for polyester Patagonia synchilla’s shrinking.

However, with nylon synchilla, there is still a possibility of shrinking at the peak of the dryer’s temperature because Nylon can’t be held under tension in higher temperature ranges.

You can use the table below to reference the Patagonia synchilla, which uses Nylon and Polyester.

Famous Patagonia SynchillaFabric UsedEasy to Shrink?
Synchilla Snap-T Fleece PulloverBody: 100% polyester
Pockets: 100% nylon
Classic Synchilla Fleece Jacket100% polyesterNo
Classic Synchilla Fleece Vest100% polyester No
Shelled Synchilla Reversible VestShell & Trim: 100% nylon
Lining: 100% polyester
Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pants100% polyesterNo
Synchilla Fleece Gloves100% polyesterNo
Kids’ Unisex Synchilla Fleece CagouleBody: 100% polyester
Pocket:100% nylon
Baby Synchilla Fleece BootiesBody: 100% polyester
Soles: 3% nylon/33.7% polyurethane/13.3% spandex
Shelled Synchilla Jacket100% nylon Baggies™ shell fabricNo

Do Patagonia Flannels Shrink?

Yes, all Patagonia flannels can shrink because all the Patagonia flannels are 100% made of organic cotton, which can be shrunk very easily in hot water and tumble dry on heat.

Because it is 100% organic cotton, it is not treated with any chemical, which may result in more than 10% of cotton shrinking.

In Patagonia flannels, you’ll be more likely to see length shrinkage than the widths, not because it is the fault of Patagonia but because it is the nature of 100% organic cotton fabric.

That’s why with 100% cotton garments, the washing is recommended in the cold to lukewarm water and using a line if possible to dry the clothes instead of tumble drying. And the same is applied to all Patagonia that have organic cotton.

If you’re running out of time, then use the dryer with an air cycle with no not heat to dry out the flannels.

You can use the table given below as a reference to check some of the famous Patagonia flannels and their shrinking ease.

Famous Patagonia FlannelsFabric UsedEasy to Shrink?
M’s Lightweight Fjord Flannel Shirt100% organic cotton garment-washed flannel twillYes
M’s Natural Dye Fjord Flannel Shirt100% organic cotton flannelYes
W’s Long-Sleeved Fjord Flannel Shirt100% organic cotton flannel Yes
M’s Long-Sleeved Fjord Flannel Shirt100% organic cotton garment-washed flannel twillYes
Insulated Fjord Flannel JacketShell: 100% organic cotton yarn-dyed flannel
Lining: 100% polyester plain weave
Yes, but don’t do it
Fjord Flannel Patchwork Scarf100% organic cotton flannelYes
W’s Driving Song Flannel Shirt100% organic cotton peached flannelYes
M’s Lightweight Fjord Flannel Hoody100% organic cotton garment-washed flannel twillYes
W’s Heywood Flannel Shirt100% organic cotton twill flannelYes

Do Patagonia Shorts Shrink?

Yes, some Patagonia shorts are made of organic cotton, which can shrink quickly, but most Patagonia shorts are made of Nylon and Polyester, which are hard to shrink on low heat.

Thus if you want, you can shrink the organic Patagonia shorts in hot water and then tumble dry on high heat, which can shrink them up to 10% or more.

However, I would recommend you to contact a tailor or seamstress to see whether they can correct its fit according to you or not.

And if they say no, then return your Patagonia shorts and order another pair that you think might fit well.

Famous Patagonia ShortsFabric UsedEasy to Shrink
M’s Nine Trails Running Shorts91% recycled polyester/9% spandex stretch-woven blendNo
M’s Lightweight All-wear Hemp Shorts76% organic cotton/24% hempYes
M’s Stand Up Shorts100% organic cotton canvasYes
M’s Quandary Shorts95% nylon (65% recycled)/5% spandexNo
M’s Strider Pro Running Shorts100% recycled polyester ripstopNo
M’s Stretch Planing Boardshorts91% recycled polyester/9% spandexNo
W’s Nine Trails Shorts91% recycled polyester/9% spandexNo
W’s Quandary Shorts95% nylon/5% spandexNo
W’s Strider Running Shorts100% polyesterNo
W’s Fleetwith Shorts91% recycled polyester/9% spandex plain weaveNo
W’s Slub Woven Shorts100% organic cotton slub-wovenYes
W’s Stretch All-Wear Shorts98% organic cotton/2% spandex stretch plain weaveYes

Do Patagonia Fleeces Shrink?

If you have read this article completely, you might notice that in the fabric used section, I used the word ‘fleece’ several times in Patagonia sweater and synchilla.

Now you might be wondering, do the fleeces play a role in the shrinking of Patagonia. Do Patagonia fleeces shrink?

The answer is No. You can’t shrink the Patagonia fleeces because they are used with polyester, unlike any fabric, and thus takes a very high temperature to relax its structure and shrink.

And the heat a polyester fabric requires generally can not be attained by household iron and dryers. Even if you somehow managed to generate at least 155-178°F of heat, there are many chances that your fleece jacket, sweater, or synchilla won’t be good enough to wear in public.

Thus, a better way to shrink or fit the Patagonia fleece is to contact a sewist to help your yarn fit you.

And, if that does not work, return it to Patagonia or get used to wearing it a little loose which is not a big deal.


I hope I can help you at least figure out whether to shrink Patagonia or not.

Let’s conclude it- does Patagonia shrink? It depends. It will shrink quickly if the Patagonia clothing comprises cotton, hemp, cashmere, wool, or any other natural fabric. However, if Patagonia clothing is made up of Nylon or Polyester, then it is almost impossible to shrink that Patagonia.

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