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Do Bape Hoodies Run Small? (Don’t Skip This)

It depends, when you go for the usual size the Bape hoodies will be fine on sleeves but run smaller in body length. On the other hand, if you go for a size up then the hoodie will fit perfectly but run baggier around the tummy area.

Men can still manage the sizing because the hoodies don’t run that tight but women’s hoodies run smaller and much tighter so keep that in mind before purchasing the Bathing Ape (Bape) hoodies.

Bape is an expensive streetwear brand so let’s discuss this topic in even more detail.

What I am going to say is my opinion so please do not fight, if it is not true for you.

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How to know what size you are in bape?

The very first thing you can do is to take measurements of yours arms, chest, shoulders, hip, and waist. Then refer to the size chart mentioned in the article.

Let’s talk further…

See no matter if the size chart of all streetwear brands is the same still the fit kinda shift inconsistently.

So in broad terms…

If you normally wear L size in other urban wear like Rocawear then the same sizing in Bape will feel somewhat petite but still in most cases it will be pretty normal.

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If I have to give an example of inconsistent Bape hoodie sizing then I’d say if you buy the same size Bape in japan and compared it to the US sizing you’ll most likely feel the same way I did: “It runs small”.

Literally, if you have the green shark camo of 2015 and the new black Bape hoodie you can clearly see the difference in the body length where the black camo runs longer in body length and loose in sleeves but the sleeve lengths are pretty much the same.

Let’s see some suggestions as to whether downsize or upsize the Bape hoodies.

If you generally wear an S-size hoodie that is not from Bape then you should go for the M size with Bape. Yes, the bagginess may add up in the midsection depending upon the jacket you’re purchasing.

If you’re around 5’11 and 165 pounds then it will be okay to go for L to get a nice fit.

Though, the XL with Bape tends to fit even larger than most other brand’s larger sizes.

That’s why I’ve said earlier that Bathing Ape hoodies fit perfectly (let’s say in S size) but runs smaller on the body and the flip side they are just the right length (say in M) but also baggier around the midsection.

How big do Bape hoodies run?

As said when we get a size up than what we are, the Bape hoodies will run big around the midsection and in the body length.

Also, you may see that the sleeves may be looser than the previous size and kinda overall gives a relaxed fit than the slim or athletic.

Also, the hood itself is designed in such a way that if you wear it completely it is guaranteed to block the side vision which is not their fault because how a hoodie is called ‘the shark hoodie’ if its hood does not shape like a shark.

A tip: As they are made of cotton so you might shrink them up to 10% if you wash and tumble dry in temperature, though the chances are you may end up getting the unwanted place tighter or the section you want to shrink have formed uneven shape.

Because it’s an unpredictable but efficient technique.

Bape Hoodies Sizing Chart (US):


Measurements are in inches.



Measurements are in inches.



Do all bape hoodies have zippers?

Yes, all Bape hoodies have zippers and they are from the YKK which is one of the most popular zipper brands.

But not all the Bape hoodies come with authentic YKK zippers and if they don’t then simply the Bape hoodie you’re purchasing is fake.

I really like this article which covers in-depth about Real vs Fake Bape Shark Hoodies.

Do bape hoodies glow in the dark?

Not all the Bape hoodies, but if you try to find you can come across their glow-in-the-dark shark hoodies which produce a certain glow in the dark.