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Do North Face Jackets Run Small? (Which Jackets Run Small?)

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North Face is known for making their jackets true to fit but still, there are some jackets in both women’s and men’s categories that run small.

We all know North Face is not a cheap quality brand and because of making their jackets in all price ranges it has gained a good percentage of the market in the USA.

You can easily find people who prefer North Face as their go-to shop for all the family winter clothing and are sticking with this brand for more than 15 years.

But after being so long in the market are there jackets true to size or run small?

Let’s find out an unbiased answer together.

Though don’t think that North Face has small jackets, they do have some big too like the Gotham III Down Jacket that is perfect in length but run too big around the waist which in many cases is good for layerings.

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Which North Face Jackets Run Small & Why? (Table)

As you’ve already read in the first paragraph that there are jackets in North Face that run small, short, or tight, but to be surprised there are very few jackets that do run large instead of running small.

To make my data set as accurate as possible, I kept my opinions aside and read what other people experienced with the North Face jacket fitting and size.

The North Face Jackets Fit Rating Feature
The North Face Fit Rating Feature (Don’t completely rely on it.)

Thus. here I am providing a table for some of the most popular North Face Jackets and a direct answer to whether they run small or are true to size.

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When I asked the North Face (transcript is provided just above the sizing chart) they said that ‘they have to make Jackets for different needs of the customer which make them run smaller or bigger in some cases.’

The table is not what I assumed but it is completely based on what the real user of North Face experienced about sizing.

Before you jump to the table, I want to tell you that not all North Face Jackets are listed in it so you can send a comment with the jacket name and I will come with the best possible advice for that particular one.

Famous North Face JacketsDo They Run Small?
M’s Retro 1996 NuptseRuns small in length and sleeves but Roomy
W’s Retro 1996 Nuptse True to Size
M’s Apex Bionic JacketTrue to Size
W’s Apex Bionic Jacket Runs small so size up if you want to add layers
W’s Canyonlands Full ZipTrue to Size, but feels tight when zipped up so consider sizing up
W’s Osito JacketTrue to Size
W’s Venture 2 JacketTrue to Size
M’s Venture 2 JacketTrue to Size
M’s Stretch Down JacketTrue to Size
W’s Stretch Down Jacket Runs Small, order one size up than regular
M’s Aconcagua 2 JacketTrue to Size
W’s City Breeze Rain TrenchSleeves are long so tiny hands can fit this to run big but fit perfectly for someone with longer hands.
Youth ThermoBall™ Eco JacketRuns a bit Big, not Small
Girls’ ThermoBall™ Eco JacketBit Long at Back

Types of Jacket Fit The North Face Offers:

North Face currently offers three types of fit for their jackets: Slim fit, Standard fit, and Relaxed fit.

Let’s discuss the fits one by one:

Slim Fit

This is a more close-to-body-fit which provides a fair range of motion. Such jackets are shaped at the waist with moderate body contouring and can be worn over light mid-layers or base layers.

Standard Fit

The standard-fit of North Face jackets is the fit that the majority of people claim to be true-to-size for comfortable and easy movement.

Such jackets can have slight body shaping or a straight fit without the shaping.

You can look for standard fit jackets if you want to be comfortable with mid-layers.

Relaxed Fit

Go for a relaxed fit if you want your jacket to be loose to an oversize fit, which feels like swimming in it because it is roomy with no shaping at all.

However, with this fit, you may find that shoulder may drop below the natural shoulder.

At a plus point, you can remain comfortable even after wearing heavy mid-layers.

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How Good The North Face Jacket Fit Is? (Compared To Other Brands)

After writing on several well-known jacket brands like Arc’teryx, Patagonia, and Columbia. I can be pretty comfortable saying that North Face jackets receive a lot fewer complaints about running small than many affordable brands like Columbia.

Also, the North Face Jackets can easily beat the non-technical Patagonia jackets in terms of complaints being received for running big or small.

However, the North Face is still behind in sizing accuracy and overall fit, and ease of movement when it comes to technical Patagonia and Arc’teryx jackets.

How To Choose A Perfect North Face Jacket Fit For You?

One of the easiest ways is to first check the table provided above to check if your desired north face jacket is listed on it. If it is listed then you can trust the data provided there about running small or big and then order accordingly.

This will reduce the chance of getting the wrong size.

Here are two more ways that you should do to eliminate the wrong fit.

Go to store:

If you just go to a nearby store where the original North Face jackets are on sale, you can try different jacket sizing and can be 100% clear that this is the jacket that is made for your body type.

If you found out a perfect fit at the offline store then just buy from there, though you should not forget to check out the online deals because sometimes you can find the same jacket online at a more discounted price than at the store.

But, just make sure the jacket you’re buying is not fake as nowadays many people selling in the name of a well-known brand to make some profit.

Read forums, reviews, and watch youtube videos

If you’re a lazy guy or gal’ then make sure you at least read some reviews especially on fitting at, forums, and watch youtube videos.

Although, you should be aware of fake reviews which are there as sponsored or to earn some affiliate commission. That’s why to read as many reviews on the official website to get a working intuition about sizing for yourself.

Is It Possible To Return The Unfit North Face Jackets?

Yes, if you’re unsatisfied with the North Face Jacket’s fit then you can return the product to the stores well within 60 days of purchase.

Screenshot of me doing the live chat with The North Face Customer Care about jacket running small
Scroll a bit down to read the transcript of my chat with The North Face

The jacket purchase online can be returned or at The North Face retail stores however the jackets that are purchased in The North Face retail store must be returned in-store.

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Also, jackets must be unused and unwashed.

Here’s the transcript of my chat with The North Face Customer Care:

Laura K: Hello! Thank you for contacting us. How can I help you today?
Michael: I am thinking of M’s Retro 1996 Nuptse but some people say that it runs small for a 6 feet tall man but roomy. Roomy experience is good for me but If in case the jacket runs small can I return or exchange it with the larger version. What’ll be the process of exchanging the jacket for another one? Thanks 🙂
Laura K: Yes you would be able to return it, the exchange process for online return and reorder. You can do a direct exchange in-store
Michael: Any fee for exchanging it
Laura K: No there are not any fees
Michael: And if return in case, I which form will I get the refund? Merchandise Credit or via the direct method of purchase.
Laura K: the return would go back to the form of payment unless you select a gift card
Michael: Ok, A general question! I have seen that your majority of jackets are true to size but why few North Face Jackets runs smalls or big
Laura K: We have three different fits there is slim fit, standard fit, and relaxed fit. We have them to fit the different needs of our customers
Michael: Got it thanks for clearing my doubt
Michael: Have a wonderful life: )

North Face Jackets Sizing Chart:

Men’s Jacket Sizing Chart:

Measurements are in inches.

SizeChestHipArm Length

Women’s Jacket Sizing Chart

Measurements are in inches.

SizeChestWaistHipsArm Length

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