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Can You Live In A Yurt In California? (Yes, But…)

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Yes, it is possible to build and live in a yurt in California but you need to go through all the codes of the county in which you want to build a yurt, and don’t miss to research on weather conditions of California for the yurt.

Like some counties are totally fine with you for building yurts such as Mendocino and napa and cities such as Eureka and Los Gatos have granted permits for building yurts to live and for different purposes.

However, counties such as Marin have only allowed building yurts for non-habitat goals.

With that being said, you need to go through the codes as they vary from one county to another and you also need to go through the officials and government who will make the final decision.

So, if you want to win in California then you need to play cleverly with the government and they would be more careful because building yurts in California need no CO, they can’t get taxes from you, and no insurance which makes such government officials go with empty hands without a paycheck.

Are There Yurts In California?

Yes, there are yurts in California country in which some are living as individuals, and some build yurts for the whole family to live permanently in a yurt.

The places where you can find people living in a yurt in CA are Ukiah, Andreson Valley, Hopland, Philo, Big Sur, Santa Margarita, North Santa Barbara, Near San Diego, Paradise Hills, and Lake Elsinore.

There are even more places where you can find people living in a yurt which makes us more clear that we can build a permanent yurt in California and can live in it.

If you want to get a feel of how a yurt life is in California then you can check out this video of the round yurt house. By the way, the yurt is really beautiful.

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What Are The Laws For Building Yurt In California?

Please read all the points carefully before building a yurt. These are the codes that I found after my research but there can be more laws to build yurt depending on which county you live in.

However, these codes are nearly universal in California so do follow them to build a permanent yurt.

California Urban Wildlife Code 2010 (What is it?)

  • Your structure must be to stand strong for 14 minutes in a fire of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit without continuing to burn the external structure of the yurt.
  • Requires:
    • Tempered windows
    • baffled or ventless vents
    • Interior sprinklers
    • Fireproof plaster
    • Underdeck fire guards should be shielded to resist fire burning under
  • The wood exterior should have the deck and the siding railing 1-1/2 thick to accomplish the rating of a 1-hour fire.

The California Green Code 2014 (What is it?)

  • During construction, it requires meeting a minimal carbon footprint to reduce construction waste and energy use.
  • On top of the Tittle 24 energy code, it is mentioned that new construction should minimize their energy use means not to waste.
  • Especially if you’re using non-renewable sources of energy such as power from the grid, propane, or oil. For these, your home requires more energy-efficient appliances.

Will The Weather In California Support My Yurt?

The overall weather of California will support the yurt or at least won’t hit hard but what can hit hard are tornadoes.

Tornadoes are something that California is not unheard of. According to National Centers for Environmental Informations on average California faces 11 tornadoes every year. Where most tornadoes have formed in Central Valley.

The majority of tornadoes are weak and disappear quickly but it is good to not take any risk so better not to build a yurt in Central Valley or near that.

Also, research your particular place for a tornado before planning a yurt.

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Can I Rent A Yurt In California?

Yes, either you can rent your yurt or you can live in someone else yurt by paying them a nightly fee is completely possible and legal in California.

There are several places where you can list your yurt for rent or can apply for a stay.

Airbnb and Glamping Hub are some of the best places to rent the yurt in California.

I Want To Buy A Yurt In California (Which Place Should I Look For?)

Either you can directly go to the yurt manufacture through call or their website or you can look on the internet where the people sell their yurt using the third party websites.

On normal you can expect the price to be higher than the construction price so that the owner can have their profit.


I hope the answer is now clear for can you live in a yurt in California? and now you know it is possible to build and live in one, the only thing you need to be aware of the local government policies for building a yurt and the weather of that particular locality.

As you know it is not possible to cover every city and county so don’t be afraid to ask the officials for the yurt building codes and permits.

If you know the work well then you can agree with the official’s allowance of building a yurt in california.

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