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Where Are Canada Goose Jackets Made?

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Canada Goose has its place on most luxurious outerwear brands not only because it is expensive and promoted by celebrities but it provides eye-catching specs. That’s why ‘where it is made’ is one of the most important questions that should be answered to raise consumer awareness.

Let’s See Where Canada Goose Jackets & Hoodies Are Made?

If you don’t know Canada Goose provides an appropriate label on each of their jackets listing on about their origin location. So, to get the closest and most accurate answer I opened up dozens of tabs and checked the manufacturing location for the majority of Canada Goose jackets.

Canada Goose also prides itself in only working with the best global partners in our product supply chain.

Canada Goose

And in my observation, it is now absolutely clear that the majority of the Canada Goose jackets and overcoats are made in Canada. The lead is further followed by Portugal. I know what you wanna ask next! Is there a single Canada Goose Jacket that is manufactured in China or any other Asian country?

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Then, the answer is no. However, some materials that are required for the making of jackets can be from countries other than Portugal & Canada. For example, if it has YKK zippers, then for your kind information YKK is a Japanese company.

As in a previous blog post about North Face Manufacturing, I’ve told you that a ‘made in USA’ jacket does not always mean the same and it is the same as the Canada Goose. Like you can check the Men’s Ventoux Parka Jacket & Women’s Expedition, Shelburne, Mystique & Trillium Parka, they have a clear statement that they’re made in Canada but the materials are either domestic or imported.

List Of Some Canada Goose Jackets That Are Made In Portugal. (List is based on my research, so you can trust it to be true)

  • Men’s:
    • Faber Bomber
    • Stanhope Jacket
    • Nanaimo Rain Jacket
    • Crew Trench Jacket
    • Kent Jacket
    • Wascana Rain Jacket
    • Meaford Rain Jacket
    • Photojournalist Jacket
    • Seawolf Jacket
    • Baner Bomber
    • Winslow Coat Black label
  • Women’s
    • Mordaga Rain Jacket
    • Farra Jacket

Now please don’t ask me to provide you the list of CG’s jackets that are made in Canada because the list is really huge as I said the dominant jackets, coats, and hoodies manufacturing happen in Canada or the factories operated by Canada Goose.

You’ll be surprised to know that all of the signature or ‘core’ Canada Goose down-filled parkas was, still, and may continue to manufacture across Canada in eight owned & operated facilities in Montreal, Toronto, Scarborough, and Winnepeg[source].

Where Does Canada Goose Get Their Materials?

In many of the Canada Goose core parkas and jackets, the materials are heavily from Canada itself, however, as the company stated in many of their listings that manufacturing may happen in Canada & Portugal but still some materials are imported.

Though it is not true for all jackets those it is true for are mentioned in the product description of jackets, hoodies, coats, and parkas listed on the official website of Canada Goose.

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Justification Of Expensive Canada Goose!

On June 24th, 2021, Canada Goose announced our plan to end the use of fur in all of our products. This decision is driven by our focus on our purpose-based platform, HUMANATURE, relentless innovation, and expanding lifestyle relevance.


Many people claim Canada Goose jackets to be highly expensive and middle-class people may never buy one due to the price tag and also in just half of the price you can get a reasonably extremely warm or extremely waterproof raincoat.

Though, as far as I am familiar with the brand and its working ethic. The one reason behind all this is – CG doesn’t manufacture any of their jackets in china or any other countries factories where manufacturing and labor cost is pretty low. And to keep the brand identity and name as offbeat as possible they do the majority of work in Canada, ensuring the likely labor cost and material quality which inevitably makes it expensive yet superior.

Are Canada Goose Jackets Hand-made?

No, Canada Goose doesn’t manufacture jackets using just hands if they do then why they will use the term factories and production stages so often in their articles. However, all of the materials e.g. from button to zippers and stitch to stitch are carefully chosen, also the whole manufacturing process is divided into 14 production stages.

Although, Canada Goose mentions in their article on Craftmanship that all stitches are hand-sewn though not just by using hands but by directing the jacket in the sewing machine.

Not only, that once the jacket or any other outerwear garment is ready, but it also goes to the quality assurance team where they by hand ensure that no details are overlooked. Ya, before it comes to your hands it has already been checked by a specialized team.

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Saturday 11th of February 2023

Where do they source the down used in their coats? Is it local? Do they use eider down? Thanks.


Sunday 12th of February 2023

Firstly thanks, Greg, for such a great question :) I just contacted Canada Goose on your behalf. They say that their Goose comes from different countries and not necessarily only from Canada (locally), and they confirmed the use of Eidergoose, but not used in each product.

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