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Are Helly Hansen Jackets Warm? (With Table)

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Yes, excluding the shell jackets, all Helly Hansen jackets are warm enough to wear on cold days.

However, you have to invest at least $200 or more if you want a Helly Hansen jacket that can keep you warm in the mild cold to freezing temperatures.

Helly Hansen provides a range of jacket styles and types but the ones that will provide you the most warmth are:

Winter jackets, parkas, down jackets, and ski jackets

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Insulation Technologies Used (Which Is Best?)


In Helly Hansen jackets such as JR Daybreaker 2.0, Crew Mid Layer you might have seen the Polartec 100g description.

Are the helly hansen polartec jackets warm? Yes, the jackets that have Polartec lining are warm because they are fleece and knitted material to provide some degree of insulation.

Because Helly Hansen features 100g Polartec which simply means it is the lightest insulation that the brand provides and is the excellent choice as the warm first layer.

Go for the Helly Hansen Polartec fleece jackets if you wish to remain warm in-between weather or want to add up the warmth by wearing it as a breathable layer when the temperature drops.


If you’re familiar with down jackets then most probably you’d heard of PrimaLoft. It’s known to be the best alternative to down insulation because PrimaLoft is one of the best choices when you want to remain warm in freezing temperatures.

The PrimaLoft yarns are made with 100% or 45% polyester and 55% merino wool.

Jackets such as Crew Insulator, Alpha 3.0 comes with PrimaLoft Black insulation whose thermal properties are equivalent to 550 fill power and will keep you warm even in wet conditions.

So, if you’re a fan of PrimaLoft or want something that is not only equal to the down but also superior to it then goes for Helly Hansen PrimaLoft Black because of being very well insulated they can keep you warm even in freezing temperatures.


LifaLoft insulation is invented by Helly Hansen in partnership with PrimaLoft.

We’ve seen that Polartec provides the best lightweight warm fleece but the LifaLoft is something that will regret you when it comes to a well-insulated jacket while not increasing the overall weight or lacking the comfort even in most active work outdoors.

LifaLoft is 20% lighter than standard insulation and allows maximum mobility.

Its unique design creates more air pockets that trap more air and because of less convection, the LifaLoft uses your own body heat to keep you warm without adding weight.

LifaLoft Hooded Insulator Jacket is one of the popular options available at Helly Hansen because of being highly compressible and insulated by LifaLoft (offered by PrimaLoft) it can be worn as a single layer on cool days or as a layer in around freezing temperature.

This tech is best suited for Camping, Trekking, Hiking, Alpine racing, backcountry/ski touring, side country, resort skiing, and freeride.


I’ve written about so many brands and their warmth like Patagonia, The North Face, Columbia, Carhartt, etc. But H2Flow technology of Helly Hansen is something that intrigued me the most.


Because with H2Flow you will remain warmer, cooler, and drier all in one.

So how are they doing it?

The fabric has uniquely designed air pockets that store and retain the body heat (produces when the body temperature rises) and use that to keep you warm.

It is cooler because of the strategically placed vent zips, if you’re overheating, just open up the ventilation zippers to releases the warm air and to allow the coolness to enter the jacket.

It does not stop here!

The protective outer shell is constructed from a variety of weather-resistant fabrics that protects you from rain, wind and yet allow the sweat to move from your skin to the outer layer.

So, is it not crafty.

Helly Hansen Icon 4.0 Sonic is one of those jackets that have the H2Flow Air Force Vent System – an updated version of H2Flow and PrimaLoft Gold Insulation for added warmth which makes it the best deal for freezing temperatures.

This tech is best suited for Freeride, Off-Piste, and Resort Skiing.


Lastly, It’s LIFA tech, the purest innovation done by Helly Hansen by roaring the market in 1970 by launching the first technical base layer.

This tech provides one of the best moisture management systems, based on a yarn technology that helps the moisture to move from the skin to the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate by not using the body heat energy to transform from liquid to vapor.

This results in keeping the wearer warm and dry.

Yes, you hear it right LIFA works best when added as a base layer so don’t solely depend on it.

Helly Hansen Lifa Technology is:

  • Warm because of insulating fibers
  • Dry because of the mesh consturtion that absorbs the moisture and move it to the surface.
  • And because of the above two factors it makes the wearer comforatble in varying conditions.

HH Lifa Active Graphic is one of the popular base layers of the series which provides lightweight insulation that keeps you cool during warmer days and also to stay warm whenever it’s needed.

This Helly Hansen Technology is best suited for Backcountry, camping, hiking, freeride, resort skiing, off-piste/side country, trekking, mountaineering.

Features Of Warm Helly Hansen Jackets

After going through several Helly Hansen Jackets, I think these features are something that you may consider to get the warmest Helly Hansen jacket.

Warmest Helly Hansen Jacket Generally Are or Have:

  • Thickest are the warmest beause as the thickness increases the thermal insulation increases.
  • Ventilation is must so that you’ll never overheat (Best ventilation is in H2Flow Tech)
  • If you’re going for helly hansen down jackets then look for those who have higher fill weight means they contain more grams of down. Tip: Thicker down jackets usually have the higher fill weight and are the warmest in down.
  • The warnest helly hansen jackets are those which are insulated with the PrimaLoft Gold and Down.
  • Go for Hi-Loft, for example PrimaLoft 80g is more warmer than PrimaLoft 60g. Same goes for the fleece jackets, polartec 300 is more warmer fleece than polartec 100 and 200.
  • The 2ply or 2 layer fabric consturction seen to be more superior than 1 ply or 1 layer in helly hansen.
  • Nowdays, Hand Warming pockets are normal so don’t miss that in Helly hansen jackets too because they will keep your hands warm when you’re not wearing the gloves.
  • Warming collar in helly hansen insulators.
  • A adjustable hood to protect your head from wind chill.

Warmest Helly Hansen Jackets (Table)

Helly Hansen JacketsInsulation UsedHow Warm In Real Life?
Crew Midlayer JacketPolartec 100g fleece lining & 2 ply fabricPerfect for 50-60 degree Fahrenheit weather
Active Winter ParkaHigh Loft synthetic insulationCan keep you warm in temperature as low as 1-degree Celcius
Longyear II ParkaLined with duck downWill keep you warm in -10 degree celsius and low.
Svalbard ParkaPrimaLoft BlackWill definitely keep you warm in -3 degree celsius.
PowderQueen 3.0PrimaLoft Black Eco Insulation 60g in body and 40g in sleeves and hoodIt’s warm and cool depending on the condition you can customize the temperature using underarm vents. Overall very warm.
Alpha 3.0H2Flow and PrimaLoft Insulation (80g in body and 60g in sleeves and hood)Very versatile, it can be used in temperatures ranging from 60F to -20F. Though appropriate layers are required

Do Helly Hansen Warmth Worth The Price? (Final Verdict)

Yes, the Helly Hansen jackets absolutely worth the price at least when it comes to the warmth.

After researching a lot on this topic I can say they provide some of the best jackets in the market.

However, they don’t make the warmest jacket in the market because in insulation still the more winter-focused brands like Arc’teryx, Patagonia, and The North face can provide much better deals but yes the price would be high too.

Also, if you’re looking for a Helly Hansen jacket that can keep you warm in freezing temperatures then be ready to invest at least $200 or more because the jackets below this price don’t provide that quality of warmth and insulation.

So if you compare under $200 jackets from Helly Hansen and other cheaper brands like Columbia then Columbia seems to win on certain points.

Overall you can lean on Helly Hansen and I can say that the jacket from this brand will not regret you and they get better as the cost increases.

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