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Are Superdry Jackets Warm? (Warmest Jackets List)

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We all know Superdry jackets don’t lack in style but are Superdry jackets really good enough to keep you warm in chilled for freezing nights.

Let’s find out.

Here’s How Warm Are Superdry Jackets?

First of all, not all Superdry jackets are best-in-warmth but there are jackets like Superdry Ultimate Radar Quilt Puffer Jacket that can be worn at -5°C with just a shirt and will keep you warm and cozy.

In terms of temperature, most of their jackets fall between -1°C to 20°C range with very little to no layering.

By adding layers like a thick jumper you can increase the warmth for much colder conditions.

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Insulation Used:

Superdry aggressively uses synthetic fibers as padding in jackets ranging from parkas to trucker jackets.

This is good because it’s a myth that you can’t beat the warmth of down fibers.

By using polyester as the main padding in all of their jackets excluding the down and leather, they are making them cheaper and at the same time warmer and stylish.

One thing that separates Superdry warmth from many other brands is using a polyester, fleece, or wool lining in nearly all winter jackets or windcheaters/breakers it provides an added warmth by increasing heat retention.

If you ask me, I can bet, a Superdry puffer/padded/quilted jacket with fleece or polyester lining will give you way better warmth than just a lined or a padded jacket.

Now let’s talk about the down insulation of spyder.

Before this brand, Uniqlo does not exactly share the number of fill power though they tell that fill power will be higher than 600.

But, this is not the case with Superdry jackets, as they only share the percentage of down and feather used in it but not the fill power of it – which in my opinion is a question of consumer transparency.

That being said, you can still go for a Superdry down jacket by taking into account their thickness.

Because in simplest terms the thicker the jacket is the more fibers are filled into it and thus it increases the insulating pockets which results in a warmer jacket.

They use 90% down in most of their jackets but there are instances like the Sportstyle Code Down Puffer Jacket that uses only 80% down and the rest are feathers.

Also not all of their jackets are made with goose down, but also from Premium Duck Down Filling.

And don’t blindly go for down jackets because sometimes synthetic jackets turn out to be of great worth as compared to down.

What Are The Warmest Superdry Jackets?

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After spending a good deal of time reading other people’s experiences on Superdry jackets and my expertise in the area of jackets and insulation.

Here’s the list of some best Superdry jackets that you can wear depending on how warmth you crave.

Famous Superdry JacketsHow Warm Are They?
Superdry Everest Parka CoatWarm enough from 12° C to -1° C
Superdry Everest Bomber JacketWarm enough for mild cold temperature with just a shirt underneath
Superdry Convection Hybrid Non-Hooded JacketWarm enough for spring
Superdry Ottoman Arctic SD-Windcheater JacketGood for blocking wind chill. You’ll be warm with a warm shirt underneath on early winter days but needed a thick sweater as the temperature drops.
Superdry Hooded Fuji JacketThe jacket is good and keeps you warm in late nights
Superdry Quilted Everest JacketWarm and comfortable
Superdry Ultimate Radar Quilt Puffer JacketWill keep you warm at -5°C with just a shirt underneath
Superdry Chinook Parka CoatWarm enough in 5°C
Superdry Highwayman Wool Sherpa Trucker JacketGood for spring and fall

Are Superdry Windcheater Jackets Warm?

Traditional Superdry windcheater provides a good amount of warmth for early winter days because of the internal fleece lining.

But, the modern Superdry windcheater that is now known as an Expedition Down SD-Windbreaker Jacket can keep you warm on late winter nights.

Though, because the windcheater/breaker does not tend to be much thicker so additional layerings are required if the temperature starts to touch somewhere around 40 degrees Fahrenheit (it’s an assumption, so don’t bet on it)

Is Superdry Good For Snow?

All the jackets available in the snowboard and ski jackets section are functional enough to use in snow.

But, if you aren’t asking this question for skiing, though asking whether the Superdry insulating jackets can handle snow then yes, any jacket that is made up of polyester will retain its warmth even in snow.

Remember, Superdry insulating jackets are water-resistant and not waterproof so, in a snowstorm, you must need a shell jacket as an outer layer or if you don’t want that much bulk.

You should switch to Spyder, Arc’teryx, or Marmot because using membranes like Goretex along with insulators like Primaloft or core loft makes them the best warm and weatherproof choice.

However, their down jackets are only good for early snowfall because down absorbs water which results in loss of insulation when gets wet.

Are Superdy Jackets Worth It? (For Warmth Only)

Yes, a Superdry jacket’s warmth is worth the price if you’re looking for a warm and stylish jacket for your city roaming, camping, and hiking from spring, fall, to minus temperatures.

Yes, most people love the warmth that Superdry provides, however they also complain about the padding coming out and the manufacturing quality in some models.

You can also check out Hollister, Noize, and Uniqlo which also work in the area of combining fashion and warmth in a winter jacket.

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