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Do Wrangler Jeans Shrink? (Everything You Need To Know)

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Wrangler jeans are famous among people who are looking for flexible jeans that can easily be paired with any style of outfit. Not only that, a majority of them are made up of 100% natural fibers still providing some stretch honestly makes them a great choice for a day hike and camping.

After having all these good qualities for cowboys/girls, outdoor enthusiasts, and casual lovers now all we want to know is whether Wrangler jeans shrink or not so that we can use/care for them accordingly.

Let’s check this out!

Do Wrangler Jeans Shrink?

Yes, no matter which Wrangler jeans you purchase, the shrinkage is inevitable because in all of their jeans the dominant content is cotton which is a natural fiber and thus loses its tension (created during manufacturing using chemicals and dyeing) when washed in reasonably warm water or tumble drying.

However, according to Wrangler customer representative Lori “If you follow the washing instruction provided in the jean label, then you’ll see less than 1% shrinkage”. Then the shrinkage will be so minimal that there’s no need for buying a higher size fit. However, it is true only when the jean is labeled as prewashed or stonewashed. Because during prewashed the dimensions of cotton fabric had already shrunk as much as they can so there’ll be ignorable shrinking in the first wash.

After the first wash, technically, you should not see any noticeable shrinking in Wrangler jeans.

Now, If you buy Wrangler jeans like MEN’S WRANGLER RETRO® SLIM FIT BOOTCUT JEAN then for sure you’ll see 1-2 inches of shrinking in length in a couple of first washes in warm water and tumble drying because this jean is not at all prewashed as mentioned in Wrangler’s website.

Here’s a screenshot that’ll give you an idea of how to identify whether your jean is prewashed or not. Now instead, of ‘prewashed’ it can also be ‘stonewashed’, though in both cases you can say the jean has shrunk during manufacturing so if you follow the care instructions mentioned in the jean label then you’ll see very minimal shrinking.

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How To Prevent My Wrangler Jean From Shrinking?

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Ok as you know, all wrangler jeans tend to shrink, however, you can minimize this a lot by taking some measures mentioned below. However, make sure that you don’t haste the process and end up buying fake wrangler jeans. You could read this article to know what to look for in a real wrangler jeans.

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Buy Blended Jean

If you dig a little deep into wrangler’s online store then you’ll find some jeans have a 20-30% polyester blend.

For example, jeans like Wrangler Rugged Wear Relaxed Jean 35005SW that consist of 20% polyester and 80% cotton, and Wrangler Denim Loose Fit Cargo Jean (65% cotton, 35% polyester). If you choose any of such jeans then because of the polyester’s molecular properties it will prevent the wrangler jeans from shrinking. However, they can still shrink if you wash them in warm water often and tumble drying in high heat.

Follow Care Instructions

Each wrangler jean comes with wash & care instructions printed in a slip inside the jean. According to the wrangler’s support team, if you do follow all the instructions, then you’ll see less than 1% shrinking on the first wash.

Popeye commented ‘I have owned wrangler jeans for years, If you wash it on cold, dry for 3 or 4 minutes and hang them, no shrinkage[source].

Don’t hang your Wrangler jean under direct sun

As you know, during summer the sun can heat up a lot and in that case, if you’re on camping and have washed your wrangler jeans and now you’re thinking to put them on a rock, ground, or hang them under the sun for quick drying then I am 95% sure that you’ll see noticeable shrinkage as it drying directly under the sun (especially in summer) is equal to tumble drying in high heat.

How To Shrink Wrangler Jeans?

It’s pretty simple, to shrink your Wrangler jeans all you need to do is to do the opposite of what is printed on caring instructions inside the jean. If you by mistake bought the wrong size, then first and foremost place the return or exchange to the right size.

However, if there are no options left for e.g your desired size is not available, then do either of these steps:

  • Wash your wrangler jean in hot water for long cycles and afterward tumble dry them in a high heat setting (not too high) for some minutes.
  • If you really want to shrink as much as a wrangler jeans can be then take a big pot and put your jean inside it, now pour the water until the jean is fully submereged into it (water must be few centimeters above the jean surface). Now start boiling your jean for about 20-30 minutes and then throw them in the dryer in highest heat setting.
  • The third way is to buy a fabric softner then fill a bottle 20% with fabric softner and 70% with hot water then spray it on the areas of wrangler jean where you want it to shrink. Then wash in hot cycle to let it shrink.

These steps can shrink up to 20% of your jeans original size but it may result in it in uneven shape (like too tight on unwanted places) and color loss so a better choice is to contact a seamstress or a tailor to see what they can do before taking the risk.

Though, my favorite is, If my wrangler jeans fit a bit loose on the waist in most cases I’ll opt for a waistband for a belt that not only saves my time to try to shink a jean but it will add up to my overall style of the outfit.

Will Wrangler Jeans Shrink If I Don’t Wear It?

Yes and no. Because, If you don’t wash your wrangler jean which is most obvious as you’re not wearing them then there’s no question of shrinkage. But, on vice versa, washing wrangler jeans even when you don’t wear them often will result in some shrinkage that’s I can guarantee.

Do Wrangler Jeans Stretch?

Not all Wrangler jeans offer a comfortable stretch but those that I know provide great body movement and a comfortable stretch during running and squats are their Five Star Flex series jeans. Because this series has a unique U-shape construction that fits around the waist, hip, and leg to provide comfort when we need them most.

Further on the stretch will help it to fit nicely on the waist even though be careful because most wrangler jeans don’t come with a soft waistband but still the ones that have the word ‘Flex or Stretch’ in their title will provide you sufficient stretch you need for a comfortable wearing experience.

However, don’t think the stretch will give you the sizing freedom that’s why order the waist size you have and not one down coz as said Wrangler jeans provide some stretch not great stretch.

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