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Do North Face Hoodies Run Small? Which Run True To Size?

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Yes, Some North Face Hoodie Do Run Small and Tight but majority of them are true to size. Though many runs big especially womens’.

From the table provided in this post

The North Face is a well-known hoodie and jacket brand when it comes to surviving the cold temperatures that winter and fall have to offer.

Previously we’ve covered fascinating details about the north face jacket’s sizing.

Now it’s time to do the same with their hoodies.

How Do North Face Hoodies Fit? (With Table)

According to my research, only some North Face hoodies like M’s Tekware® Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie run small. The number of hoodies that ran small is very few.

Because most North Face hoodies run true to size and the good chunks run big in sleeves and body to an extent where it is good to get a size down.

Among, Men and Women, there are no women’s hoodies from the north face that I found to run small however many of them run big, some are not that big and roomier to get a size down but hoodies like W’s City Standard Hoodie run so big that even other users advised to get at least one size down.

Here I am going to provide the most valuable resource which will help you find the best size so that the North Face hoodie that you’ll choose will fit fine and look stunning.

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North Face men’s hoodies are prety inconsistent in sizing because you can easily find hoodies that run ture to size, small, and even big.

Men’s North Face HoodiesHow Do They Fit?Style
Half Dome Pullover HoodieFits true to size though you can get a size up for more room and a baggy fitNF0A4M4B
City Standard HoodieRuns big and loose so you can consider sizing down for a more fitted lookNF0A52Z7
Coordinates Pullover HoodieFits great and is true to size but just a bit baggy around the waistNF0A5GEO
Logo Play HoodieRuns big in sleeves so get a size down for a fitted look but go for your usual if you want to wear layers.NF0A5IWP
Box NSE Pullover HoodieRuns just a bit big otherwise fits perfectlyNF0A4761
Bear NSE Pullover HoodieRuns true to size but is a bit snug which is not a big problem especially for those who are not going to wear anything other than a shirt/t-shirt.NF0A7R8H
Parks Pullover HoodieFits true to size. Broad shoulders get a size upNF0A7QNO
Sherpa Patrol Full-Zip HoodieIt is not huge and baggy though it fits a bit snug but can be comfortably worn under a coat.NF0A4QZB
TNFTM Bear Pullover HoodieFits great & true to size. For reference, Shaina is a 6’4″ guy and the XL fits him well, also the sleeves are long enough. NF0A532A
Canyonlands HoodieIt’s a form-fitting hoodie so get a size up if you want relaxed wear rather than being snug around the chest and shoulders.NF0A3SO5
Brand Proud Full-Zip HoodieFits true to sizeNF0A3Y9G
Heritage Patch Pullover HoodieFits perfectly as it is just a bit long in sleeves and only a bit baggy. No need to size down as you’ll love it in your usual size.NF0A532B
Himalayan Bottle Source Pullover HoodieRuns small so must get a size upNF0A5A78
Fine HoodieFit perfectly and have little room which makes it seem a bit baggy around the tummy.NF0A55UV
Mountain Scene Pullover HoodieRuns true to size though just a bit long in sleeves but don’t go for a size down as it will end up being tight.NF0A7R9E
Tekware® Fleece Full-Zip HoodieRuns small so do get one size upNF0A5GF5
Tekware® FutureFleece™ MixRuns small so get a size upNF0A5GFP
Holiday HoodieRuns big in sleeves and bodyNF0A5A6U


Most North Face women’s hoodies are true to size exluding some that are not bit big but huge where it becomes a good idea to get one or two size down.

Women’s North Face HoodiesHow Do They Fit?Style
W’s Half Dome Pullover HoodieTrue to size but get one size up if you want a looser fit as it may run tight in the body if you have a bigger bust otherwise a great fit. Ugh! it runs longer in body length.NF0A4M4M
W’s Box NSE Pullover HoodieIt runs roomy so get a size down for a more fitted look.NF0A475Y
W’s Heritage Patch Pullover HoodieIt runs true to size, no need to size down or up because with your usual size it will provide needed space for a cozy feel. Though size up for roomier look and feel.NF0A533S
W’s Mountain Peace HoodieRuns true to sizeNF0A7R8F
W’s Canyonlands HoodieIt is true to size and looks beautiful because it’s form-fittingNF0A3SRG
W’s City Standard HoodieIt runs pretty big so I’d suggest based on other reviews to at least size down by 1.NF0A5319
W’s Snowy Mountain HoodieIt runs long but I think it fits great because it has all the needed space for a roomier feel but you can size it down by 1 for a more fitted look.NF0A7R9T
W’s Tekware® Fleece HoodieIt runs true to sizeNF0A5GG6
W’s Trivert Pullover HoodieIt runs true to sizeNF0A471T
W’s Himalayan Bottle Source Pullover HoodieIt runs pretty big and roomier so get one size down. But those who love the room, go for your actual size and you’ll love it.NF0A5A8V
W’s Logo Play HoodieRuns true to sizeNF0A5IWQ

North Face Hoodies Fit Types

The North face hoodies come in 3 types of fits:

  • Slim fit: It is for those who don’t want even an inch of extra space. Slim fit hoodies run close to the body and that’s why most commonly referred to as form-fit hoodies. However, they accomodate suffecient mobility and space to worn over base layers.
  • Standard fit: If you found any TNF hoodie that seem to be on looser side but still the body cuts like waist, chest, and good depth of curve is visible around the stomach area than that hoodie is considered as the north face standard fit hoodie.
    Such hoodies have enough space to worn over mid layer and offer even better mobility compared to the slim fit.
  • Relaxed fit: The hoodies with relaxed fit don’t seem to highlight the body curves. Such hoodies most of the time run big throughout the body though the lenght may still be appropriate. Such hoodies can even be worn over heavy mid layer

Size Available

Sizes Available For North Face Men's Hoodies

North Face doesn’t have any size shortage. When writing this article The north face provides sizes ranging from XS to 3XL.

An addon for men their tall sizes are from 2X to 5X after 3XL.

And for women, there are no addon plus sizes like men’s.

Sizes Available For North Face Women's Hoodies

North Face Hoodies Size Chart:

Men’s Hoodies Size Chart

SizeChestHipArm Length


SizeChestWaistHipsArm Length

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