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Can You Live In A Yurt In Florida? (Don’t Skip This!)

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Most probably you can build a yurt in Florida but you need to make sure of the FL’s weather as in summer the humidity arises to a good level so you need to think of yurt’s material that doesn’t grab moisture to torture you.

Also, make sure you’re following all the building laws and code.

Be aware of the rain too because sometimes it can go mad. (Scroll down to know more about Florida weather compliance for your Yurt)

In this article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know to build a yurt in any region of Florida and what you need to be aware of to Yurt life in Florida.

Are There Yurts In Florida?

Yes, there are yurts across Florida and you can easily find some in Carrabelle. Bristol, Christmas, Geneva, Oldtown, Clermont, Jacksonville, Lake Wales, Sebring, Mims, Santa Rosa Beach, Milton, etc.

These are just some names where you can find yurts in Florida but you will find even more if you roam in Florida.

And what you find common in most of the yurts in Florida that they are not in city places which somehow give them a little freedom from a basket of government rules.

Some of the yurts are clearly made for business purposes, some are personal, some can be lease occasionally when the owner wants to go somewhere else.

You can easily find people live alone in the yurt or they may have built for temporary and occasional living which is considered more of camping and less of a home.

This is what the benefit you can have when setting up a temporary yurt tent which in most case does not require permits in Florida but still it depends on a county by county

Now if you’re still reading then you’re completely sure that you can build a yurt in Florida but still, you need to learn a lot.

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Laws For Building Yurt In Florida

As Florida is not new to hurricanes and windy conditions Florida government issued the building code to ensure public safety and health when things turn bad.

So to build a Yurt you need to follow the Florida Building Code. However, some counties may add extra laws according to the overall condition of that particular county in Florida.

Here are some important points that I have taken out. Click here if you need to read the summary of the Florida Building Code.

  • Permits are required for any person or business to construct, repair, alter or demolish any structure or building.
  • Permits are required to avail any government benefit of plumbing, water supply, electricity, etc.
  • Hurricane-proof windows and roof. Yurt has a domed roof which is known to be hurricane-proof

However, you don’t need to go hard on yurt structure as they are pretty portable so you can transport them if they found situation is going bad.

Will Florida’s Weather Favor My Yurt

First of all, if we take into account overall Florida it is not the windiest however it sees hurricanes time by time like on average Northwest Florida slapped by hurricanes every 3 years or so.

You should build your base foundation reasonably tall so that you don’t get a flood. You can check here the average inches of rain in Florida.

10 places that are free from hurricanes and floods where you can think to build a yurt are Fernandina Beach, Ocala, Lake City, Naples, Palatka, Gainesville, Orlando, Sanford, Leesburg, and Kissimmee.

According to the report, the lowest average wind speed is 7.58mph in South Miami and the highest average wind speed is measured 26.78 mph at Grenelefe.

If we go by the calculation of the National Weather Service, anything between 15 to 25 mph considered ‘breezy’ whereas anything above 25 mph is considered ‘windy’

So if you’re planning to build a yurt in Florida, try not to go to high-wind speeds places.

In fact, you should build a very study yurt if you’re making it anywhere in Florida so that it don’t move at all in breezy condition as you know concrete homes have no problem with it but a yurt need to be built with full caution of future events that can be occurred.

And as Florida is familiar with hurricanes it is my opinion that you should not build a yurt in the Northwest area followed by northeast Florida which sees hurricanes every 6.5 years because we do not know how mad can hurricane go where it can cross 100 mph wind speed which the extreme point of most yurts to not break and when it crosses 100 mph your yurt can get into trouble.


If you have come here to know whether you can live in a yurt or not in Florida? Then, in short, yes you can live in a yurt in California and many peoples are successfully doing it but you need to follow all the building codes provided by the government of Florida and you need to have permission to build a yurt in Flordia.

However, if you’re planning to build a yurt in any rural area where you have lots of acres of land then most probably you don’t need the permits because neither you’re disturbing the city laws nor you are breaking any laws.

It is better when you a big property to go for natural sources of electricity, fuel, and strong and sturdy enough shelter for winds and rainy periods

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