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Do Nike Hoodies Run Small? (Which Hoodies Run Small?)

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Yes, some Nike hoodies do run small, but the complaints are very few because the rest are intentionally designed to run big and oversized for a spacious and roomy feel.

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In each hoodie product description, Nike clearly mentions whether this jacket runs loose, standard, or is oversized.

However, there are jackets that run smaller as complained about by the real users.

Thence. I am going to provide tables for both Men and Women with the sizing recommendation so that you can make a smart choice.

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Which Nike Hoodies Run Small, Big, Or Ture To Size?

These recommendations are based on the reviews of real Nike hoodie users.

Men’s Nike Hoodies

Nike HoodiesStyleHow Do They Fit?
Sportswear Tech FleeceCU4489-133Runs true to size
Dri-FITCZ6376-010It runs a little big and is a bit droopy on the hands if you’re an average height man.
Sportswear Club FleeceBV2654-258It runs a little short so you can manage it but if not get a size up for an oversize look
Sportswear Sport Essentials+DH1033-361Just a bit short on body
Classic Fleece Pullover HoodieDA0023-881It runs big so must get a size down
Sportswear Swoosh Tech FleeceDD8222-010Fit true to size. Just a bit droopy on my hands
Jordan Essentials Statement Fleece HoodieDA9816-245Slightly oversized on the sleeves but stills fit great. For a tall man, it’s a perfect fit.
Jordan Dri-FIT AirDA9854-010True to size, though, a little loose.
Therm Full-Zip Training HoodieCU6231-452Fits just right
Men’s Basketball Pullover HoodieCV0864-333True to size
Pullover Fleece Hoodie
CW4490-386It runs big and baggy, so get a size down
Fleece Skate Hoodie
DH3014-739If you’re around 5’9 and 170 lbs, go for an M

Women’s Nike Hoodies

Nike HoodiesStyleHow Do They Fit?
Funnel Neck HoodieBV4526-695True to size but slight boxy in look, waist is somewhat big and also it runs a little short if you have a long torso.
That’s why get a size up or down depending on your body type.
Sportswear Gym Vintage
Women’s Full-Zip Hoodie
CJ1694-814True to size but a little big in the shoulder area
Women’s Essential Full-Zip Hoodie (Tech Fleece)DD5624-222Fits nicely but because of elastic ribs, with the bigger forearms one may feel it a bit tight/snug
Jordan Flight
Women’s Fleece Pullover Hoodie
CV7737-010It’s a loose fit so get a size small if you want a close fit as it runs roomier in sleeves and front body.
Women’s Pullover Training Hoodie
CU5500-073Fits nicely but the arms are short so be aware of that.
Tech Pack
Women’s Hoodie
CZ8930-010It’s an oversized fit for a baggy and spacious feel so go for a small if you don’t want extra space.

Nike Hoodies Fit Types

There are two types of Nike fit offers in Hoodies:

  • The standard fit in hoodies offer a relaxed feeling. Though, you can only wear a thin layer like shirt or t-shirt underneath it comfortably.
  • The other fit is loose fit, that offer a roomier and spaccious feeling. This fit can take a thin sweater underneath and still have the space left.

One thing that I saw, is that for only women’s both standard and loose are available.

Yep – I tried hard finding a loose fit in Men’s hoodies but none of them currently have it (or, at least I haven’t come across such hoodies.)

Size Available

After going through several brands on both jackets and hoodies, Nike is one of those brands that has a very wide range of sizes available.

The sizes available are Small to 4XL for average people and all the sizes have the taller version for those who have a long torso.

For example, Nike Dri-FIT & Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Pullover Hoodie offers Small & Small Tall to 4XL & 4XL Tall.

Though on some hoodies like Nike Sportswear Club Fleece you also get a custom sizing option.

Can I Return Unfit Nike Hoodies?

Yes, Nike has its brand value and to maintain Nike offers a 60-day return policy to return unfit hoodies or any other gear that doesn’t perform as intended.

I highly recommend reading the complete Nike Return Policy and its Exceptions by clicking Here and Here respectively.

It doesn’t whether you shop a hoodie from, Nike App, or at the Nike store you still get a 60-day return policy.

Where for Nike members the return process is free.

Though, payment made by Klarna or Paypal will be refunded in the form of a Nike gift card when return to a store.

Nike Hoodies Sizing Chart:


Note: All measurements are in Inches (In)

XS32.5 – 3526 – 2932.5 – 355’7″ – 6’0″
S35 – 37.529 – 3235 – 37.55’7″ – 6’0″
S Tall35 – 37.529 – 3235 – 37.56’0″ – 6’5″
M37.5 – 4135 – 3537.5 – 415’7″ – 6″0
M Tall37.5 – 4132 – 3537.5 – 416’0″ – 6’5″
L41 – 4435 – 3841 – 445’7″ – 6’0″
L Tall41 – 4435 – 3841 – 446’0″ – 6’5″
XL44 – 48.538 – 4344 – 475’7″ – 6’0″
XL Tall44 – 48.538 – 4344 – 476’0″ – 6’5″
2XL48.5 – 53.543 – 47.547 – 50.55’7″ – 6’0″
2XL Tall48.5 – 53.543 – 47.547 – 50.56’0″ – 6’5″
3XL53.5 – 5847.5 – 52.550.5 – 53.55’7″ – 6’0″
3XL Tall53.5 – 5847.5 – 52.550.5 – 53.56’0″ – 6’5″
4XL 58 – 6352.5 – 5753.5 – 58.55’7″ – 6’0″
4XL Tall58 – 6352.5 – 5753.5 – 58.56’0″ – 6’5″


Note: All measurements are in Inches (In)

XXS27.5 – 29.521.25 – 23.530.5 – 33
XS29.5 – 32.523.5 – 2633 – 35.5
S32.5 – 35.526 – 2935.5 – 38.5
M35.5 – 3829 – 31.538.5 – 41
L38 – 4131.5 – 34.541 – 44
XL41 – 44.534.5 – 38.544 – 47
2XL44.5 – 48.538.5 – 42.547 – 50
1X45 – 4941 – 4546 – 50
2X 49 – 5345 – 4950 – 54
3X53 – 5749 – 5354 – 58

Conclusion – A Pro Sizing Tip

Do Nike Hoodies Run Small Or Big? Yes, a few Nike hoodies got the complaint of running small while the majority runs either true to size or intentionally made to run bigger or oversized for a more relaxed and spacious feel.

And, excluding a very few, some hoodies do run small that is too minute to get a size up.

After going through the provided sizing chart if you found that you fall in the borderline between Nike hoodies sizes.

Then, order a smaller size for a tighter or athletic fit.

Similarly, go for a size up if you want a loose and relaxed fit.


  • Women should order the size came after the bust measurment if your measurments for bust and waist corresponds to different sizes suggested in sizing chart.
  • The same goes for men – just replace the word ‘bust’ with ‘chest’.

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