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Where Is Stussy Clothing Made? (With Proof + Pics)

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Everyone knows Stussy is one of the beloved streetwear brands, so I’ve already covered their hoodie sizing and tees. And to continue our quest on exploring Stussy from the user’s perspective.

Today we will talk about where Stussy manufactures its clothing and street essentials.

Who manufactures Stussy?

Shawn Stussy founded the fashion house Stussy in the early 1980s to promote his skateboard brand using his appealing way of writing his surname in graffiti. Locals loved it so well that it became the official logo of Stussy clothing. This man who started selling Stussy-labeled t-shirts and shorts unwittingly fell into the clothing business; however, Shawm Stussy sold his stakes to co-founder Frank Sinatra Jr. in 1996 and left the company.

Since then, The Sinatra Family has been making all the decisions about where the Stussy clothing and items should be manufactured and distributed. I’ve gathered all my research, and with proof, I am going to show you that even though Stussy is a privately held company in Irvine, California. the manufacturing of its streetwear and casual clothing and essentials is not limited to the US but is well stretched to different countries, including China.

Exact adress: 17426 Daimler Street Irvine, CA 92614 United States


Yes, made in China, Stussy is also legit, though it is hard to find a real one in a market where everything can be copied imposingly.

Stussy has put its roots so well in the Korean and Japanese streetwear market that some locals even doubt being a Korean or Japanese company, yet it is not.

Where are Stussy clothes made?

When I talk about Stussy clothing manufacturing location, it includes tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, denim, and hats. Yes, there are many other items in the wardrobe, but it is unnecessary because if you know where most of the Stussy is made, you can guess the rest.

In my research, I found that Stussy clothing is consistently made in the USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Korea, India, Bangladesh, and Australia.

If you still think Stussy is supposed to be made in western countries, scroll a bit, and I have all the pictures of Stussy tags on your face.

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Is Stussy made in the US?

Yes, because America is its origin and root of culture (the brand culture sign is visible on major Stussy back and front illustrations), much Stussy clothing is still made in the US. For reference, here’s a tee made in the US using imported cotton.

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Is Stussy made in Canada?

I don’t know about tees and sweatshirts, but the Stussy denim I found is made in Canada, so I assume they will not rest only on a jean and must have at least a few different styles manufactured in Canada to gain trust in Canadian streetwear.

Is Stussy made in Mexico?

Definitely yes, and most Stussy lovers know it already, as you can see the ‘made in Mexico’ label in most of the Stussy tees. To be more sound, here are pics of two legit Stussy tees from Mexico.

It is a size large ‘Made in Mexico’ full-sleeve t-shirt
It is a medium size ‘made in Mexico’ half-sleeve Stussy tee

Is Stussy made in India

Not only one, if you dig deep enough, but several Stussy styles are also made in India, whether it is pure cotton or a blended one. Here’s a 100% cotton shirt that is manufactured in India.

Is Stussy made in japan?

Yes, Stussy also manufactures its clothes in Japan, including denim, shirts, jackets, and some caps. Here’s a rare double S Stussy denim manufactured in Japan and sold in Grailed.

Is Stussy made in Korea?

There’s a reason why some people have asked me whether Stussy is a Korean brand and why shouldn’t they, as Stussy is one of the famous brands that Korean people love to wear due to its distinctive style, especially tees due to their oversize look and design.

How stussy could ignore this opportunity; they started to make ‘Made in Korea’ Stussy clothing only to spread the trust and become a more established streetwear brand in South Korea.

Is Stussy made in China?

Due to various reasons, when we say the item is ‘made in china,’ we preassume that it must be either made of cheaper material or is a fake one. For that reason, if any brand sells ‘made in china’ styles, we want it sold at less price due to how cheap it is to manufacture in china. But several known brands use this possibility to earn more by manufacturing good quality clothes at a lower price than countries like the USA or Italy.

Stussy is no different; yes, Stussy clothing is made in China, though it is pretty hard to find one in the US market, and if you do find then it is needed to check whether it is fake or real. Whatsoever, I’ve found an absolute Stussy cap that is ‘made in china, so we can assume there are other Stussy items that can be bought from the Chinese market with some research.

Is Stussy made in Bangladesh?

I did my best to find other legit Stussy ‘made in Bangladesh items and found a Stussy cap from Ade Syaiful Dani that is made in Bangladesh and visible from the image. I think there might be tees, jackets, and sweatshirts that may also be made in Bangladesh.

Is Stussy made in Australia?

At last, I want to share one more image from Australian-made Stussy tees to conclude that there may be other clothing and items from Stussy that are made in Australia to stand out in the local streetwear market.

Countries where Stussy sells

The prominent tagline of is “Worldwide since 1980”, so be it, Stussy can be purchased from 70+ countries in local currency directly from the website or the chapters located in prime locations of several countries.

If you want to try on clothes, you can visit the local Stussy stores or chapters in Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and Dover Street Market. You can click on this link to see the Stussy stores near you with the exact addresses and contact details.


For research and educational purposes, I’ve gathered screenshots and some pictures from Grailed and Youtube videos to showcase where Stussy clothing is made. Suppose you find any of your items on this page that is not credited. Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for the appropriate attribution or deletion of your property from the page.

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